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Hiking from Nayapul to Ghandruk

Hiking Route: Nayapul – Birethaanti – Syaulibazar – Ghandruk
Date: January 23 , 2009, Friday – January 25 , 2009, Sunday
Hike Coordinator: Keshav Basnet
Participants: PragyaR, PratikshyaR, GeetikaJ, KeshavB, BhanuC, SuyeshN, KapilP, RachitN, SangharshaB, KamalK, VishnuK, DineshB, SanjeetV, BishwaS, RaviS, PawanP and DhilungHK
Photos: DhilungK, SangharshaB, KeshavB, BhanuC, SuyeshN, PratikshaR, DineshB and PawanP
Caption: SangharshaB, KeshavB, BhanuC, RachitN, SuyeshN and DineshB
Poem By: Bishwa Shrestha
Report By: PratikshaR, GeetikaJ, PragyaR and AshishT
Latitude: N 28°22’40”
Longitude: E083°48’27”
Altitude: 1980m
Creative Support: DijupT/DhilungK

On Friday evening, after 12 hours of work, 17 hikers from D2 were ready to move towards our destination, Ghandruk. Usually after a hard day’s work, everyone seems to be tired but on this Good Friday, every individual had a smile on their face. We were all mentally planning to capture the most comfortable seat in the van, but we three girls had to settle on a seat meant for two. But none of us really slept the whole night. The songs and all the jokes kept us going. It was really memorable.

Ghandruk means “Ghana Jungle” in Gurung language. Ghandruk is a famous Gurung village, overlooking the picturesque lake town of Pokhara as well as the breathtaking Himalayan panorama. It is one of the famous trekking destinations in western Nepal. At 1,951 meters, the Gurung village offers excellent opportunities to experience the unique and colorful culture of the Gurungs and breathtaking views of Annapurna, Machhapucchre and Dhaulagiri. Ghandruk is referred to as a living cultural monument in that it continues to showcase the unique culture of the Gurungs. Our hiking route turned out to be just that and a bit more. Waterfalls, river, mountain, Himalayas and jungle all seem very beautiful.

Our Hiking was a challenging one, as it is a 5 days trekking route. But we planned to shorten the hike by only trekking to Ghandruk from Nayapool. For this we had decided to depart from ktm on friday evening so that we can start hike on early in the next morning. As planned, we started our hike from Nayapool. After hiking for about half an hour we reached Birethaanti from where route is separated for Ghorepaani and Ghandruk. Planning Ghorepaani for next hike we moved towards Ghandruk. Hiking by the side of gurgling Modi River was very pleasant part of the hike. The sound of the soothing relaxing river was a truly remarkable relaxing experience. Exploring well preserved culture was fascinating. We met plenty of tourist most of them were Korean. After a tiring walk through the steep hills, we stopped at the hut to take some rest. As we were listening to the songs, we encountered a Korean girl. We played the Korean song as well as its copied version in Hindi and she was surprised. Each and every part of hiking trail was enjoyable and full of adventure, there was always something interesting to see on next destination. Each and every house was ready to serve you as a guest with great hospitality. Waterfalls, white water of Modi, paved hiking trekking trail, smiling tourist and beautiful house-cum-guesthouse with slate stone roof on the way were very much pleasing. All the houses were constructed in such a way that it resists the extreme cold. After all day walk, finally we got to relax at the lodge where we had camp fire at night along with singing and gossiping. Since there is no roadway, the means of transportation is through mules. So the goods seem to be more costly than that on the base.

The next morning we made our way back off the hilltop and headed back through an easy walk downhill. There are enough waterfalls, interesting rock formations and hills worth climbing to fill two days of exploring. We couldn’t resist ourself to go to the Modi River to capture beautiful moments. The gentle touch of ice-cold water of Modi River worked like a pain reliever for us which took all our tiredness away.

As Pokhara was on our way we couldn’t just pass by it because all of us had strong desire to go there although we had limited time of 3 hours. This was Geetika’s first visit to Pokhara so she was most excited to explore one of the scenic beauties of Nepal. Thakali ko khana was what all wanted. After having lunch we headed towards to Fewa Lake. The boating at the lake was our favorite part of the journey. The lake surrounding by the hills, those flying birds rejuvenated our spirit. It was so much fun being on the boat and being hit by the cool breeze and watching people sailing. Sleeping fearlessly on the tips of the boat, splashing water to one another was really a fun.

“Study nature, not books” you will surely be the poet

Befriending the mountains is a wonder
you feel like a child
walkin around with your mother

no one can hurt you then,
no pain can you not endure,
the vastness and the beauty
all does its magic

i made friends with them
and felt my heart grow
i walked around with them for a while
and witnessed my soul smile

The White Giants blushed red
From the touch of the morning Rays
Like the cheeks of a Sherpa girl
Smiling with youthful perseverance
Our world is sleeping somewhere
But had it been awake,

It wouldn’t have been lucky enough
As we were,
To feel this emotion
So rare
That nature has been
Exhibiting silently – shyly

Please click on the image to see its large version.

