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Hikmat Dhamee’s US Visit

I was as excited about my second trip to the US as I was for the first one. Having already known many things about the flights, transits, and US culture along with the dos and don’ts, it was easier to travel this time. In a way, I felt I was fully prepared for the trip.

Our journey started on the 30th of December from Kathmandu to Istanbul. After all the checking, we headed to the Turkish Airlines flight. The service inside the plane was good, and after 8 hours of flight, we reached Istanbul. Since we had 22 hours of a layover there, we took some rest and visited the city the next morning.

Istanbul is an old city that reflects the cultural influences of many empires. It has many mosques, skylines, palaces, and museums. Rustam, our tour guide, took us to many places of historical and cultural significance. Because of heavy snowfall, we couldn’t visit some places, but thanks to Rustam, he did a marvelous job. After the layover, we headed to the airport for our journey to Boston. 

It took us 9 hours to reach Boston. The weather was chilly and challenging. We went to Extended Stay Burlington, our new home for a month. There were shopping malls, stores, and shops nearby. It was a New Year Eve, and everyone was celebrating. We joined our office on the 2nd of January. Everyone welcomed us in the Lexington Office; it was heartwarming.

The weekend arrived after the interminable office days. Saurav, Jenish, and I headed to New York City. The city amazed us with its beauty. We visited Times Square, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, and did Cycling in Central Park. These things took our breath away, and we had a splendid experience.

I went to the office as usual because I was very comfortable with that environment. The people there were so cooperative and helpful. On the way to the office, I took an Uber ride which was a splendid experience itself. The Uber drivers were so polite and caring as they wanted to know more about our country and the culture.

On the second weekend, Jenish and I went to Boston downtown. We visited Harvard University, Harvard Square, Boston Harbor, and MIT.

On the third weekend, we headed to Chicago to experience something new. We went to Millenium Parks, Willis Tower, Cloud Gates, and Skydeck. It was a brilliant experience. Thanks to Dhiraj (ex-Deerwalker) for inviting us, taking us to exciting places, and especially to the clubs. After an exhausting weekend, we came back to our homestay.

A big thanks to Deerwalk for sponsoring my visit and also many thanks to all Deerwalkers who made my journey and the month-long stay comfortable and fruitful. My special thanks to Rudra Dai and Muna Bhauju for hosting such a wonderful lunch as well as the innovative learning opportunity. Since the day I joined Deerwalk, your continued motivational support is something I can always count on.
Special thanks to Suresh Dai. Even in those dreaded days, you made our life easier by sticking with us for shopping and weekday/evening parties. I couldn’t appreciate it enough. Also, thanks to Mukta Di for Bengals and Nepali Jhol MoMos. It’s always a great experience connecting with the US office.

[Hikmat Singh Dhamee, Principal Engineer at Deerwalk Services Pvt. Ltd. Nepal, visited Deerwalk Inc, USA, from December 31, 2019 – January 31, 2020]