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I like… (Excerpt from my diary)

“I would like to do things on my own. I like to relax. I cannot control the tough emotions. I like to live life naturally. I want to live an ordinary life. I do not wish to be the millionaire and live the bustling life. I like to live the serene life. I would love to live like an ordinary person with no fear of anything. Just live as the life goes. What’s the point in working 14 hours a day? What’s the point worrying too much about the future? What’s the point going abroad and keep traveling? What’s the point achieving a doctorate degree?

Of course you gain at least all or some of these: prestige, knowledge, power, wealth. But are you happy enough? Do you ever live for yourself? You try to overrule the core being of human -the individuality and then become a part of this worldly culture where you never see yourself.

From the early morning to the late night, you force yourself to be governed by the external factors. In a day, how many times do you think of someone or something? Work, Boss, Finance, Party, Movie, Sex? Do you ever give time for yourself? Stop for a while and sense the complacency. Enjoy the life — not the worldly life but the spiritual life. You and only You!”

Is this natural?

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  1. छेपारोको बयान

    जुन दौडको अन्त्य,
    अर्को दौड हुन्छ ।
    त्यस अर्थहिन दौडमा,
    घिस्रिनै पर्छ भन्ने के छ ?

    यस पारिलो घाममुनि,
    पर्लक्क पल्टेर,
    यो सस्तो दिन बिताइदिदा आखिर के हुन्छ ?

    – दोभान राई

  2. Often is the case that our minds are preoccupied by what we generally do and how we react to the external stimuli become the function of self judgement coupled with self denial and resistance to accept the changes.

    Of course, in this era we cannot survive without money. Thumbs up to the statement ‘BUT my point is one has to earn to live but he should not run after money all the time.’

    Let prejudice fall apart. Live life to the fullest. If wealth is the major concern then get up-to-date with the latest trend of ‘ Think More, Work Less’ and ‘Work Less, Earn More’. You need to work SMART, not work HARD. Working HARD is a traditional thought and most of us accept it as granted. The combination of both is undoubtedly a virtue.

    Take it easy !!!

  3. Bravo!! YESTAI HO!! I wish you best future and pray to GOD the same. You are the Winner. God created us to win. The Theory of Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest matters in daily lives too. People are created by God as animals could not fathomed what they are for:work. Slepping, Enjoying are some works as well but those who do real work with TANGIBLE output/BENEFITS for others help humanity in the whole. Those who just look after their family/Home/Self centered time pass against DUTY for others help create society of frustrations.

  4. Problems in the world exist because of people like you who have no desire to perform well and succeed. You guys are burden to the society. If we work just enough to keep our hand and mouth together, who is going to feed those who can’t work? You can’t dream of peaceful society where there a lot of people like you live. Your presence create scarcity of wealth because you earn just enough for yourself. Scarcity of wealth creates all kinds of problems – like we have in Nepal for the last 10 years. When there are enough jobs created by hard working people, people will go to work and will not have time to think bull shit.

    Yestai Ho

  5. I too like to do things on my own. yes my own way. Money is not every thing, and for every thing else there is “Master Card”. i heard this slogan in TV, you must also heard of this too. I feel like Nepali people love to relax, they love to love and care others. and being a true Nepali i too love freedom, freedom from being matterminded. everybody needs money, money to survive, money to fulfill basic needs, money to pay phone bills, money to date, it goes on and on, so we need money. but in my opinion, inner peace seems more better than money (more and more and more) you have to give time to yourself, your love ones. atleast your family. and to make your family happy you must be happy. it required both time and money to do every thing, to be happy also. BUT my point is one has to earn to live but he should not run after money all the time.

    WOWOOW, AMIT, whoever you are, I am surprised. The Blog that you posted is hosted by webserver, the typing Keyboards, Monitor, software,..all this super-empire of this millenieum was possible only due to computer scientists, electronic innovators, …just because they forgot their inner self and physical body to achieve an end that helps worldly people to survive in modern manner. The competition in US, Europe, Singapore, Taiwan,China, and India for emerging businesses has been so much that the country where people return to self-being and lead a 8 hour -a day work FAIL. Nepal is an example where many of us work only 8 hours. Out of 8 hours, 1 hour on talks/tea-time, 1.5 hour for lunch, 1 hour for personal chat/email/mobile/phone calls, ..please calculate yourself if extra 8 is not acquired to make Complete 8 hour worth OUTPUT. An ePIC gITA SAYS : Humans are born for KARAMA(work)and nothing else as it can lead to salvation/wealth…whatever you mentioned. if you have no work, everything will leave.

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