We welcome you to ABC trail (Birethanti)
00 We welcome you to ABC trail (Birethanti)
01 Nayapul
Cute little fellow gifted by nature
02 Cute little fellow gifted by nature
Group with Tanha Dil
03 Group with Tanha Dil
Will u sit
04 Will u sit
Tori Bari Bata ra Sapana haru
05 Tori Bari Bata ra Sapana haru
Real hikers
06 Real hikers
Going school, no way
07 Going school, no way
Aangan - keep it clean
08 Aangan – keep it clean
March Pass
09 March Pass
This is a lot better than any mineral water
10 This is a lot better than any mineral water
Every morning i wake up to see you gleaming
11 Every morning i wake up to see you gleaming
The AfterLife
12 The AfterLife
13 Friends
I`ll lead this difficult path
14 I`ll lead this difficult path
Who r u shooting we r here
15 Who r u shooting we r here
The railings were made to prevent the animals falling off
16 The railings were made to prevent the animals falling off
Camp fire at ghandruk top
17 Camp fire at ghandruk top
Talk King and his wife
18 Talk King and his wife
Lawyer from china
19 Lawyer from china
The hiking group
20 The hiking group
Who can paint better than Nature
21 Who can paint better than Nature
This is Ghandruk
22 This is Ghandruk
Walking the hard way
23 Walking the hard way
Ancient technology - still affective
24 Ancient technology – still affective
Viewing through vignette
25 Viewing through vignette
It`s all for my family
26 It`s all for my family
The Look
27 The Look
28 Brotherhood
V With Korean AGASHI
29 V With Korean AGASHI
Who will win - slow and steady
30 Who will win – slow and steady
Smile plz
31 Smile plz
Her eyes were wet
32 Her eyes were wet
Two sides of Life
33 Two sides of Life
Innocent steps from Japan
34 Innocent steps from Japan
Happy to capture u in my camera
35 Happy to capture u in my camera
My sassy girl
36 My sassy girl
Pose on Modi Khola
37 Pose on Modi Khola
Tanha dill tanha safar
38 Tanha dill tanha safar
This is how ghandruk is loosing forest
39 This is how ghandruk is loosing forest
La khai sakyo..lab test ko lagi rakhe ko thiye.....
40 La khai sakyo..lab test ko lagi rakhe ko thiye…..
And the laziest photographer award goes to...
41 And the laziest photographer award goes to…
I`m devil
42 I`m devil
Dharma nai Karma ho
43 Dharma nai Karma ho
Chamatkari baba got enlightment
44 Chamatkari baba got enlightment
Nigara fall in Nepal
45 Nigara fall in Nepal
All the best
46 All the best
Paan ko paat maya...
47 Paan ko paat maya…
48 Machhapuchhre
Brand ambassadors of frooti
49 Brand ambassadors of frooti
5000 ko Anda kaha bata niskyo
50 5000 ko Anda kaha bata niskyo
Cameraman in Focus
51 Cameraman in Focus
Budhesh kaal ko sahara
52 Budhesh kaal ko sahara
Electricity source
53 Electricity source
Just for you sweetie
54 Just for you sweetie
Beast of Burden
55 Beast of Burden
Dream of life
56 Dream of life
Downward trail at Khimchi
57 Downward trail at Khimchi
Balanced body
58 Balanced body
59 Laalupate
Gurung village - Landruk(on the opposite side)
60 Gurung village – Landruk(on the opposite side)
I m the Pele from nepal
61 I m the Pele from nepal
1st step is always hard
62 1st step is always hard
Stand on the rock
63 Stand on the rock
Come and sleep on my Lap
64 Come and sleep on my Lap
Happy to hike
65 Happy to hike
66 Hiunchuli
Stop this
67 Stop this
Annapurna ko Phedima
68 Annapurna ko Phedima
Wait wait blind man is behind u
69 Wait wait blind man is behind u
Local at Ghandruk
70 Local at Ghandruk
Path to heaven
71 Path to heaven
Smiling with silver teeth
72 Smiling with silver teeth
73 The VISH
Rintin tin tin
74 Rintin tin tin
White ice cream with cherry at the top
75 White ice cream with cherry at the top
Frozen in time
76 Frozen in time
Morning shows the day
77 Morning shows the day
Syauli bazar bridge
78 Syauli bazar bridge
Naagbeli Garaharu
79 Naagbeli Garaharu
I caught the fish
80 I caught the fish
Maachho ta futkiyo
81 Maachho ta futkiyo
Tipi Tipi Pani Barsa Pani Me Aa
82 Tipi Tipi Pani Barsa Pani Me Aa
Modi River with a welcome giggle
83 Modi River with a welcome giggle
Baba in materialistic world
84 Baba in materialistic world
I can spend my lifetime with you like this
85 I can spend my lifetime with you like this
Row row row your boats gently down the stream .. merrily merrily merrily .. life is like a dream
86 Row row row your boats gently down the stream .. merrily merrily merrily .. life is like a dream
Smile smile caught u
87 Smile smile caught u
Wish i had this
88 Wish i had this
Without a sailor
89 Without a sailor
Shooting each other
90 Shooting each other
Wanabe Shutterbugs
91 Wanabe Shutterbugs
Tal Barahi
92 Tal Barahi
Lade lade lade ma ta launa samau
93 Laden laden laden ma ta launa samau
Taal Barahi South Pokhara
94 Taal Barahi South Pokhara
Majhi dai pokhara fewataal ko
95 Majhi dai pokhara fewataal ko
Nature, fun, economy and profit
96 Nature, fun, economy and profit
Manakamana gate
97 Manakamana gate
I shall quit this when I die
98 I shall quit this when I die
We achieved our target
99 We achieved our target
 Playing with the exposure
100 Playing with the exposure

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    Anyway whoever shot that .. picture is really nice

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    aba chharlangai bujiyo haina ta………….

  12. “One of the hikeer Says: ” …… It was never closed, just got behind by some of the post which does not deserve to be best…so seems now …the hiking fans are in the way to prove “Best is Always Best”…..

