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I’m a kid

Some of my friends asked “Why you’re so much like kid? . . . You still have childish character. Why so?” I don’t know why, may be coz I’m still a kid and not grownup like others are. Some even say “You dress up like kid” “your write up reminds me of those childhood days” and so on….. There are few who admire me, appreciate me for my very same character. Nevertheless, they can be counted in finger and am really thankful to them for their support.

I see lots of so called grownups, adults and matured man often saying “Those childhood days and school classes …… ah … I really enjoyed those days. I wish to go back and live like a child…. “. I get confused when they say so. I even asked the college guys even they say “Those School days were the best than the college days… The classrooms… Singing rhymes… PTs …. Ah I still want to be like kid and go back to school again” … I find these people unhappy with what they are and with their adulthood. But there are few who are happy with what they are. They don’t desire to be like kid anymore, they have enjoyed their kid life and they are enjoying their current life.

To those, who desire to be like kid have had never enjoyed their childhood fully. They still want to be kid and enjoy it. Seems like something is left behind in the past- pending, which made them so dubious – why they left it pending? They still have not experienced the pending job of their life so they seek babyhood to get back and take pleasure in the left over which was left behind long-long years ago. So whenever they get time to do so they do it with their full heart and enjoy it a lot. Some try it when they get drunk, some do it in parties, some in get together, and some do it by writing… as I do…….
Even there are some pending jobs in my life when I was child. I’m still trying to complete it. And that might be the reason why I’m still like kid and like people calling me so.

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  1. I totally agree with ‘Awsiv’

    Depends on the person if he/she wishes to have a childlike character or wants to be childish…

  2. Ravi – Do they say you behave “childish” or “childlike?” I am sure you know the difference. Hope you possess “childlike” personality – not “childish.”

  3. hey sangeeta! rules and responsibiltiy also makes life good..it all depends on the person..may be u have loosen all the charms becoz of ur responsibility 😉 .. we still can cherish our this life if we make it beautiful and that is in our hand

  4. Well Ravi, nice explanation in childhood.
    But don;t be confuse brother, why ppl often say that Childhood were the best moment of their life. Coz it’s obvious, in those early dys we don’t have any roles to play and responsibility to take over. We were free like bird and things seems so easy. But as we grow we loose that charm and beauty of innocence.
    That’s the reason why we cherish old days……..

  5. Hey Ravi..nice one..don’t know where do u get such idea to write..but it felt good reading it.. good job 🙂

  6. kool stuff dude…
    i love beign a kid too… it’s a lot of fun.. but only memorries now.. but still enjoy recalling those moments… hanging with frens, fighting, bullying, playing, playing hide n seek, king ball, bhettai, a lot more…

  7. Thanks to everyone for ur support.
    I see everyone has a kid inside them.

    @ Bindu – Yeah u r right.. Everyone loves their childhood days

    @ ThumbsUp, Abhishek, Rohan thank u guys … atleast u put something there.

    @ loona – “Being childish, is being innocent and inquisitive, and no matter how old you are, staying young at heart is probably.. the essence of life…” nice one 🙂

    @ DreamSky – I’d always love to read ur comment,
    thanks for ur comment here

    @ SK – Im glad that there’s someone fan of me and my article .. thank u so much

  8. Nice one! 🙂

    and yeah it reminded me of Awsiv’s wonderful poem NOSTALGIA and the line “i pity, this wisdom, injected into me”.

    Children have been my best frens and they are the ones who make me feel more responsible. May be some part of me still loves to play the same chords as they play.

  9. i’d luv to go back to when we played as kids,
    but things change, thats the way it is…..

    ekdum true Ravi dai. tara k garne, life goes on…

  10. Hey Ravi, nice writeup… and Awsiv’s illustration of “the child within” reminded me of one of the classic poetry of William Wordsworth….

    “My heart leaps up when I behold
    A rainbow in the sky:
    So was it when my life began;
    So is it now I am a man;
    So be it when I shall grow old,
    Or let me die!
    The Child is father of the Man;
    I could wish my days to be
    Bound each to each by natural piety.”

    Being childish, is being innocent and inquisitive, and no matter how old you are, staying young at heart is probably.. the essence of life…

  11. Very nice write up, It is very realistic one. Even we all wana go into our chilhood after reading this.

  12. ammm every body has child inside. The present is the outcome of past. Manhood is the consequences of childhood.
    any ways.. Ravi what are you trying to complete… 😉

    Nice lines Awanish.

  13. @ Awanish – Thanks for ur support

    @ hi – I’m still kid.. u dont belive me !!

    @ childish character – Thanks for ur suggestion .. (u caught me….. as i’ve said i’m a kid and …learning to write ..I hope to get ur suggestions further as well)

    @ Awsiv – You’ve always been such a great poet .. i read ur peotry as well “nostalgia” and thanks for ur beautiful lines there

  14. Nice try Ravi. There’s a child within us.

    the child within,
    unknown, unseen…
    cries to me
    for a way out
    but the cloak i’ve put on…
    of knowledge and wisdom
    kicks it back
    and so it remains,
    just as a memory,
    of the beautiful past!


  15. Ravi I think you want to write “You still have childlike character” instead of “You still have childish character”
    Childish and childlike are completely different.

    😉 😉

  16. “To those, who desire to be like kid have had never enjoyed their childhood fully”: Never thought that way…good one 🙂

  17. Nice one…everybody wants to be a kid again…it is not necessary that you return back in your age to be kid..you can be so even at your current age..being kid is being sacred hearted like kids and it is possible at any age..ravi..keep your nice works about expressing human feelings in the same way…

  18. A very cute & realistic one 😛 …Really Ravi u remind me of my childhood 😆 ……Great job… :mrgreen:

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