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Lava Kafle

Hiker Rank9Hike Count45
Hike DateDestination Title
08/28/2016Squad A’s Two Days Hike To Bandipur
11/08/2015Kanakot Hiking
06/21/2015Hiking for a Social Cause
07/27/2014Hiking from JaharsinghPauwa to Jhule
04/26/2014Hiking from Lapsi Phedi to Tea Garden via Jarsing Pauwa
04/06/2014Hiking from Panga to Pharping via Taudaha
11/03/2013Hiking from Godavari to Lakuri Bhanjyang
03/17/2013Hiking from Thankot to Kirtipur
12/08/2012Hiking from Banepa to Gosai Sthan
11/17/2012Hiking from Tile Ghar to Bhim Dhunga via Chhatre Deurali
11/11/2012Hiking from Deurali to Thankot via Daman
11/04/2012Hiking from Godavari to Lamatar via Lakuri Bhanjyang
10/07/2012Hiking from Dakshinkali to Chhaimale
09/02/2012Hiking from Gaindakot to Maula Kalika
08/05/2012Hiking from Ramkot to Kaji Kalu Pandey Park
07/29/2012Hiking from Telkot to Nagarkot
03/07/2012Hiking from Changu Narayan to Nagarkot
02/18/2012Hiking from Besisahar to Ghale Gaun
02/12/2012Hiking from Dhulikhel to Changu Narayan
11/20/2011Hiking from Okharpauwa to Tileghar via Naubise
04/18/2010Hiking from Battar to Nuwakot Durbar
03/14/2010Hiking from Palung to Daman
11/08/2009Hiking from Telkot to Nagarkot
08/15/2009Hiking from Chautara to Maidan
08/09/2009Hiking from Surya Vinayak to Banepa
05/17/2009Hiking from Changu Narayan to Nagarkot via Telkot
03/01/2009Hiking from Lubu to Lakuri Bhanjyang via Panauti
11/23/2008Hiking from Kanakot to Thankot via Chitlang Bhanjyang
11/09/2008Hiking from Kapan to Tarebhir via Shanistar
08/10/2008Hiking from Thankot to Matatirtha via Chitlang Bhanjyang
06/21/2008Hiking from Khawa to Thulo Patal
05/25/2008Hiking from Panchkhal to Dolalghat
05/18/2008Hiking from Chapagaun to Saraswoti Kunda
12/02/2007Hiking from Nag Dhunga to Naubise via Masine Gaun
09/30/2007Hiking from Chaukot to Dhulikhel via Kavre
07/15/2007Hiking from Ramkot to Amitabha Monastery
07/08/2007Hiking from Daman to Simbhanjyang
05/06/2007Hiking from Budhanilkantha to Shivapuri
04/29/2007Hiking from Bajrabarahi to Lakuri Bhanjyang
03/04/2007Hiking from Jagati to Lubu via Lakuri Bhanjyang
12/31/2006Hiking from Pharping to Chhamle Bhanjyang via Simpani
12/24/2006Hiking from Godavari to Lakuri Bhanjyang via Gundu
12/10/2006Hiking from Panchmane to Jhor
09/17/2006Hiking from Panauti to Godavari via Naya Gaon and Phulchowki
08/06/2006Hiking from Sundarijal to Gagalphedi