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I am Poem

By: Ayush Adhikari

I am nice and curious.

I wonder how the world started.

I hear it is bad to make people furious.

I see wrong when good people are hatred.

I want to be an engineer.

I am nice and curious.

I pretend I have fear.

I sometimes feel furious.

I touch my mum’s car gear.

I worry about people who are delirious.

I cry when I hurt my rear.

I am nice and curious.

I understand horror and trouble.

I say families should be close together.

I dream to stop rebels.

I try to make this world better.

I hope to be something, because

I am nice and curious.

69 thoughts on “I am Poem

  1. I¡¦ve recently started a web site, the info you offer on this web site has helped me greatly. Thanks for all of your time & work.

  2. Well written, Ayush. I’d like to give you some advice if you allow me. Creative usage of language requires linguistic intelligence. People who are elloquont, good at repartee and puns, poets, fiction writers, etc are all gifted with this ability or develop it in their lifetime. Some parts of your poem are disconnected (lines like: “I touch my mom’s car gear) – this comes out of nowhere and doesn’t have anything in common with your whole poem.

    A poem is not just about rhyming with disjointed parts. Try an exercise I’ll teach you below. In order to improve your linguistic intelligence, try thinking of 10 nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs in all alphabets taking turns with each. Allow yourself 5 minutes. Then, try thinking of 20 and keep progressing, limiting the deadline.

    This exercise will allow you think of the right word and fit the same to support your verses. Also exercise writing. Try to think of a topic and do your best to express your inner comprehensions about the topic. Listen very effectively, especially while listening to people or the Television to get what they’re communicating. Sometimes, you’ll find it difficult to find the right word to make a sentense rhyme. Extended vocabulary is also a good way to improve your chances of finding the right word.

    Above all else, a write-up has to have meaning. It doesn’t matter if a poem is rhymed or not as long as it touches hearts, raises eyebrows, goose bumps, etc. Good luck young buddy and do post more of your work here.

  3. I am, I wonder,I hear,I see,I want,I pretend, I feel, I touch, I worry, I Cry, I understand, I say, I hope… – what for?
    “To make the world better”

    NIce creation.. 🙂

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