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Holi Off Tracked

No clean water, No balloons, No colorful vermillion and No Fun. Celebration of colors, joy, brotherhood and friendship is becoming hostile ritual. Full of unruly hooliganism victimizing female pedestrians made this festival a ‘total shame’ for the society but the two local kids in the picture at Dillibazar seem enjoying innocently this new trend of Holi smearing metal color (chromium) on their faces.

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  1. Dear Administrator,
    Many thank you and it’s pleasure to be here. Feeling of inspiring other is a joy and I hardly explain it in words.Cheers for days ahead.

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  3. i’m just a blogger here man… the administrators have already got your message… hope they respond soon.

  4. May be they are influenced like you’ve mentioned. Ani.. what about FAVOR that I am expecting from you ni? 😉 Thank you for your respond.

  5. the pucture is good too man! no question about it!

    i guess these guys are being influenced by the Gothic culture to some extent… don’t know how much they understand about it.

  6. Bishwa! How about the Picture? 😉 I need one favor; I am supposed to post all my Photo Postings in ‘Life in Nepal’ category and just couldn’t do so. Wondering how can I do that? Or is it just Admin Team who owns the liberty solely to post there? I’ll be very happy if you help me to solve this puzzle.
    I would also like to refer this query to Administrator of this EU. All my photo posting are meant for ‘Life in Nepal’ and forth. I am enjoying surfing EU regularly and also sharing some of my pictures. Thank You. Have a nice day! 🙂

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