  13. 40 La khai sakyo..lab test ko lagi rakhe ko thiye…..

    launa yo caption bujhena.. somebody help.

  14. Hey HikingFan.. thanks for the comment..
    Do you realize that you are introducing a controversy in this post??? More the controversy more is the hit count. And if this is a competition, it is not for $s. Its just to prove the best post which it already is.

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  16. Liked pic 75 a lot: “White ice cream with cherry at the top”
    It can fairly reveal the actual beauty of Nepal.
    I was unlucky not to get included in the hiking team despite responding just 2 mins after the invitation mail (DHAADALI)…
    I hope this hiking route is repeated when Rudra dai arrives.
    Better luck sudip for next time to Ghandruk!!!

  17. Pictures? It is fair to believe it is still one of the best hiking pictures in EU (at least) so far taken by fantastic D2 photographer. But now when I look at the comments, i feel sorry to say that these comments (or rather artificial) are written just for the sake of dolar. Come on guys, be tru to yourself and don’t compromise in this filthy “war” for the sake of dolar. This is degrading your morale.

  18. Cool guys, so the war is going on in the full blow…..keep it up. Yes, the content and pics in this post is mind blowing in comparison with of competitors.

  19. machhapuchhre fewatalma paudi kheldho rahechha, pokhara ka sathi vaiko POKHARA nai rahechha…………..

  20. PK=PKS=Pradhyumna Kumar Shrestha (119)……….pkshrestha@d2hawkeye.com
    Ani ma nirdosh chhu ni mero naam uchali ra chah keta haru..

  21. 나는 버전을 듣는 놀랬다
    나는 나가 노래를 듣지 않기 때문에 더 이상 확인할 수 없었다

  22. @ Nam ji Eun Nice to meet you too.
    And what about other copied songs did you identified more?

  23. 장소는 아주 아름다웠다
    나는 몇번이고 방문할 것이다
    사람들, 나는 아주 친절했다 만났다

    The place was very beautiful.
    I will visit again and again.
    People, I met were very friendly.)

  24. Yo post ta puranai ho ni.. Aja ekkasi kasari yesto view count badhyo??
    La hai Lava.. timro strategy haru le nabhyaune hola jasto cha..

  25. These guys are on the way to beat the “Pokhara trip” team and win $1000 prize on July 24th. Good going guys. 700 plus hit in a day! Hello Lava – Musa jasto bhaye jasto chha ni aba ta! Khub chamkeko thiyo ni.

  26. beat the hit and go for the $1000 prize… the date is July 24th, 2009. wish you all the best.

  27. कोरियन सुन्दरीहरुको फोटो यो ब्लगमा नआये हामी कडा र झन सशक्त आन्दोलन गर्नेछौ |
    ब्लगर सर्वोच्चताको यो आन्दोलन फोटो नआउन्जेल सुचारु रहनेछ |

  28. हो हो त्यो त हो……….
    खै कुन्नी कसका कोठा अनि कसका गोजीहरुमा छापा मार्दा बरामद भाको भन्ने पो सुनेको थिये…………….

  29. कोरियन सुन्दरीहरुको फोटो kasai kasaile lukayo bhaneko sunekoho maileta :p

  30. 5000 ko chicken, Lekali noodles, long walk in sun, playing in phewa, it was all wonderful.
    I want to go there again.

  31. हैन हौ कोरियन सुन्दरीहरुको फोटो त देख्दिन नि !!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Come on guys.. this one needs to beat the hits… far better pictures of pokhara and phewa than ‘merry making ‘ .. !

  33. Wow!! Our Nepal is just too beautiful and Ghandruk is mesmerizing.

    Please organize this again during July/August. Probably, I can also join D2 hikers during that time.

  34. 47. Hikers in pretty pink/green shoes… and Is that Mithun’s dancing move he’s demonstrating?

  35. छोटो काहानी
    धेरै पहिला,
    शायद अस्सी – एकासी तिर होला, एक जना दाई ले मोदी मा माछा समाउन खोजेछन। माछा हरु डर् त्राश् ले, यता उता भागन थालेछन। एक छिन् पछी ती दाई हताश भएर, खाली हात फर्केछन।

    पछी थाहा लाग्यो, दाई बिचरा असफल भका हैन रछन, माछा हरु डराएर भागेका हैन रछन, तिनेरु त बयासी तिर पो लागेका रहेछन!!!

    अस्सी, एकासी, बयासी,
    हाम्रा दाई खिस्स दिये हाँसी।

    हे हे हे, , ,

  36. 💡 जाडोयाम मा hiking जाँदा को फाईदा (in terms of clothing overhead and style):
    💡 एका बिहानै गम्म: को Jacket।
    💡 बिहान को ९-१२ बजे सम्म Jacket फुकालो अनी भित्र sweater ओर pullover भयी हाल्छ। hehe..
    💡 And in the afternoon, sweater पनि फुकालो T-SHIRT निस्किन्छ।। hehe..

    1 set लुगा लगएर गयो, पुगी हाल्छ, अनी pictures पनि रङी बिरङी आउने भयो।
    फाईदा नै फाईदा।
    (Try revisiting the pictures, and see if this observation is justified or not..hehe)

  37. 💡 जाडोयाम मा hiking जाँदा को फाईदा (in terms of clothing overhead and style):
    💡 एका बिहानै गम्म: को Jacket।
    💡 बिहान को ९-१२ बजे सम्म Jacket फुकालो अनी भित्र sweater ओर pullover भयी हाल्छ। hehe..
    💡 And in the afternoon, sweater पनि फुकालो T-SHIRT निस्किन्छ।। hehe..

