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In a Land of Dreams

In a land of dreams

550. In a Land of Dreams
Photo By: Sumit Shakya
Posted Date: 30th July, 2013

Photo Description:
An early morning trip to Basantapur, you may see the divine culture of Kathmanduities going for a morning walk, visiting temples, doing yoga and preparing for the day ahead. But somewhere in the back alleys where few dwell and many are unaware of its existence, a different world exists. Just like a coin, our city too has two faces. The picture shows a side that is unfamiliar to many. Shocking but real, these children live on the streets. Sleeping bundled up together with no care; the children are in a world of their own. Wake up and they may not have anything to look forward to. Organizations like APC Nepal, Papa’s Home for Street Children in Kathmandu, VFN and many NGOs & INGOs work to help such children, to provide them a life worth living.

If you want to lend a hand and help make a change then please contact the organizations through their websites as listed below:

Camera Specifications:
Camera Model: Nikon D200
Exposure Time: 1/20sec
F-Stop: F/5.6
ISO Speed: 400
Focal Length: 80 mm

54 thoughts on “In a Land of Dreams

  1. when i read the title first i was hoping an entirely different picture ..perhaps a scenery or something…but i gotta admit this is equally chilling….great shot bro …and a fitting description!!

  2. The cruel reality of those boys who come to Kathmandu, the city of lights, to seek dreams, and end up as street children. They are forced to live a life of dogs in street… literally like dogs. Picture speaks thousand words itself.

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