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Images from the Tihar 2063 (तीहार… लक्ष्मी पूजा… भईलो…)

Establishment of the Laxmi for the Pooja; (दियो)Diyo on top of (गोवर)cow Dung, (माना)Mana on top of (पाथी)Pathi and (खड्कलो)Khadkalo as the base, full of wheet and (चामल)raw rice

(Pictures: Binaya Neupane, Shankar Raj Uprety)

All Nepal and Nepalese are preparing for (लक्ष्मी पूजा) Laxmi Pooja by cleaning their houses, shops roads and offices.

Every one is busy so do I; preparing for the Goddess Laxmi’s Pooja.

The especial dish of the Tihar; Preparing (सेलरोटी) Selroti as a (नैवेदी) naibedi for the Goddess Laxmi and (भाई पूजा) Bhai Pooja.

Just prepared a delicious one; every thing is cultural; the hot and yummy (सेलरोटी) Selroti, (नांग्लो) Nanglo and (कप्टेरो) Kaptera…

We know this time there is a scarcity of the flower but Rs. 1200/- is too much; Couple bargaining for the (सयपत्त्री माला) Sayapatri Malaa.

The flowery view of the New Road; but this time not much compare to the last couple of years; Flowers infected by insects in Ramkot and the surrounding village of Kathmandu.

One bunch Rs. 1000/-; dashain pache ko Tihar aayoo 😉 ek malaa phool 100/- ma aayoo.

Pashupati Bikas Chetra ma phool ra pati betchthee aba Tihar ma chai phool ko business ramrai cha.

All the local vegetable shops at Baneshower; the heart of the city is now shelling the flower for the Tihar.

Even the footpaths are converted as the flower shop for the Tihar.

Oh… My god! Rs. 1200/- for this one…?; At new Road…

La La a Diddi … Rs. 1000/- ma lanus uso baya la… kine kai daam ma lanus hooo oh… didi…; in my buying price.

Laxmi Rs. 250/- ma … la la kinnus laxmi …; The temporary street shop; portraits of the goddess at the footpath for the evening Laxmi Pooja.

Special Sona Papri, peda, laddu, ani mithai for bhai tika and laxmi pooja.

Kati ho? Tola ko: Rs. 15/- ho… tara lane bhaya Rs. 10/- ma lanus

Close Look of the (सप्तरंगी टिका) “Saptarangi Tika”

Pala one dozen cost Rs. 10/-; A mobile Vegetable shop too is doing a festival business 😉

The Bud of the (मखमली) Makhamali; Flower that never wither away.

Closer look of the (मखमली) Makhamali Flower, the especial flower for the bhai tika.

The color for peace, prospers and happiness; (रंगोली) Rangoli at the entrance of the house.

A decorated pot of the flower and candle; to add the beauty in the internal decoration of the Laxmi Pooja.

Traditional system of making (लक्ष्मीको पाईला) foot prints of Goddess Laxmi with believe that she will come on stepping on the print into the homes of the individuals.

Decorative entrance; beside the scarcity and the expensive flowers…

A Holy (मण्डप) Mandap created for the Laxmi Pooja.

(जोर दियो) Jora Diyo; A symbol of enlightenment and the happiness; pair symbolize a good luck.

Decorating the staircase with the sayaparti mala and the diyos.

Flowers and Candles placed in a pot.

Prepared to place the diyos all over the house; (नांग्लोमा बत्ती) Nanglo ma batti;

The closer look of the Diyo…

The luminous view of Kathmandu Valley, in the day of Laxmi Pooja.

Diyo at the Pooja Ghar. (दियो) Diyo, (गणेश)Ganesh and (कलश)Kalash are the first to be prayed in the Laxmi Pooja as per the Hindu Culture.

Everyone in the festive mood lighting the (ज़िर्ज़िरे) Zirzire.

The Fire works; (भुइचम्पा)Bhuichampa…

The Decorated Street with the electrical bulbs.

Lord (शोयम्वुनाथ) Swoyambunath; The day of Laxmi Pooja.

Celebrating the Laxmi Pooja at the (शोयम्वुनाथ) Swoyambunath; from where the valley city looks like a decorated bowl of light.

Every one is preparing to take a photo of the fireworks; (फूलज़री) Phoolzadi

Another view of the (शोयम्वुनाथ) Swoyambunath Stupa.

Closer look of the valley from Swambunath Stupa.

Wow! Is this Kathmandu Valley?

The movement of the people in front of the Bishal Bazar; to see the decorated shops.

One of the Jewelry shop decorated with the electric bulbs and flowers and the cloths for the Laxmi Pooja.

Prospective view of the Bishal Bazar decoration.

People rushing up to see the decoration of the Shop.

The stage is so beautifully decorated that no one wishes to come out of this place.

The (मईनबत्ती) candle decorated in a pot.

Playing (भईली) Bhailee; dancing and celebrating the Laxmi Pooja.

Host celebrating the (भईली) Bhailee; and distributing the Sweet to all.

Host Giving the (दक्क्षीणा) Dakchina in the traditional way; (चरेसको थाल) Thaal, (चामल)Chamal, (दियो)Diyo, (सेलरोटी)sela; the money in envelop.

Bhailee taking the money.

And giving the (तीन मुठी चामल) three hands full of chamal to the host; Myth: bhailee le diya ko chamal dhukuti ma rakhyoo bhane laxen lagcha.

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  1. Awesome collection of pictures..
    Only some of us may have seen all of these sights…
    But we are now lucky we r seeing all these sights
    Hands up for the photographers n team…
    These all the pictures made me feel like i am also celebratin the festival in nepal.. 😆

  2. Great Shots!!!
    You guys have nicely presented the traditional theme of the Tihar… and like the sequence of the picture too… nice composition and the good work keep it up….

    Amazing is the flower that much expensive this time? Especially like the picture with the caption “Everyone in the festive mood lighting the (ज़िर्ज़िरे) Zirzire.” It shows the good photography combination of light and all plus the auspicious festive mood.

    Great shot and captions!!!
    Waiting for more to see from Everest!!!

  3. EverestUncensored Correspondent has nicely captured the movement of the तीहार… लक्ष्मी पूजा… भईलो… good work guys

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