    1 set लुगा लगएर गयो, पुगी हाल्छ, अनी pictures पनि रङी बिरङी आउने भयो।
    फाईदा नै फाईदा।
    (Try revisiting the pictures, and see if this observation is justified or not..hehe)
    😉 NOTE: कोइ पनि T*****C**T को level सम्म पुगेको चाँही देखिएना। 😉

  38. In ghandruk, the ppl there have no effect of load shedding, you might be wondering how the hell did electricity reach there. But they have a small hydropower setup, and is nearly sufficient for them. The trekkers wont have to face load shedding even in such a remote place where at least I didn’t expect. But we didn’t have time to visit the hydropower there.
    Doesn’t that sound great??

  39. To AWSIV

    Thanks AWSIV for the INFO. Have seen the same in sundarijal…

    To One of Hiker

    A video of it, would have added excitement to all those, who have not seen it functioning… its ok.
    If you all win the prize, and go to ghandruk again, make sure u capture some motion of it..hehe

  40. To Mr Sensible,
    I am sorry, we do not took any video clip of the “pani ghatta”. It certainly would have been great if we had taken one.

  41. D2 ma lurking lay-off kuro chha…console garne pani koi chhaina…kasto fasad…he prabhu D2 ko rakshya gara

  42. @ beautiful

    We’ve used the word enlightment like its something that can be explained.
    It is something that is beyond our reach.
    I’ll repeat the words again, “until we get enlightment on self, it is useless to explain the meaning of enlightment. What we try to define is based on books that we’ve read and from some philosopher’s discourses that we’ve listened to and some on personal logics. “

    so better not explain it ….

  43. thanks Viswa for re-refreshing the quote… i’vent yet started smoking but i thought that was the reason… 😀

    @Shangharsha got enlightment:
    🙄 sorry dude but i forgot about the bus (beside our microbus) – of course certainly with headlight on as it was already dark.
    could you help me recall that moment please…

  44. la keshav dai yo hiking le best hiking award payo vane hami feri Ghandruk janu parcha hai ani yahi group ni feri……………. excluding all those HikingPeeditUnion ni!!!!

  45. How can we forget that Shangharsha got enlightment when he turned back for continuing debate and suddenly a bus was beside our micro (certainly with headlight on) 😆

  46. THANKS TO “CheersToMrSensible”….I will try continuing my observations….
    By the way that Anonymous was also me, I forgot to put my name there. (m not plagiarizing..)
    My query to
    “To all people who think this hiking is about groupism!!”

    According to your stats there are good no. of drinkers (8) in the hiking group. But picture no. 17 is advocating that your stats are fake. I could not believe that you meant “COLD DRINK drinkers”.

    महिला मित्र हरु को उपस्थिती ले गर्दा सभ्यता झल्केको पनि हुन सक्छ तर,,जे भये पनि, कहिले काही त चिसो COKE ले पनि ट्रिप दिछ, हैन र? हे हे हे ,,,

    And something about pic 24: Do we have some video clips of this Pani Ghatta. It would be great…

  47. “The more we know, the more we know about how less we know” 🙂 daami sangharsha dai

    ani ask the hikers about how to leave smoking 😉

  48. aru ko pachhadi khada nabhayera ,wife ko pachhadi khada hunu nai thulo kura ho … 😛 for a husband……….. 😀

  49. Some information on pic 24:
    This is an ancient technology for grinding maize, rice, millet etc. This is still in use in many remote places of Nepal. It is called “Pani Ghatta”. The technology make use of energy from flowing water like in turbine. We found the owner of that “Pani Ghatta” sitting nearby basking in sun, and asked about grinding cost. He told i take “a pathi from a muri” meaning 1/20th of the grinded material.

  50. Cheers to Mr. Sensible:
    Pic No 20:
    Behind a successful wife there is loving and caring husband..
    PIC no: 69:
    PINK T-SHIRT लगाउने बहिनी, पछाडि हेर त। त्यो WHITE T-SHIRT लगाउने दाई कस्तो लखतरान परेको। यो उमेर मा यस्तो छ, बुदेशकाल मा झन के होला, हैन??
    NOTE: Extension to my earlier comment:- Behind a successful and “ENERGETIC” wife there is loving and caring and a “TIRED” husband..
    Good job, carry on with your sensibility…

  51. Reply to Awsiv, Bhanu, Keshav:
    Remember… the discussion was still ON while we were in the van.. & how Keshu Baba explained the shifting platform of “Logic”… and Ravi explained the meaning of Enlightenment…
    it was fun…
    the most interesting part of the trip was the discussion on “One Question” while we sat around the fire (17 Camp fire at ghandruk top)…
    thanks to all of the walkers & talkers… specially Keshu, Dhilung, the three ladies (for finally speaking out), Ravi, Suyesh, Bhanu, Kapil (for photography) and everyone whom i’ve missed..

  52. pic no 28
    looks like brotherhood between “KARMA” and “AASTHA”

  53. I would rather say “Behind a gal, there is her guy to make sure she doesn’t fall” 🙂

  54. Tyahi bhayetra chanchune anda khako ho ra 5000 ko kukhura ko anda khako ho
    5000 ko kukhura lai pani kahin Bird flu laagchha ra tyo ta VIP kukhura ho

  55. According to the proof pic no# 50 Kukhura ko maashu pani pwakh sangai khada bird flu lagdaina re ni .

  56. haha…

    For those who don’t know, this discussion actually started with something like : “i don’t mind eating meat – its just an animal instinct”. 🙂

  57. ani ‘manche flue’ bhayeko bhaye , manche le bagh lai jungle ma lakhethyo hola ni…aai ja ma lai kha bhanyera.. :mrgreen: bichara tiger manche lai dekhera bhagthyo hola…….. 🙁

  58. Keshav dai,
    By that time ‘tiger flu’ or some other disease might have been evolved related to tiger and you would be in the side of chicken, as you are in the side of tiger now. 😆 😆

  59. Kas! ‘Boiler Baagh’ ahile vaidiyeko vaye ‘Bird flu’ ko tension hudai na thiyo hola. I am still with ‘Boiler Baagh’ .

    Thanks Awsiv for recalling memory. It was wonderful discussion.

