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Khasa Visit

Hiking Route: Kathmandu-Khasa-Kathmandu
Date: January 17, 2009, Saturday
Hike Coordinator: Jeevan Singh Basnet ,Santosh Koirala
Participants: KapilP, ManojR, SantoshK, JeevanB, ShameshJ, SuyeshN, PallaviS, BidhaR, RajivS, BabinsS, RajeshP, DhilungK, RaviS, SanjeetB, BimalK
Photos: DhilungK,RaviS,SuyeshN,ShameshJ
Caption: RaviS, PallaviS, JeevanB, SuyehsN
Report: ManojR,RajivS,PallaviS
Creative Support: PallaviS/DhilungK/ DijupT

Jan 17, 2009
Day 1 of our Khasa visit:
Usually I don’t prefer two days hiking, but this time when I got the hiking invitition mail, it did get in a dilemma whether to join the team or not as I have never been to Khasa and wanted to visit that place since really long. So I ultimately decided to participate.

Though we had decided to leave office premises by 7 AM, when I along with Pallavi reached there, only Bimal was there. It automatically came to me, after all we are Nepalese and when we will get rid of Nepali Time culture. After some time, one after another started showing up and finally at around 8 we could head towards our destination to the foreign land of Khasa.

On the way, some tried to make fun with singing and sharing jokes whils I was just enjoying the beautiful roadside landscape of which my eyes will never get tired of exploring.

After six hours of journey, we finally reached China border, left our van there and headed towards Miteri pool, my first step in a land of People’s Republic. We took a local van from China border; this time our destination was Khasa. The right hand drive there was really confusing. If I were to drive, we would surely have met multiple number of accidents. we reached Khasa at around 4:30 PM, confused with the time zone (Was it 4.30 of Nepal or that of China). Then we booked few rooms in a local hotel, had some rest, and then started to hang around Khasa Bazaar. I was really surprised to see Chinese government’s effort to build such a town in that stiff hill; It shows that if you really want something and go for it, then you can even build a castle of sand. In Khasa we spend half of night by playing cards, some went to Disco and I was with my friend, forever friend “MuZic”.

Jan 18, 2009
Day 2 of our Khasa visit:
After having breakfast, we left Khasa bazaar, headed back to the border walking all the way, stopping here n there to take some pictures for memory. Well to tell you people something, a trip to Khasa would almost be incomplete without doing some shopping. All of us spontaneously scattered at a shopping mall near Nepali border and started scanning every single shop there. In no time everybody was busy looking for some “Chinese goods”- mobile phone(boy o’ boy… which brand of mobile would you not find there, Ch-Iphone, flip phones, Noklas, TV-phone… you name it.. and they have it there), blankets and rugs, Ipod, pendrives… When we checked out, everybody was loaded with their shopping stuffs. We literally ran out of seats in the vehicle just to fit the rugs only. Eventually we managed the space and headed back from the journey, to the country, the country with 16 Hrs of load shading, the country which has democracy without discipline but in the end its my country & I love this country, Nepal.

“Keep on hikin & rockin in this free world”

Please click on the image to see its large version.

Goodmorning Sanga
01 Goodmorning Sanga
foggy Banepa
02 foggy Banepa
Taking some rest
03 Taking some rest
Accident on the way
04 Accident on the way
The posers
05 The posers
The Waterfall model huh
06 The Waterfall model huh
Ready to jump
07 Ready to jump
Here is my fall
08 Here is my fall
We are on the way
09 We are on the way
 RockClimbing on the way
10 RockClimbing on the way
Simply Awesome
11 Simply Awesome
Fun with photos
12 Fun with photos
Suicide time
13 Suicide time
Abiral bagdacha Bhotekoshi
14 Abiral bagdacha Bhotekoshi
Miteri between Nepal and China
15 Miteri between Nepal and China
Miteri Pull - Hello Brother
16 Miteri Pull – Hello Brother
Black and white
17 Black and white
Guess me
18 Guess me
Here comes the next Krrish
19 Here comes the next Krrish
Into the mountains far and wide
20 Into the mountains far and wide
Blue Sky
21 Blue Sky
China under construction
22 China under construction
Pema Hotel in China
23 Pema Hotel in China
Cool and refreshing beer of Lhasa
24 Cool and refreshing beer of Lhasa
Cheers To Lhasa beer
25 Cheers To Lhasa beer
Waiting for dinner
26 Waiting for dinner
Do we look like ghost
27 Do we look like ghost
Where are they looking at
28 Where are they looking at
They saw some Chinese girls
29 They saw some Chinese girls
Tripple A
30 Tripple A
Look into their eyes
31 Look into their eyes
Which one do u like
32 Which one do u like
Tough guys playing with tiger
33 Tough guys playing with tiger
Morning shine of china
34 Morning shine of china
Thinking of someone
35 Thinking of someone
Time to rap up
36 Time to rap up
Shamesh back from Police Station
37 Shamesh back from Police Station
Soon ko gajur ho hajur
38 Soon ko gajur ho hajur
Mane of China
39 Mane of China
Confusing Right hand drive
40 Confusing Right hand drive
tato pani
41 tato pani
Fun @ bhotekoshi
42 Fun @ bhotekoshi
Ravi searching his shoes
43 Ravi searching his shoes
Bring some food
44 Bring some food
Guess what it looks like
45 Guess what it looks like
Mero bihe kaile huncha
46 Mero bihe kaile huncha
Mast pandeyJi and BasnetJi
47 Mast pandeyJi and BasnetJi
laah ramrai lekhh padhh garnu hai
48 laah ramrai lekhh padhh garnu hai
hami dherai sana chau hamro mutu sano cha
49 hami dherai sana chau hamro mutu sano cha
Can I have one please
50 Can I have one please
They want more
51 They want more
Source of electricity
52 Source of electricity
Reason for loadshedding
53 Reason for loadshedding

