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Dovan Rai


0 thoughts on “How safe is ceremonial monarchy?

  1. Very creative and well illustrated!
    How safe is ceromonial morrnarchy is the question.
    Does Nepal really need it? If yes why and if not why? We can have debate on this and my point of view is – If the mornachy is for identity of being a hindu kingdom versus just any other county then maybe otherwise lets be a small hindu democratic country or just a small progressive democratic country. Nepal can do without the ceromonical mornarchy and which means it is not safe at all.

    What has the mornarchy and in this case King Gyanendra contributed to the country? No King or King, it is the people themself that has to take the coutnry to the next level so why even have a ceromonial mornachy? So the ceromonial mornachy is NOT safe.

  2. If this is what you have created, then you have really improved your design skill. As for the creativity I always believed in you. Good work Dovan!!

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