  60. Thanks bishwa,
    for reminding it, we should continue it in some other hikings, i am sure Keshav dai has a lot to explain in the issue.

  61. Malekhu ko discussion kadaaa… thyo 😀

    Baagh haru lai maanchhe le paakeko bhaye … ahile samma “Boiler Baagh” haru paaina thalthyo … eheh


    Cheers to Keshab dai and Bhanu!

  62. PIC no: 69
    PINK T-SHIRT लगाउने बहिनी, पछाडि हेर त। त्यो WHITE T-SHIRT लगाउने दाई कस्तो लखतरान परेको। यो उमेर मा यस्तो छ, बुदेशकाल मा झन के होला, हैन??
    NOTE: Extension to my earlier comment:- Behind a successful and “ENERGETIC” wife there is loving and caring and a “TIRED” husband..

  63. Testo prize paye ta ma pani tesari photo linthe ni… hetteri… testo ukalo bato ma “Ghodchadi” garna paye aaru k chainthyo….. swargiya ananda…. 😛

  64. lekali chow chow jasto mitho chow chow yo sansar ma kunai pani huna sakdaina… aani sanjit dai le pako gift hami sab lai khwayo… muri muri dhanyabad cha… jhandai saas jana lako thyo 😐

  65. Sanjeeeet dai Sanjeet dai
    Kya khaaaa rahe hooooo
    prize mein milaaa Lekali cheu cheu
    Akele chabaa rahe ho

  66. Lava Kafle G le organizing team bata Ghush khaye jasto chha ni. Yettikai tarif garnu bhayena uni haruko Ghotaal pani hernu paryo.

  67. PINK colour को T-SHIRT लगाउने बहिनी, पछाडि हेर त। त्यो सेतो T-SHIRT लगाउने दाई त क्या लखतरान परेको। यो उमेर मा येस्तो छ, बुडेस्काल् मा के होला।
    हे हे Behind a successful wife there is loving, caring and TIRED husband..hehe
    To the administrator:
    The Anonymous Comment above was posted by me “Mr Sensible”. It would have been good if we get some message to continue as anonymous or not. Actually that Anonymous was unintentional.

  68. My query to
    “To all people who think this hiking is about groupism!!”

    According to your stats there are good no. of drinkers (8) in the hiking group. But picture no. 17 is advocating that your stats are fake. I could not believe that you meant “COLD DRINK drinkers”.

    महिला मित्र हरु को उपस्थिती ले गर्दा सभ्यता झल्केको पनि हुन सक्छ तर,,जे भये पनि, कहिले काही त चिसो COKE ले पनि ट्रिप दिछ, हैन र? हे हे हे ,,,

  69. Sanjeet Ji lai prize chai feri ghandruk lagera Ghodchadi garai dinu parla? Ki ke ho sathi haru ho?

  70. Best ever shots!! The featured Picture Mountain with other dazzling, purple tops, and the beauty of actual Fish Tail with twin tails, I never saw myself during my life. Terabytes of thanks to organizer and photographer.

  71. Hike jana napaune le pida pokhera hairan garyo ba…yiniharu lai ta jati bahne pani nalagnne? Pashupati naath le yini haru lai sadbuddi Pradan garun. Kahi navaka dade haru…ali ramro kura ma ta time spend garnu ni.

  72. Khai ta dhilung/keshav bro china, korea or japan bata ta comments aayena ni? Khali D2 kai discussion matra bho ni ?

  73. Haina coordinator nai hamro team ko bhayesi .. hami jo jo jana man lagcha tyo tyo janchu ni ..aru lai k ko tauko dukhai bhaneko ni…. timi haru lai ni testai jane ikchya cha bhane aafno team lead, mangers lai bhannu ni… aaba afule organize gareko hiking ma aafno sathi haru lai na lagi chinnu na jannu aru lai lancha ? yetti kura ko bujna katti garo bhako …

  74. This was best hike and will certainly win Rs.50000 and again we will go for grand hike (50000 ko khashi khane not kukhura) and again HikingPeeditUnion ko kasailai pani na laijaane 😆 😆

  75. Hiking Peedit harulai ali badhi nai peeda bhako jasto cha. Thulo thulo kura po garna thale ba… hiking is for fun not your so damn called Rajniti. Yedi teti nai interest hune bhaye last hike (lele) ma name pathayo??? I’m sure pathayena hola coz it was 1 day hike.. right??? Yesto attitude hune manche lai ta name list ma pare pani nikaldinu parcha, sab group lai ni jhyau lagni manche lagera k kaam?

    It was the BEST HIKE jolle jati sukai khoke pani. Thank you Keshav Dai!!!

