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In the Race of Business

365. In the Race of Business
Photo By: Suresh
Post Date: 15th May, 2009

Description: “Ponies being used as a carriers to carry the bricks. Irony, the vehicle road also joins the brick factory. Hope these ponies helps where still the road has not reached.
This is again captured on the way back from “Murali Mountain Hiking”.

0 thoughts on “In the Race of Business

  1. Yep shutterbug….cropping definitely have done more justice with the pic(realized after your example)…
    I’ve just started learning the photography and these tips will really help ….
    Thanks again,

  2. Suresh! Good attempt of capturing these unfolding moments. However, I feel you should have cropped this picture to left and top for better composition later in Photoshop or while your were on the spot when you clicked it. Those extras spaces on the left and top frame weaken your composition. And I think choice of vertical composition for this picture can also go well because it will allow you to capture full shot of this boy (more detail) and those ponies he is leading. Going vertical you can easily exclude the house at the top left which is robbing viewer’s attention from your main ‘subject’.

    Photo description is not enough to explain the complete story and it has an abrupt ending making viewer’s to ponder more.

    Here I have tried both options that I have mentioned above. Click here.

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