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Hukka Mero

220. Hukka Mero
Photo By: Antique
Post Date: 23 June 2008

Description: An old woman with traditional Hukka. Just as people smoke cigarette nowadays, people used to smoke using hukka in earlier days. It is still common in some villages especially among old people.

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0 thoughts on “Hukka Mero

  1. This is a common sight one can see around villages, where lives of old people are yet untouched by modernizations. Rural people seem so fond of smoking ‘Hukka’ despite its harmful consequences to their health. Well for a photographer it could be interesting ‘subject’ to click.

    Here Antique should go for upright composition to capture full length of elderly women smoking ‘hukka’ in the picture. Unseen face of her, robbed this very chance of knowing her pleasure in smoking hukka. Moving couple of steps to the left could help photographer to cover her face much easily.

    Small suggestion: While taking such picture wear a big smile on your face and don’t point your camera instantly, first greet her saying ‘Namaste! Amai’ (Nepalese are very friendly people on Earth; I guarantee they will respond you with an open heart). This way approach will give any photographer better chances of capturing striking portraits of village people.

    And lastly don’t forget to disable this function: Date getting imprint on your picture. I know this is a digital picture and you simply can check its IPTC data anytime using Photoshop to find its date when it was taken. Imprinted date in this picture is distracting viewers’ attention from pictue’s main theme.

    Good luck! For next time. 🙂

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