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Bike Rider from Koteshwor to Dolalghat

Date : January 3, 2009
Destination : Dolalghat
Duration : Around 10 hrs
Distance covered : 120 Kms
Participants : ArbindK(Pillion), AsimK(Pillion), BimalK(Rider), BirajS(Rider), DeepakM(Pillion), GaneshT(Rider), NawarajA(Pillion), RajivS(Pillion), SauravT(Rider), ShrawanS(Rider), SureshG(Rider)
Report : NawarajA
Photo : Team
Caption : GaneshT/ShrawanS/SureshG
Creative support: PallaviS/DijupT

Continuing the tradition of hiking atD2, the enthusiastic hikers were eager to move on for a yet another hike despite the unavailability of the microbus. The hikers proposed for biking cum hiking this time around. GaneshT and SauravT went to every department to inform the enthusiasts about the event, a first of its kind in D2, after sending emails to all concerned late friday.

Even though it was still foggy and chilly on the Saturday morning, all the enthusiastic hikers did manage to gather by 8:30 at Koteshwor. BimalK couldn’t refrain himself from being part of the event and was the first to arrive in Koteshor. By the time all of us reached Kotesor, Bimal was already complaining that he had waited for about half an hour. All of us then had tea and some “Jeri” in a small sweets shop at the koteshor chowk. We had hoped to see Siris until we left but he didn’t turn up.

It was a long way to go ahead and we were already late. Ganesh suspected that the fuel in his bike would not sufficient so we had to halt for refuelling at Suryabinayak. Rajeev had also joined by then. Many riders refuelled their bikes in Suryabinayak and it was not more than a while when Suresh asked everybody to have their bikes reconditioned with brakes and all so as to keep oneself safe. Somebody asked Bimal to have a look into the engine and Saurav started to open up the screws himself.

It was already 9:30,the road was still foggy and there was no sign of sunshine. We hadn’t had a good breakfast till then, and Bimal suggested that we would have one at Sanga. The bikers were all set to ride again with their pillions. There were altogether 6 bikes with 6 riders and 5 pillions. The road was not so occupied and and it was good enough for a biker, so not caring for breakfast everyone moved on till we reached Banepa. Saurav was telling that he was hungry, but it was decided that we would have “Chierua and Masu” at Sharmila’s in 0 km.

With the hope of having breakfast soon enough, every rider hurried towards Sharmila’s. Shrawan was concerned that we had a controlled ride from thereonwards since the roads would soon get narrowed. But he himself was the one who was riding the bike as if it was an aeroplane along with Ganesh and Suresh . Deepak was so excited that he even didn’t notice that he had lost his cap already. Poor Saurav and others were waiting at Sharmila’s to have breakfast. They waited for five minutes and Bimal suggested that they should move forward.

It was already 11 when the first three riders with their pillion reached Dolalghat. Suresh said that he hadn’t had such a ride for a long time and Shrawan was moving here and there in search for a good place to eat. Finally others arrived too and we sat in a restaurant for fried fish, Chicken and Chieura. Biraj and Arvind had found Deepak’s cap on their way. In the mean time we were also searching for the school for distributing the copies we carried but poor us we could not find any open school since it was a Saturday.

Having finalized the peak to ascend, every one of us started to climb it once we crossed the bridge. We had a hike of about half an hour when we had a panoramic view near the river. It was almost a unanimous decision to move towards the river. Soon we were found enjoying ourselves in the cold water. Suresh couldn’t resist himself from swimming in the river and at once he was seen rolling himself on the sandy bank. Some of the hikers went to see the Shooting of a Bhojpuri movie. It was Asim and Rajeev who lead that particular team. We enjoyed ourselves there for some time.

We were all set to have our lunch and it was finalized that even though we hadn’t had breakfast at Sharmila’s, we would be having our lunch there. Shrawan told that we had speeded enough and Bimal would now take the lead with 40 km/hr at max. But it was no surprise to see Bimal himself breaking the speed limit. Soon we were at Sharmila’s. I don’t know whether we were that hungry or the chicken/mutton/rice and vegetable was so tasty that made us eat so much. We rested for some time after lunch and once again we were ready to have another 50 kms ride back to Kathmandu. Asim was in no mood to return to Kathmandu only and was insisting to take us to Malekhu instead.

The road was such a beauty once we reached Dhulikhel that the pillions also were really eager to have a ride and the bikers were in no mood to leave their ride. Shrawan finally let Rajeev be the rider and opted to be a pillion but it did not stop him from suggesting Rajeev to speed up and slow down. We kept on taking short breaks and moving forwards. Rajeev volunteered to take us to Thimi for having some mouth watering dishes for snack. We had a light snack at Thimi and it was already dark when we all departed for our homes from Thimi. It was finally the end of a fun filled biking/hiking experience and everyone was completely free from stress after such a wonderful trip. I felt privileged to be a part of such a biking event and hope the trend gets continuity.

