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DSS – CR & President Hike to Simba Fall from Manikhel


Manikhel – Simba Falls

Date 3rd April, 2022
Duration 4 hours
Coordinator Sarak Dangol and Rakshit Dahal
Participants Sarak Dangol, Pravat Dhakal, Madhu Sudhan Bhusal, Anup Budhathoki, Nirmal Kumar Paudel, Samyo Hangma Rai, Youbraj Aryal, Laxman Jari, Suraj Khanal, Santosh Shah, Ishan Adhikari, Umanga Khatiwada, Subham Regmi, Dhendoup Sherpa, Avarna Shrestha, Grishma Upreti, Manisha Gurung, Sayara Aryal, Meemansha Acharya, Suprabha Thami, Adhit Upadhyay, Prasun Regmi, Parikshit Maharjan, Eshan Upadhayay, Aashoutoush Pudasaini, Apurbha Adhikari, Dhiru Shah, Utsav Gautam, Jubin Maharjan, Binaya Rijal, Kabin Rijal, Pawan Paudel. 
Report By Rakshit Dahal
Photos By Manisha Gurung, Laxman Jari and Samyo Hangma Rai
Creative Support Kiran Parajuli

Rakshit Dahal

Report Writerhhnfghngjh

Hello All,

The beautiful morning of 3rd April, 2022 our excitement knew no bounds and a couple of my friends and I gathered at the High School Block at 7 AM. Most of our teachers and friends had already gathered and it felt great to see everyone so hyped. Our bus left at 7:45 AM and Bhojpuri songs started to warm up our dancing skills and within the first 2 minutes of Kamariya, we all were already on the dance floor. We headed towards Lalitpur and through Chapagaun we arrived at Lele and due to some road issues we had to divert. Every hike has made us experience new things, previously we managed traffic and this time we had to clear out some rocks that were an obstacle to our ride. It felt good to finally get some dirt in our hands.

We reached Manikhel after a really long ride, almost 4 hours. The road was small and unpitched but the view was breathtaking. The weather was bright and sunny and the hills were covered with Rhododendrons, it almost felt like a huge red blanket was covering a green hill. We had some light lunch that included chana, sel roti and tea. We also gathered some supplies for the rest of our hike. Off we went, the hike started by crossing a long suspension bridge. Some of our teachers decided to have a little adventure. Nirmal sir, Madhu sir, Youbraj sir and Santosh sir took a detour through the green lands and climbed up to the middle of the suspension bridge. The locals were filled with hospitality and everyone was kind to us. The locals helped us determine our timing to reach Simba Falls.

After a 20 minute plain walk we were soon greeted with stairs, we climbed up the stairs for around 30 minutes and then the extreme route started. We were walking just beside the water streams but as the monsoon season ended, we didn’t have to worry about dangerous streams nor leeches. But the trail was getting harder, we were walking on a steep hill with a very narrow passage. It was clear that the trail had not been used by people in a while. In some places we needed friends to pull us up. To give you an idea of how steep the trail was , there’s a saying in English used by locals most of the time , “One miss, game finish”, one misstep and you would have probably fallen 20 ft below. However, the extreme trail made the hike more fun. If you’re a person who loves green hills and pure waters, you should definitely try this hike. After climbing a steep hill for 1 hour 45 minutes we reached Simba Falls. Due to weather conditions we weren’t greeted with a huge waterfall but a small one. But the water was not disappointing, it was refreshing and cold. The hike had completely dehydrated us and Simba Falls was a boon from the gods. The hike’s experience was overall an outstanding experience. Not only did we enjoy nature, but we also gathered a lot of experiences and memories with our teachers and friends. The trail had given us an opportunity to understand and bond well with each other. Now it was time to say goodbye to the beautiful Simba Falls and descend. Whilst descending some of us decided to choose a different route, while some of the hikers came down the same route they went up. We chose to follow the path that the river chose. We were jumping from one rock to the other with Suraj sir right behind us. We made it a bit late but we did have our own little adventure.

We got back on our bus, although the hike was tough we were not exhausted. We still had a little room for chit – chats. By 9:00 PM we reached Lete Thakali, had our dinner, reached the school premises at around 9:30 PM, dropping off some of our friends along the way and the hike to Simba Fall finally ended. It was a great experience bonding with other club presidents’ as well as the club advisors, especially the teachers who do not teach us. Looking forward to yet another memorable and exciting hike like this!