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Hiking Management System

Hiking is quite the tradition here at Deerwalk. We walk every weekend. A hiking coordinator is assigned, interested participants invited, and some of the most exotic destinations in Nepal explored. We then publish reports, pictures, and videos of our journeys at EverestUncensored.org, a comprehensive guide to Hiking in Nepal.

With the growth of Deerwalk, the number of employees interested to hike increased but we could accommodate only 10 to 15 persons each week. So, like in any good democracy, left out people would grumble. Since the selection process was not transparent, there was always room for doubting the coordinator favoring his/her close friends over the rest. The solution was then to build a system that would allow for picking of candidates without bias.

We already had Annapurna, our ERP solution, and decided to add ‘Hiking Management System’ to it. This new system significantly automated our hiking coordination process while at the same time ensuring impartiality in the selection process.

HR creates Hiking Slots and assigns Hike Coordinators. Respective coordinators fill out the details of the hike and, when a slot is ready, an email is sent out to all Deerwalk Nepal employees requesting for participation. This email is sent by the application at a random time between 10 AM and 4 PM on Thursday (ensuring that not even the coordinators can game the system).

After the email is sent, anyone can login to the Annapurna system and apply for the hike. The list of applicants and the exact time of application is transparent to everyone. Then, the coordinator needs to confirm the participants but the choice of the coordinator is visible to all. Once the participants have been confirmed, an email is automatically triggered at 3 PM on Friday providing the final list of participants for the hike.

Hiking is not only for the body but also for the soul, and the implementation of the Hiking Management System has definitely aided in ensuring that no one is left behind at Deerwalk.


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