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In favor of war: on behalf of Bhutanese Refugees

Yes, I am one of the poor Bhutanese who were kicked out from the country. I have an aim to help those who are in trouble like me. I also hope that those my brothers who are leading the Bhutanese Refugees’ movement since many years back will one day reach in the summit of their success and on the side of it I too will be supporting them. So dear brothers; it is positive to think of that we have to continue our march towards the destination. I have heard that there are our friends who are ready to fight against the guns and weapons. Yes I too support them. No man will be in the summit without any vandalism. Hope that one day we will definitely win. THANKS TO ONE AND ALL.

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  1. Thanks for the comments,ya i too heard that the next king may try to solve the problems but it is 25% only why means because he dont know what his father has done before.
    Any we have keep the hope but we should not be sured at all.

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