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Hike to Manungkot

RouteKathmandu – Muglin – Damauli Bazar – Manungkot
Date24th December – 25th December, 2022
Hiking Duration2 days
CoordinatorShashwot Upreti and Shambhav Acharya
ParticipantsAnuradha Thapa, Nirnaya Dangol,Rojen Maharjan,Sejal Shrestha,Bipashree Aryal,Chadani Thapa,Brihat Lamichhaney,Prayatna Mishra,Jenish Shrestha,Avipsha Shahi,Kushal Aryal,Kristina Maharjan,Nishesh Thakuri,Hariram Khadka,Aaraj Bhattarai,Prashant Neupane,Samil Shrestha,AabiskarShrestha,ShambhavAcharya,Shashwot Upreti
Creative SupportNuraj Rimal
Kristinamaharjan 2022bca 2
Kristina Maharjan

On the 24th and 25th of December, 2022, the hiking club organized a two-day hike to Manungkot, Damauli, Tanahun. There were a total of 19 students and one admin.

Everyone gathered at the college premises at 7.30 AM, and we left the premises at 8:00 AM on the school bus. The route to Manungkot was long. We took a break in the middle of the journey for lunch. The music and gossip entertained everyone. After we reached Damauli, we started our hike. The hiking was tiring as well as fun. The hiking journey was a roller coaster. It was a straight climb and on top of that, the path was not clear, and we had to make our own path and climb up the hill. One of the students lost their way and got stuck in the middle of nowhere. It took about half an hour to rescue. We stopped and took pictures on our way to the destination from time to time. The view was peaceful and breathtaking. Finally, after a long hike, we reached the top and had our dinner. The barbeque and dinner were delicious. We danced, sang, and had a lot of conversations with each other.

The next day, we woke up at 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM to see the view. We were literally above the clouds. It was amazing and so peaceful. We went down the hill to see the more beautiful sight. There were a lot of people that came for the view. We went to the view point and clicked a lot of photos and videos.

The hike was memorable and beautiful. Everyone enjoyed themselves and got to interact with one another.

Thank You