  76. well well pragya ra geetika arkai team ko bhanna laaj lagena….timi haru eutai room ma basera kaam garne ani co-worker ni nachinne…k ho yo…group ma basera kaam garna nasakne harule hiking chahi group ma garna sikke chan….good ramailo lagyo …..ani rabi ji ta timesheet ko QC jasto lageko thiyo malai ta

    its because of peoples like you that there are divisions within a single country like madhesi and paahadi….and its because of peoples like you that there are myriad groups in D2 as well….the groupism is flourishing in D2…someone should try to end this…..not to encourage this type of groupism…..the hiking pictures are really beautiful…i must appreciate this…and its also true that the hike will be more intresting if there are close groups together….but i must reckon the fact that our netajis are doing the same…..


    P.S. I have no problems with groupism…just a thought…

  77. AshishT is just an editor. He reviewed the report. He is not the participant.Got it

  78. Participants: PragyaR, PratikshaR, GeetikaJ, KeshavB, BhanuC, SuyeshN, KapilP, RachitN, SangharshaB, KamalK, VishnuK, DineshB, SanjeetV, BishwaS, RaviS, PawanP and DhilungHK

    Report By: PratikshaR, GeetikaJ, PragyaR and AshishT”””””

    look at the participants list and the reporters…………….how can a non participant make a report………… 💡 😯

  79. Hey.. “To all people who think this hiking is about groupism!!”
    Good job on the statistics collection…

  80. yesto saano kura ma Aukaat ko kura lyaule you are too much. timi jasto manchhe lai ta kunai group le pani include gardaina.

  81. Reply to Reply to nirvana
    sakina vanana baru eutai kura timi kati choti vanna lagauchau???timro name list ma parena ta that was ur bad luck. timilai ghandruk le bolako nai rahena cha ta k garchau?so better luck next time hai.

  82. aayo aukat ma .. kei payena bhane “You people are being jealous.” bhanyo sakyo… yesta haru sanga kura garnu nai bekar cha.. bhayeko kura garda ni na hune…

  83. gayeko manche ko ris gareko haina bhai.. na jane manche ko naam include garera list bharnu hunna po bhaneko ni…

  84. reply to Where was PK
    timile tha payena vandaima gayeko manche ko ris kina garchau???ris garnu hunna babu swastha ko lagi hanikarak cha.

  85. reply to Where was PK
    politics hoina, last hour vacancy vayeko thiyo so.FIRST COME FIRST vanne tha chaina murkha???

  86. Aba jabarjasti samabesh garayera ni koi jancha ta.. garnu parne manche lai nagari aru lai garera huncha… btw how much u got for this PK ?

  87. Samabesi ma kahiel najaane pani ta parna sakchha ni. Ahile nepal ko Savasad haru sabai pahila ko samsaad chha ra? Testai ta ho ni samabesi ma jo pani parna sakchha. Hamro kaam ta samabesi garaune ho aba uslai jana mann lagdaina ta jadaina.

  88. It seems dat u guys ve no answer to my question…I just want to say… “CHOR KO KHUTTA KAT”

  89. Can anybody explain why the hiking list consist the names of the people who were actually not joining the hike. Just like Pradhyumna Kumar Shrestha’s name was included in list, while in fact he was not even interested for it. Why his name was included? … I just want to say that plz leave some quotas for those who reply to hiking mail. Lets just not send the hiking mail for formality.

  90. Good Job “To all people who think this hiking is about groupism”. kasaiko himmat chha yo kura ko pratikaar garnne???

  91. Great stats “To all people who think this hiking is about groupism!!”, we ourselves hadn’t thought yeti diversity thyo tyo hiking team ma. Peedit harulai kada answer ho yo, kada, kadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, kadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. 🙄

  92. hareeee shiva….. ghandruk ko kura nagari k red, yellow, green bhanira hola… bichara “Yourfan” timi ta psycho nai bhayo jasto cha red red garda gardai…

  93. thankx.honi hai testo 5 days ko hiking hami le 3 days ma gareko chau.monday morning ma 3 pm ghar pugera 9 pm ma office ma aayeko thiyau hai.himmat cha yesto garne aru kasaiko???

  94. Ho ni ta. Hami pokhara gayera fresh bhayera ta office auna sakeko ni. 3 rat ko nidra 1 rat ma pugayera. 5 din ko hike 2 din ma pura garera ayeko thiyo. Kehi gari hami pokhara gayera fresh nabhaye ta hami kasari sabai bihanai office pugthyou ta. Natra aru 2 days ko hike ma jastai 3-4 jana le ta leave liyi halthe ni.

  95. To all the hikingpeeditunion and their supporters.

    Some real facts about hiking team:

    Department Wise:
    Products: DineshB, KamalK, DhilungK, PratikshaR, PawanP, KeshavB, BhanuC, RachitN
    Services: KapilP, SuyeshN, PragyaR, SangharshaS, BishwaS
    QC: RaviS, SanjeetB
    Intern: GeetikaJ
    Admin: VishnuK
    Data: N/A, No presence due to team Building at same time

    Team Wise:
    OPSYS(OAM): DineshB, KeshavB, BhanuC, RachitN
    PM: KamalK, PratikshaR
    ETL: DhilungK
    D2E: PawanP
    Genomics: KapilP
    Designer: SuyeshN
    IEI: PragyaR, SangharshaS
    Bankserv: BishwaS
    QC: RaviS, SanjeetB
    Admin: VishnuK
    Intern: GeetikaJ (for D2Labs)

    Mountainous: None
    Hilly: 4
    Terai: 7
    Valley: 6

    Type of Hiker :
    Regular Hikers: 8
    Seasonal Hikers: 7
    Rookie: 2

    Other Stats:
    Female Participation: 3 out of 17
    Main Photographers: 4
    Teetotaler: 9, Drinker: 8
    Vegetarian: 2, Non vegetarian: 15

    Isn’t it so called “Samabesi” hiking?