31 thoughts on “Khasa Visit

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  2. # Reply to One of Discriminateds ——

    I just want D2hike be fair….If I were given a chance to be a co-ordinator, I would include the hikers’ name in first-come-first basis. No need to be personal…as simple as it is. No pre-setup. PERIOD.

  3. these types of hikes to relatively unattractive hiking routes are usually leftovers, discarded by these self-proclaimed ‘elite’ group of hikers… so its no surprise their names aren’t included.. they consider it crap altogether…

  4. Why is there is only 9 members in comming hike to ley ley ?
    The prominent hiker will go and continue to go …..
    Ramro hike ma matra jane naramro ma najne kay ho ……………
    so better participate in good an d

  5. lets see what u’ll do when u are the co-ordinator and you are left the option to choose the ones u like or the ones u can’t ignore and the mails u receive from others.
    for ur kind info. the invitation mail is sent to add the rest of the people to join the team. so that others can join.

  6. # I got the hiking invitition mail, it did get in a dilemma whether to join the team or not…..

    It’s really funny…….

    #dilemma_LOL —– U r absolutely rite.


    #Hiking Sud Be Fair —- I support u bro.


    #Reco —- commendable idea


    #“bikash” bro…aru li oralna na mile aafu orline ni…… 😆 , ani if the participants ko list ma kohi man na milne dekhio bhane , give chance to others.. ni…

    — well-said 🙂



  7. माने सत्तर बग माने

    २ ३ वटा फोटोबाट धेरै कुरा सिक्न पाइयो

    about the hiking – ati groupism bhayo..
    OAM team le tha jhanai bawaal garyo…
    Reco le diyeko suggestion thik lagyo – for fair hiking selection
    khasa king ko kura ni thikai lagyo..
    खै के खै के

  8. Dear ‘A Visitor’
    All pictures posted here do have some values, as they hold photographic memories of time and event. I don’t rate according to their value but I do rate them by their technical attributes. So, don’t assume even if any picture fail to get my rating, are no good ones.

    Regarding the picture no: ’20 Into the mountains far and wide’
    It’s a landscape shot which is not well composed. Should have kept less ‘headroom’ (top portion of the picture) Sky is excessive. Besides, this landscape shot lacks ‘point of interest’, which mean when you view the picture; what pulls your attention instantly? No where. Try it yourself.
    For example picture no: ’09 we are on the way’ of this post, where ‘bus and people’ made this landscape picture much animated.

    And anther flaw is the shadow part, which blocks viewer’s demand to see its content to full.

    Feel free to disagree my views.

  9. Shutterbug, you missed picture #20. I like this the best. I am curious to know your feedback on this.

  10. sbrating1
    Creative Shot : ’11 Simply Awesome’
    Perfect Shot : ’11 Simply Awesome’
    Interesting Shot : ’17 Black and white’
    Well Composed Shot : ’35 Thinking of someone’ & ’19 Here comes the next Krrish’
    Best Landscape : ’06 The Waterfall model huh’ & ’09 We are on the way’

    Happy Clicking!!

  11. Afai afai group milayera hiking gaye bhai halyo ni, kina D2 ko mukh taknu paryo ni? D2 le jabo gaadi ra khana ta paisa dine ho ni. Teti pani afai halna sakdaina?

    By the way, yo EU ko naam change garera DU rakhe huncha -“D2 Uncensored”. Jahile here ni D2 ko manche haru ko galfatti bahek kehi hune hoina. Yeso informative kura ta kahile herna napaune bhayo ba…..

