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Hubo Hubo Khasa Trip

Report by Ashish Man Shrestha

On Saturday, after a long drive of 5 hours on the Arniko Highway, the place arrived where our country Nepal touches China. Carrying our bags, a walk of 10 people starts. We entered to the Immigration Office of Nepal along with our Citizenship card to register our names and then we were provided a Temporary Travel Permit letter. Now the major works are done, we started seeking a good restaurant and had a huge amount of delicious ‘dal-bhaat-tarkari’ yummieeee. An hour rest and moving towards destination, we stepped on Miteri Pool, the border of Nepal-China. In a group of 3 by 3, we entered the first check post, where we faced with 2 military personnel standing on the center of the bridge asking our citizenship card. With a quiet long inhale we showed them our card. The second checking we faced in the Custom Office by security personnel. He asked our citizenship card and the travel permit letter both and he had a cross check to assure our face, if it matches to our citizenship card or not. 1 by 1, our entry was accepted then a noisy long exhale, ‘fewhhhh’.
As soon as we finished the checking and appeared in the market the entire taxi driver gathered and started asking us to use their vehicles for NRs. 100 per head. The medium of transportation was a van where 5 to 6 people can travel at once. Then we divided our groups into 2 parts and a fast and safe drive and we were dropped to the hotel at middle of the Zhangmu City. We picked a room, get rested and ready in 30 minutes.

A walk for couple of hours and it was night then we hungrily start seeking for a new taste but every restaurant was closed so we move into the normal Chinese restaurant. There was no English in the menu except Chinese and the owner of the restaurant does not understand English language but he knows how to say Nepali words “sahuji” with the pronunciation “chauji” and 100 rupees by pronouncing “ek chaey” instead of “ek saey”. We started pointing his fingers on the food items that we wanted to eat. After a long wait a delicious Chinese foods were served with a toast of local whisky.
We went to our hotel, played cards and a dead sleep. Everybody of us woke up lately in the morning, went to get fresh but the water was ice cold then had a cup of coffee and pan cake with omelet. We all checked out, dropped our keys to the manager of the hotel and a decline walk back to the Liping. Every one of us started buying the blankets and their needed. As soon as we finished our shopping we went towards the custom office for the final checking, then slowly we crossed the bridge/border and stepped on our land, Nepal.