    Any more stats required??????

  96. Thanx to subhachintak but no thanks. Jasle j bhane pani malai khi pharak pardaina. mero khutta katera afulai daro banauna khojne?

  97. red T-shirt is engaged for next 6 birth, u can wait for 7th one… and u should be like salman khan by that time..she hates nana patekar look… quote for Yourfan “parai istri pe budi nazar mat dalo!”..he hehe ..

  98. Bro tesari Sadisuda manchhelai my girl vanne??? Ke bo bro ko chal ta thik chhai na ni!!! Arkako chhada chhadai ko ghar bhadne??

  99. Dear nature lover, 68 was shot by Kesav bro! 🙂

    Ya that is definitely the best capture! gives the real feel of how close the mountains we felt in front of us. They were so close as if they gona fall upon us.

  100. tyo boatin ta hami relax garna gako ho lake ma.ghangruk hiking bata thakera fresh vayera hami voli palta office aako hoina???

  101. aba naya coordinator haru le boating matra gara ra layaunu parcha bhanne path yaha bata siknu parch…boatingk ko tarif dherai hudaicha….

  102. Hey this hiking means a lot to me…. many developers shout slogan for my name to be included in list….
    developer ko jay hos….

  103. Pokhara ko boating bina ta hamro hike suna suna nai hunthyo ni. Specially boat ma suteko ani boat chalayeko ta kahilai nabirsane moments ho ni.

  104. 11,72,21,22 are the best photographs….I give 10/10 to 68….I guess this was by Dhilung….great bro…

  105. KeshavB\’s good management made the hiking more than masti, hikers get a chance for boating at last moment which does a lot to overall hiking…

  106. Meri Gee…. Says:
    January 30th, 2009 at 11:26 pm
    There is one foto missin’ of a girl in front of the fire. The warmth of the burnin’ coal bein’ reflected on her face.
    tyo kun photo ho? ra kasari missing bhayo? i mean paila kaha thiyora? ekchoti bistaar ma bataunu hunthyo ki…

  107. I think you are suffering from colorblindness. Plz consult the doctor ASAP.

  108. I am jhan greater fan of girl with Red Tshirt than YourFan so do not listen to him
    Listen to me
    please give me ur mailing adreess

  109. This is not the hike organized by D2, it is the hike of opsys with all of their team member.

  110. Yeah now i found who the red t-shirt is. I must have seen her in the Korean movie earlier as well.

  111. I strictly agree with u. Please collect the proper information Yourfan before being a fan.

  112. k bidhi ris gareko ho yo HikingPeeditUnion le???eklai eklai pani hiking gainchara!!!!sabai group mai ta janchan ni.timiharu eklai jana khojdo rahechau ta jahile pani excluded hudorahechau ta hiking list bata.

  113. Dear Red Level,

    “Journey is a book and who does not travel read only a page” and Ms. Agashi was just another page to me, this is how I see the thing.

    You are not seeing the right thing there, see happy face of Agashi so I think I am not Budeshkal, if I was, she would not feel pleasure standing closely with me, my dee!

    The most beautiful outcome of this hiking has especial teachings.

    A whole day work,

    Whole night travel without proper sleep (may be some breaking naps),

    And almost whole day challenging walks even without a substantial lunch,

    Was an unfolding truth that if people wanted they can do amazing things!

    And no complaints and no demands!

    It was the example of Individuality in Equality and Equality in Individuality-Doing is beginning –let us do it.

    Moreover, please no hard-feelings, who could not be with us for this time, it is just the matter of time, when time permits us we can go for Khasa and Ghanduk even beyond that.

    If, we set same mind for same directions, that will lead us toward an aspiration.

    Nonetheless, Budeshkal means who cannot follow day to day activities with regularity- and I was able to follow the activities with demanding pace- see I am not Budeshkal yet may be in due course!

    And also my right hand was holding a Darho Lauro too!
    Cheers as always!

  114. Shutterbug Rating
    Creative Shot : ’44 Chamatkari baba got enlightment’
    Perfect Shot : ’21 Who can paint better than Nature’
    Journalistic Shot : ‘ 26 It`s all for my family’
    Nature’s Best Shot : ’12 The After Life’
    Interesting Shot : ’17 Campfire at Ghandruk top’
    Well Composed Shot : ’53 Electricity source’, ’66 Hiunchuli’, ’72 Smiling with silver teeth’ & ‘ 90 Shooting each other’
    Best Portrait :
    Best Landscape : ’22 This is Ghandruk’ ’16 The railings were made to prevent the animals falling off’
    Prize Winning Shot : ’21 Who can paint better than Nature’ & ‘ 68 Annapurna ko Phedima’

    Happy to see many ‘Shutterbugs’ in this trip. Keep clicking!!

  115. Bravo – Hiking Team, After 8 hrs sleepless night journey, Everyone saw so cool & Fresh. This was impossible with out Team Spirit.

    This was the best Team & The Best hiking.

  116. Many many thanks to Keshav dai for co-ordinating the hike.
    It was superb and adventerous hike. Great team and spontaneous route.

  117. Seems like you guys are enjoying the nature..Ghandruk is really a peaceful place ..I had been there once when I was in my +2…thanks for recalling my memories back.

  118. Great pics, must have been a photographer’s heaven.
    Ghandruk, I will there someday soon. 😉

    PIC 58 Is that bearded vulture? –>Great capture.