  12. Yeah, I am also waiting for the hike session of of Product to end, so that we could also enjoy our GROUPISM oriented hike. 😉

  13. Well the way i see it the hiking invitations are just a gimmick to favor groupism which is a must. If there is no groupism then the whole jaunt and sojourn would be anything but a lame hike. Having said that, there is also a culture of favoritism for the same group and the email invitation should certainly not mention that priority will be given to those who will be sending the first replies for registration. And yeah… khasa king sounds like the one who was included after making the special request ;-p.

  14. HIking king Is aBsolutely right about choosing team members ……..two day hike bhanepachi request nai tanna aaucha….one day hike lai ta baal nadine bhaisakyo………..hiking king le justice chai gareko ho….tyo team ma sabai department ko manche haru thiye (a little bit of this and a little bit of that) ani feri aafo team ko khayal ni rakhnai paryo…….tara yo paliko ghandruk ko hike le ta aatttinai garyo……it was not like D2 hiking it was liking OAM hiking————aafai team ko 10 jaana manche rakhnu ta aattttiiiiiiiiiiii nai bhayena ra bhanya….aba arko pali arko team le organize garyo bhane tyo team ko manche matra rakhla……jabo euta hiking ta nispakchya rupa ma chalauna najaane harule bholi parchi D2 kasari chalaula …..desh kasari chalaula……la pashupati nath ini harulai shadbuddhi deun………Bhagwan pashupati nath le D2 hiking ma groupism hatauna sab lai sad uddhi deun………

  15. I toatally agree with ure points kasa king. U are right tough hiking ma no ones interested ani bandipur khasa ghandruk jane bahne pachi line lagcha. And after that too u say it groupism.

  16. you guys can comment anything here becoz it is uncensored blog. pls think 1st before comment-

    1. if anyone choose tough route there will be almost zero request n there have to force ppl to go hiking. wo vishnu dai se badkar aur kaun janta hain.

    2.Everbody wants to enjoy. if we choose long route with 2 days hiking. oohho request kati ho kati.

    In this hiking, we use Five method to choose ppl. 1st -it’s organize by products(Re-Arch Team). all request come from there included. 2nd- Regular hikers jasle tough hiking ma pani saath diyaka chhan, like Kapil, Sanjeet. 3rd- Participation of ladies -2 were included- 4th good photographar to capture china’s beauty- Dhilung. 5th-RajeshP just in case..sabai le bujo hola. aba banki raho santosh dai, yes he is in his special request. we made trip better becoz of him. Experiance counts!!!!!!!!

  17. “Commenter”…….yar sorry…..ye post ko title….. “hiking on 4 wheels” ….. hunu parne….

  18. “Hiking Route: Kathmandu-Khasa-Kathmandu”???????????????????????
    did u hike from ktm-khasa-ktm??? I don’t think sooooooo, it’s completly miss leading………

  19. I agree that groupism is hunu parchha. But its not like that.. only so called grouped ppl have first opportunity to go and others are last priortized… tyo pani so called grouped ppl haru na gayera chhodeko baag khana paye jasto gari.

  20. “bikash” bro…aru li oralna na mile aafu orline ni…… 😆 , ani if the participants ko list ma kohi man na milne dekhio bhane , give chance to others.. ni…

    Reco bro…great suggestion…….

    but yaar….. khoi yaar yo comments haru ali authorised ..person le hereko chaina jasto cha…..no comments till now………

  21. Have a D2Hiking application (somewhat similar to timecard).

    – Coordinator sends the email along with the link to the application.
    – Interested ones press ‘JOIN ME’ (similar to Punch In). If later, one decides to drop out, facility to press ‘DROP OUT’
    – Request time, IP, name, viewable to all. Transparent. Fair

  22. groupism hunu k naulo kura bhayo ra, k garnu man namileko participant lai bich bato ma oralna ni milena 😉

  23. “dilemma_LOL”….U’r Rit bro… IT can track the exact timing of the emails, so they should list the first 15 hiking response email and publish the name immediately.

    Natra …. Nepal.. ta ho ni yaar…..What More can be said?

  24. when I got the hiking invitition mail, it did get in a dilemma whether to join the team or not..”

    In my case, neither I had not been in dilemma nor I had lost any quantum of minutes to reply the hiking mail as soon as I saw the popped up notification. But I had to face denial. Similary, I my dreams of hiking to Manakamana and Ghandruk were spolied. This is really frustrating, disgusting, discriminating culture of hiking management sytem in D2 that I am undergoing thru. Everybody knows that some people are enjyoing the hike continously, one after another.

    I just wanted to put a light in this matter, so that the hike management will be managed way without discrimination.. and D2ians are happy to get equal oppoertunity to have hiking fun.


  25. Pic (1) and (11)… out of this world, Pic (8) and (19).. Krissh..
    And pic (45)….. Do you remember one old advertisement of IBM?……”it looks like a horse to me…………..”

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