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Nilesh Shrestha


Hurricane Ike’s aftermath, … as one sees it.

David Pulaski, one of our best friends who runs his business from his Houston office, sent me these few pictures. He managed to cope with the hurricane Ike and continues his business staying dry with eight hours of power failure only. He is one of the lucky people. The place however is in complete MESS! Let’s extend all our wishes for them to quickly come back to Normal Life.tn_013aFlooded!tn_014aThe tree on the power line in front of his apartmenttn_015aThe grocery store next door to his office

0 thoughts on “Hurricane Ike’s aftermath, … as one sees it.

  1. David I am sorry to know the situation you have been facing. I have deep wishes for you to rise above from this misery.

    All the best!

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