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Indians have asked communists to shut-up and Girija to speak-up

Here we go again. Monarchy violated the land’s law, killed thousands, looted the nation and kept country hidden from the world for 200 years. The so called current crown prince killed a poor Nepali on drunk driving and we do not know how many he killed that we do not have record of. The so called King dissolved the elected government breaking the law and suspended the constitution spitting on the face of 30 millions Nepalese. Now, we need constitution to remove the disease called monarchy out of our bodies? Whose rule is this? Is this India talking or Girija getting hyperactive by over-dozes of steroid? I think this is Indian play in Nepal. They always favor dictator in Nepal so that they can do little Bagh-Chal (goal-tiger game) whenever they want. Look at the timing, Indian special envoy Shiva Shankar Menon came to the town and Girija finally spoke up “Kingship cannot be trashed before the CA decision.” Why does he want to wait for that? It clearly signifies Girija, UMLs and even Maoists are being played by Indians. If not, I should see Prachanda’s party quit the government as two of his main demands have been denied by Girija. Who the hell is Girija to have power to say so? Indians have asked communists to shut-up and Girija to speak-up. That’s what happened this week.


What a calculated move by Indians? The ignited the Madhesi group and weakened the Maoists. Once the Maoists were out of Terai region, they signaled the Terai group to calm down – which the latter did. They will now coordinate alliance between Girija congress and Terai group and further weaken the Maoists. It is not likely that Maoists will have more than 15% of seats in CA, majority going to Girija and Madhesi group who support the King on Indian’s direction. Remember, if you want to have control in other country affairs, the best chance of successfully doing so is one of your moles in power circle there. That’s what the post-CA King will do if Indians successfully reinstall him. Let us hope this does not happen.

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  1. Chanakya – you consider yourself a political wizard. Now that the Maoists have quit the government (I mean almost), what do you think about them? Are they being played by Indians? What is your view?

    Geeta – the Geeta Lover!

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