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Hyperlocal business directory wiki for nepal

Recently, E-Commerce through Online tweeting in Nepal have receached a new height. And one man behind show is Sthapit. He lives in Kathmandu and loves traveling, learning new things, and meeting new people.  He is a graduate of Georgia Tech (B.S.), MIT (M.S.), and Berkeley (PhD) and as a result knows about architecture, interior design, math, engineering, earthquakes,robotics, controls and a bit about wine and cheese.  He can be reached at sthapit @ sodne.com and if you write him an email he promises to answer it.

Here is what he says about his Hyperlocal business directory wiki for Nepal: “We finally have a beta product ready for testing!  Announcing the launch of lukeko.com – it’s a business directory for Nepal that does the following –

  1. No login or registration is required.  Anyone can view, post, edit, or rate listings
  2. Wiki – All listings on lukeko.com can be edited. It also has a versioning system that keeps a history of changes so spam can be reverted quickly
  3. Hyper local – All listings are based on GPS coordinates so you can find businesses around any radius you specify around you.  Try it – go here and drag the yellow man on the map
  4. Rated (by you) – top rated businesses rise to the top, others that suck sink to the bottom of the list so you know where to go and what to avoid
  5. Navigable – sync lukeko.com with your GPS device so not only do you know the best places to go but you also know how to get there

Think of lukeko.com as a turbo charged yelp for Nepal.  Go ahead and add your business to the site.  It’s free and you don’t need to login.
It’s exciting how much can be done for little to no money down these days to create and deploy powerful industrial strength web applications that can scale to millions of users.  The program is running on heroku and the images are being stored on my S3 account at Amazon.  Heroku is itself being run as Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud instances which makes this whole setup twice as sweet.  And the fact that I can deploy something this powerful from a crappy network connection in a country with no computing infrastructure makes this three times as sweet.

So if you are cofused what he does, follow these links: http://www.sodne.com/ and I sure you will find it out in seconds.

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  1. Yea.. I think it’s a great prospect.. even if you want cars, or camera, laptops.. or even if you want to sell it..
    not only that.. if you want to go our for a restaurant or party somewhere.. there is always some listing in his site.. so its quite cool 🙂

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