  119. wow! hikers are same as me.. difference between them is only they carry less than me… i am more lucky coz i have this hike many times…. 😛

  120. The process to be the member of HikingPeeditUnion are as follows:
    1) Don’t send your names in 1 day hike. :mrgreen:
    2) Write pointless “eye-catching” comments so that you get noticed. 😡
    3) You should not be close to any group, natra name aai halthyo ni 🙂 i.e you should be “ekalkate”!!

  121. ha ah aha a… even blind man can co-oridinate the hike? 💡 …. 😀 😀 😆 , see back of him..who are the team members…himself standing with help of stick… 😆 😆

  122. All of you hiking peedits can have gone to ‘Hiking in Lele” organized in Feb 1 2009. There were ample seats. Khali aru ko hiking ko barema jealous bhayera k hunchha ra???
    Payeko ma najane ramailo ma matrai aankha laune???
    Jealousy ali badi bhayena ra??

  123. Rumour says same coordinator is planning for Muktinath hike
    and we hope next hike will not repeat Ghandruk
    so there should be some name from HikingPeeditUnion
    Lets join this union so that we will make our voice much more strong and each hike should include member from this union

  124. hiking is always groupism .. see the mail of lele hike .
    kura na milne manchhe lai lagera ke kaam ..
    ali kura milne milne sanga po jane ta .. feri aru lai lagyo bichho bato mai hinna sakdina vanla ..
    bekkar ma ako vannn la .. ali kich kich hunchha kya ..
    so groupism ta hunai parcha hiking ma …

  125. If the hike was run by taking single person from each group then how would this hike be so interesting. Every person would have been in his own and no one would have enjoyed the hike. We should have to form groups to enjoy the hike. Groups are better than a single person.

  126. I absolutely agree with HikingPeeditUnion and want to be the member of this union
    What is the process 😀

  127. This hike was great example of groupism and politics
    See the name of hikers list in mail and see participant some name which was not in list gone for Hike….
    Groupism murdabaad politics murdabaad single team hiking murdabaad

  128. One of the hiker,
    Testo ramailo hiking chahi aafu matrai jane ki kyaho? Hami janu paidaina….? 👿 👿

  129. For Pic 67…
    I absolutely agree to the sentence.. The caption should have been different than this. 🙁

  130. I am honored to get chance to coordinate another similar hiking. Thank you Rudra Dai. I am thankful to friends, who make this hiking one of its kinds by participating and giving us good wises who miss out. Thank you all.

  131. Best Hiking, Best Co-ordinator, Best Pictures. Thanks to all our hiking team members…kada hai 😉 !

  132. Well,

    Just Incredible, wonderful, marvelous, Awesome! I must say this hiking best pictures the real beauty of Nepal. It reminds me of those days when we were trekking at night through banthanti and nayathanti on the way to Ghorepani.

    Pic 66 and 77 of Hiunchuli to the right and Annapurna South is just great. One day i just hope to trek the line connecting the two.

  133. Awesome pictures!!! Everyone wants to go to Ghandruk at least once now …..for sure 🙂
    Some of the portrait obsession are breathtaking!!! good job, photographer!!!

  134. There is one foto missin’ of a girl in front of the fire. The warmth of the burnin’ coal bein’ reflected on her face.

  135. tanha dil tanha afar….. loved it (38)…………..
    n yeee u r a devil…. deep down inside(42)
    n we really needed tht….. something famous …after india stole \”the birth place of buddha\” from us…… (61)

  136. I had already seen most of these photographs in facebook, but I could not stop myself from writing a comment here too.
    All the photographs are awesome. My most favorites are: 2,5,7,16,21-27, 46,48,60,85 and 98.
    I wish I was still there and I could go to such beautiful places too.. …

  137. thank u keshav dai for organizing this hiking. we enjoyed very much hoina ta?n i neva forget this 1st hiking of my life. thankx

  138. yo ta purai groupism vayo hai ..
    Khasha ko ma pani testai
    Ghandruk ko ma pani testai ….
    tada tada hiking jada ta yesso hamilai pani paalo dinu ni aafnu team ko chai sabai member rakhne yesto ni hunchaa …
    aba dekhi two days hiking banda garnu parchha yesto groupism badi vayo vani aru le ta janai paudainan….

  139. Vishnu dai, ke yo umer ma keti lai samatnu bhayeko hola!, pakai pani adesh ko lagi hola 💡 , tyo bhanda ramro baru majbut lauro lai samatnu ni… 😀

  140. Great hiking…seems like every group members enjoyed this hike to th fullest….see all the pictures…how everyone is smiling…….i also agree that there is groupism everywhere….even in hikings like this…but this hiking would not have been so exciting if even a member of this hike was no there…..great hiking …….for those who were left out….cry shout \”GROUPISM\” i bet no one will listen to you……..

  141. No. 74::: Dum maro Dum……….. Mit Jaye Gum…………..Bolo Subhs Sam………Hare Krisna Hare Ram………!!!!

  142. Hell!!!!! Why I left Nepal. I can’t believe my country has such a beautiful place. You guys are luck to be there. I am coming back……

  143. hey u guys had loads of fun …i am envy with u …photos are very nice . i felt like i was also there… donkey with gas cylinder …bichara …kahile socheko hola usle gas boknu perla bhanera .poor fellow.

    this is perfect travel journal .

    very nice.thank u team …

  144. Truely a masterpiece, majestic and scientillating scenes..
    Those are insane nepelese who go abroad for the quest of scenery..our beautiful country is loaded
    with them …some are explored and some yet to be discovered….thanks for whoever did this job
    Going through these pictures one feels….WOW its beautiful and SHIT to miss it

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