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Hike to Khopasi

Route Khopasi >> Ladkeshwor Mahadev Temple >> Khopasi
Date Jan 25, 2020
Coordinator Depenti Karki
Participants Ajaya Chapagai, Ajaya Puri, Anib Manandhar, Anjan Gurung, Bibhushan Jha, Bishwas Dahal, Depenti Karki, Ganesh Bahadur Karki, Kamal Pokharel, Prabin Gyawali, Praveen Shrestha, Preksha Shukla, Ranjan Khadka, Shyaby Thakuri
Report By Anjan Gurung, Ganesh Bahadur Karki
Photos By Bibhushan Jha, Preksha Shukla
Creative Support Bibek Adhikari, Swornim Bhattarai

Anjan GurundAnjan Gurung
I was excited for the day of January 25, 2020, as I was going for a hike after such a long and hectic schedule. Squad B opted for a one-day hike to Ladkeshowr Mahadev Temple. Initially, we were supposed to gather at the Deerwalk premises at 6 am, but it was rescheduled to 7:30 am (informed the last moment), and the fun fact Some of us reached the Deerwalk premises at 6 am. Kudos to the punctual ones.

It was around 8 am when we left Deerwalk premises in a micro-van, and along the way, we picked up all the participants. We had our breakfast at Banepa around 9:30 am and headed to Khopasi. We reached the Khopasi Suspension bridge at around 10 am, which was the starting point of our hike. After a few minutes of walking, we came across a jungle. We had some photoshoot there as directed by Kamal Dai.

On the way, we came across the suspension bridge again. Little did we know there were more suspension bridges on our path. On the way, we had some bit of dance in the middle of the road, and once again, Kamal Dai became the DJ. After a few hours of walking, we started seeing some devotees on the way. We knew we were close to our destination. After walking for a while, we reached Ladkeshowr Mahadev Temple, which was located at the side of the river. Everyone took some rest at the side of the river, did some photoshoot, and worshipped at the temple. Before leaving the temple, we did a group photoshoot, and we were on our way to the resort where we had reserved lunch.

The most challenging part of the hike was our way to the resort. After leaving the temple, we started our walk up through the steep hill, and with the scorching sun on us, most of us were really exhausted while walking through the steep hill. After two hours of walking, we reached a village where we had Pomelo a.k.a Bhogate with a bit of salt and chilly. I guess it took away all the tiredness of us. We left the village, and after 20 minutes of walk, we were following Google Maps en route to the resort, but it led us to the wrong path, and we reached someone’s house in the middle of nowhere.

Finally, after figuring out we knew where we had to go, we moved on. As we moved along, we passed trees, rivers along with a lush environment, the environment was so quiet and blissful. The only thing loud was we hikers singing in harmony. For me, it was the best trail as it was neither too uphill nor too downhill. After walking for a few hours finally, we reached the resort. All were exhausted and hungry. We had our lunch there, and we took some rest. We had one group playing cards and another group taking a power nap on the roof.

We left the resort around 4:00 pm, and we reached Khopasi in about 30 minutes, where our micro-van was waiting for us. The hike was over, but the fun continued throughout the way home.

My one-day hike to Ladkeshowr Mahadev Temple was a wonderful experience. More wonderful was the companionship of my colleagues. I convey my regards, and I am heartily thankful to Depenti Karki for coordinating the hike and also to Deerwalk for providing me with such an opportunity.

GaneshGanesh Bahadur Karki
On Saturday, January 25, 2020, Squad B organized a hike to Ladkeshwor Mahadev Temple. We left the Deerwalk premises at around 8 am and picked some hikers on the way. We all decided to eat breakfast at Banepa. After breakfast, we headed to Kopasi, which was our starting point of the hike. We started hiking at around 10 am.

This would be a different experience as the starting point of our hike was a suspension bridge. Not just one or two, there were about 4 suspension bridges along the way. After a tiresome week from the city’s noise and pollution, it was peaceful to be far and spend some time in nature.

After some hours of walking, we reached Ladkeshwor Mahadev Temple, which was very close to the river. The trail was busy as there were lots of people on that day, and mostly devotees who came to pay a visit to the god and goddesses.

After a long walk, we all were tired and hungry. So, wasting no time further, we marched to the hotel where we had ordered our lunch. The route was rather easier till now, but little did we know that a tough hill way was laughing at us. However, the chirping sound of birds and the smell of nature helped us move forward.

On the route of our hike, we enjoyed the scenery and captured some in our cameras and all in our memories. Finally, after some hard and sweaty walk, we reached the hotel at the top of a hill from where we could see a birds-eye view of Balthali. After lunch, we took some photos and then more. Finally, more photos again since the view from there was so dazzling.

Then, we moved to our final destination, where our vehicle was waiting for us. This was the end of our memorable hike. I would like to thank all the companions for making this hike a memorable one.