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Hike to Dakshinkali

Route Pharping >> Dakshinkali
Date August 24, 2019
Hike Duration 2 hours
Coordinators Prayusha Acharya and Yushan Bhattarai
Participants Adip Thapaliya, Ashutosh Acharya, Ason Gautam, Ayush Basnet, Bibek Adhikari, Bijaya Poudel, Charu Arjyal, Chhimi Tamang, Chitra Tamang, Dhurba Basaula, Jeevan Sapkota, Kriti Rajbhandari, Madhusudan Bhusal, Prashant Shrestha, Prayusha Acharya, Rupesh Tamang, Sashank Karmacharya, Sarthak Pradhanang, Saujanya Sharma, Saurav Dhakal, Shardul Lamichhane, Sheenen Dorje Lama, Ujjwal Poudel, Yushan Bhattarai
Report By Prayusha Acharya
Photos By Dhurba Basaula / Yushan Bhattarai
Video By Jeevan Sapkota
Creative Support Bidish Acharya

Prayusha Acharya Prayusha Acharya
A hike for Grade XII was scheduled and organized by the hiking club on August 24, 2019. Thinking about the fun and memories we are going to make that day, we had an adrenaline rush. So, we couldn’t be late and we gathered around Deerwalk premises at 8:30 AM sharp. The bus departed at 9 AM with 20 students and 4 teachers.

Going along the streets of Ratnapark, Tripureshwor and Kirtipur, we reached Chobhar. We realized that Taudaha was on our way and we must explore it. We convinced our teachers, got off the bus, got the tickets and started to admire the beauty around the lake. The lake was bigger than we thought and we could walk circle around the lake. A lot of people there were selling soybean chunks so that we could feed them to the fishes in the lake. We bought some packets and fed the gold fishes and black fishes which came in overwhelming groups to get their food. We could also see several flock of ducks floating in the lake. Commending the beauty of that scene, we got back to our buses and headed towards Pharping.

We got off the bus and after 15-20 minutes of walk, we reached the Nepal’s first hydropower station, ‘Pharping Hydropower Reservoir’. The view from that place was remarkable. The reservoir was surrounded by big grounds on a hill. From there we could see all green hills and feel fresh air around us. It feels really good to stay away from Kathmandu’s pollution even for a while. A woman was selling cucumber with red chili which did look tempting in that hot weather. We tasted that and it was heavenly. After some modeling and photography in that alluring view, we headed towards our destination, Dakshinkali.

About 2 hours of walk subsequently, we reached Dakshinkali. Since it was Saturday, many people came there for picnics and worship purpose. Dakshinkali Temple is one of the major Hindu temples in Nepal dedicated to Goddess Kali. The pujari in the temple was doing puja by ringing bells, chanting and sacrificing goats and hens. We walked around the temple and bought some khuwa (a dairy cuisine), famous in that place. Our bus was there to pick us up and we had our lunch at Tama restaurant on our way back, since it was already late and we were really hungry.

We returned back to Deerwalk premises at 3:30 PM. We were tired but the exploration made our exhausts dissolve in fun and memories. This hike bought a short break to our monotonous life but it is a memory for a lifetime.