  Who are these ppl
01 Who are these ppl
02 Fueling
 Afno ta kaam nai thokney ho yaar
03 Afno ta kaam nai thokney ho yaar
 Different engines
04 Different engines
 Wait Guys.. I seem to be kidnapped...
05 Wait Guys.. I seem to be kidnapped…
 Preparing for Long Coverage...
06 Preparing for Long Coverage…
 Rearchitecture prevails
07 Rearchitecture prevails
 Fields on the way
08 Fields on the way
09 Ways
 Jamming in Dolalghat
10 Jamming in Dolalghat
 Endless way
11 Endless way
 Lets see if I can ride it
12 Lets see if I can ride it
 Optimization Team member...Always wants to optimize way....
13 Optimization Team member…Always wants to optimize way….
 Team preparing
14 Team preparing
 Rajiv Singing ...Engine gaadi maa...
15 Rajiv Singing …Engine gaadi maa…
 Wait Dudes...I m Thirsty....
16 Wait Dudes…I m Thirsty….
 Aaba kati taada cha   Dai.....
17 Aaba kati taada cha Dai…..
 High aims
18 High aims
 I guess I can now fly
19 I guess I can now fly
 babal hiniyo yaar.. aba ta ek inch pani hindina
20 babal hiniyo yaar.. aba ta ek inch pani hindina
 Come on Guys...This seems to be shortest one...
21 Come on Guys…This seems to be shortest one…
 Yo hiking bhanda ta 1T data transfer garna sajilo yaar
22 Yo hiking bhanda ta 1T data transfer garna sajilo yaar
 Careful man
23 Careful man
 Beauty of Dolalghat....
24 Beauty of Dolalghat….
 A movie in the making
25 A movie in the making
 Kurkure Break...
26 Kurkure Break…
 Daami Pose diye chau ni....
27 Daami Pose diye chau ni….
 Gentle Smile...
28 Gentle Smile…
 Guess who is our trailblazer
29 Guess who is our trailblazer
 Where are the most promising hikers
30 Where are the most promising hikers
 Sliding on tired way...
31 Sliding on tired way…
 Still long way to go..
32 Still long way to go..
 Coming down.. in a sunny day...
33 Coming down.. in a sunny day…
 Here's the solution of loadshedding..
34 Here’s the solution of loadshedding..
 Jaal Devata (Water God..)
35 Jaal Devata (Water God..)
 Krazzy Sandman...
36 Krazzy Sandman…
 Tough Ways...
37 Tough Ways…
 Local kids
38 Local kids
 Wait Kids...Look on the side too while walking on highways....
39 Wait Kids…Look on the side too while walking on highways….
 Wake up buddies..We got lots of water for Power Generation...
40 Wake up buddies..We got lots of water for Power Generation…
 Yeti meetho basna ki bokra suddai khau jasto lagyo....
41 Yeti meetho basna ki bokra suddai khau jasto lagyo….
 Concentrating to capture whole team..
42 Concentrating to capture whole team..
 Highway stars
43 Highway stars
 Long way to go
44 Long way to go
45 Shadows
 The country side
46 The country side
47 Waiting
 We believe in liberation
48 We believe in liberation

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  1. how do u call us shameless when you’ve posted some personal pictures… i agree with it freak, zephyr, and agree with IT freak. where the hell have you posted any team work details. if you want to call this site a personal site, then we will treat it accordingly. but if you want eu to be a social site then make sure you have the right content.

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  2. “Beautiful and expressive photos……” πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜› πŸ˜› 😯 😯 ❓ ❓

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  4. Ya, It would be good if ppl post few but creative and interesting pictures. If everyone started to post ‘picnic’ stuffs than nobody will be interested in wasting their time….

  5. i agree with IT FREAK.. it is more from personal album kinda stuff.. however its a free world. but should maintain the standards of EU for photo quality. didnt like any of the photos.

  6. Pallavi, now that you’ve seen ‘boy’s day out’ pictures post some ‘girls eve out’ pictures in return…. πŸ˜‰

  7. Shutterbug‘s Pictures Rating

    Creative Shot : ’45 Shadows’
    Hilarious Shot : ’05 Wait Guys.. I seem to be kidnapped’ & ’34 Here’s the solution of loadshedding’
    Lazy Shot : ‘Many’
    Interesting Shot : ’25 A movie in the making’
    Well Composed Shot : ’43 Highway stars’

    Hikers and Riders!! I know the ‘Best shot’ is those great moments you guys have had on the road, down the hill.

  8. @ To IT Freak: “adopt change” I don’t get you… what kinda change… the change of seeing your personal photo album?? thanks for caring abt my health.. u take care abt urs

  9. We have to adopt change in life sometime and Trust me that it is very good for health. Lets respect the moments they spent together with fun in the friendly environment. Hats off for you all guys !!! and ofcourse to you to IT-Freak… πŸ™‚

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    we do not want to read what to did or how you did it. we are here for the sole purpose of looking @ some good photography.

    do i make myself clear.


  11. It Freak, it was the most creative trip ever organized in History. u do not get meaning of pics do you?

  12. Great Passion !!!! I afraid, what was the temperature of the water …. 😯 Pic 29 seems great mission based hiking “On the Road, Down The Hills” Lots of Fun, Fear and innocence in the pics…Good Job …
    Cheers Guys !!!

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