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Hike to Dhap Dam

RouteSundarijal – Mulkharka – Dhap Dam
Date12th March 2023
Hiking Duration10 Hours
CoordinatorBijaya Shrestha
ParticipantsAbhay Manandar, Ankit Puri, Anuradha Thapa, Ashray Baral, Hariram Khadka, Kohinoor Shrestha, Pranav Dahal, Pranaya Shrestha, Pranita Karki, Prayas Joshi, Prince Raj Panday, Prithvi Khawas, Rojen Maharjan, Shambhav Acharya, Shashwot Upreti, Sneha shrestha, Sudip Regmi, Sushovan Khanal
Report ByAnuradha Thapa
Photos ByAbhay Manandar
Creative SupportNuraj Rimal
Anuradha Thapa Reporter 1
Anuradha Thapa

Hello all,
The hiking club scheduled a one-day hike to Dhap Dam on 9th April,2023. Around 7:05 a.m., we arrived at the Deerwalk complex.

We departed from the college premises at 7:35 am and had breakfast at 8:10 am at Sundarijal. At 8:50 am, The coordinator began to provide noodles and juice for energy. The hike began at 9:15 am after the group acquired tickets from the entrance. Then we had a short break at 10:30 am to gather and have a conversation after walking for about an hour. At 12:47 pm, the group asked locals about the duration of the hike and learned that there was a shorter route, which we were not aware of. This caused frustration due to exhaustion from the sun, and we were unable to find any shops until we saw a stall.

We took a rest after a little while and had some food at the stall, but afterwards, we learned that the stall had run out of water. At 1:46 pm, we finally reached the destination and took a deep breath. We found the destination to be completely worth the effort.

Around 2:17 pm, we enjoyed noodles and juice while admiring the view and taking pictures. Then we headed back at 2:40 pm and took a short break at 4:09 pm due to tiredness and hunger. We had a conversation about how long it would take to return, and finally, after walking for a long time, we saw the point from where the hike began. The group was happy and relieved to see the hike come to an end at 6:20 pm. We reached dinner point at 7:11 pm before returning home.

Overall, the hiking trip was challenging, but the beautiful scenery and destination made it worthwhile for the group.

Thank You !

Reported by: Anuradha Thapa