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Hiking from Dadagaun to Bishnudwar

Title 2014 Mar – Deerwalk Hiking from Dadagaun to Bishnudwar
Route Driving (Kathmandu>> Dadagaun), Hiking (Dadagaun>> Bishnudwar), Driving (Dadagaun>> Kathmandu
Date March 23, 2014
Hike Duration 4 hrs
Coordinator Prasanna Paudel
Participants Amir Rajak, Bikram Gautam, Bimal Pant, Dicchya Shakya, Kawish Shrestha, Kishor Raj Adhikari, Narayan Prasad Kandel, Prasanna Paudel, Rikesh Shrestha, Rosina Shakya, Sagar Raj Adhikari, Sagun Chandra Rai, Sudan Khadgi, Shyam Sundar Swonepa.
Report By Sagun Rai
Photos By Sudan Khadgi
Creative Support Kanchan Raj Pandey, Rinesh N Bajracharya
Edited By Rinesh N Bajracharya

Sagun RaiSagun Rai

I love hiking. As soon as I came to know about the hiking program after joining Deerwalk, I was looking forward to joining one. The day finally arrived when I was able to take part in the hiking trip along with the data team.

All the hiking members were planning to join the trip at the office premises but Sudan and I were a little late. But we managed to catch the team at Maharajgunj. It was great to catch an excited team and thus our journey began. We reached the Dadagaun after getting entry tickets at the Shivapuri National Park check-post. Our photographer of the day was busy capturing pictures here and there.

Before our walk began, we all had breakfast at Dadagaun, which was freshly prepared. As we waited for our breakfast, we played cards. All our murmurs vanished as soon as the rain descended on us while we were waiting for the breakfast. As soon as the rain stopped we started our hike.

Even though the whole journey was an easy task, the first part was the easiest. As with other regular hikes the team got split and got lost for some time. But our tour guide (one of the servicemen from Nepal Army) managed to bring us together again. Our main destination was the Bishnu Dwar where there was a small temple. Alongside the temple was a hole (Dwar) where people could slip through. All the team members tried and all of them succeeded.

We ascended a little uphill before going across the forest trail which was quite serene. I got acquainted with nature after a long time, which was a pleasant experience. We finally took some rest and had some snacks at an open location on the way. After our snacks were over we headed downhill to catch our van. We halted at a Thakali restaurant to quench our hunger with delicious meal before we headed back home. Overall it was a short and pleasant journey.

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