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Hike to Dakshinkali

Route Bhaisipati – Pharping – Gopaleshwor – Dakshinkali
Date 13th February, 2022
Duration 4.5 Hours
Coordinator Sachin Karanjit
Participants Akankshya Uapadhaya, Ashmita Kunwar, Hitesh Karki, Manish Man Singh, Milan Lamichhane, Rudra Pandey, Sachin Karanjit, Samjhana Pokhrel, Sishir Pokharel, Sudhina Gautam
Report By Ashmita Kunwar
Photos By Ashmita Kunwar, Milan Lamichhane, Sachin Karanjit
Creative Support Denisha Singh

Ashmita Kunwar


Every hike you go, you make memories that will last a lifetime – and this hike was no different. This was probably my first hike after I graduated from Deerwalk Institute of Technology (DWIT). I was pretty excited and slightly nervous at the same time thinking whether I could walk at the same pace as everyone else. With this thought in my mind, I reached the deerwalk complex at around 7.15 AM. 

It was a toasty morning of 13th February, 2022 – we all geared up for a hike to Dhakshinkaali. There were altogether 10 of us from Deerhold Nepal, DWIT and Hamro Patro Nepal. Breakfast was arranged in the 109 degrees restaurant,  aalu-chana, boiled egg and special jeri from Ganeshthan was cherry on the top which everyone loved and had enough of to cover a few distance with full energy. Thanks to Sachin Sir for arranging the breakfast. 

At around 8:15 AM, we departed towards our hiking spot. Our initial plan was to start our hike from Khokhana, but as per the suggestion given by local people (it might be difficult to take our van that way), we decided to hike from Bhaisipati instead. It was around 9.30 AM when we started our hike with a feeling of adventure and excitement. After 15 mins of walk, we left behind the main road and created our route through a paddy field. An escape from daily hassle, noise and pollution of the city area was soul rejuvenating. Of course the photo sessions/selfies began from there. There was no specific route so the person in the front had to make a way and the others behind had to simply follow. After the paddy field, we reached our first swinging bridge where two people had to support Akanskhya to help her cross it. She found it to be a thrilling adventure :D, but little did she know what was waiting for us at the next stop.

We were making our way through the backyards of the village houses, seeing their kitchen gardens and envying the local vegetables they had on their fields, but sadly running away from water, air and soil pollution in the banks of the Bagmati river. There were some places at the bank of the Bagmati river where we could not even breathe in the air because of the horrendous smell. 

Leaving behind the Bagmati river, we reached the Chandrajyoti hydroelectric plant, which was the first hydropower plant of Nepal built in 1968 B.S. We spared some time to explore it; we read some facts posted on the walls and took some photos as well. The hiking was pretty tough after that as we had to walk up to the dam through steep steps in the scorching heat. The view from the top was worth it though. We had a short snack time there and continued walking towards the destination. 

Now, let me take you all to the most jaw dropping and once-in-a-lifetime experience we had on the way i.e crossing an under construction bridge and a new bungee spot which was 94 meters long. Akankshya was ready to return home alone rather than cross it. Since the bridge was under construction the public was not allowed to use it. We made a lot of passionate requests (and excuses) so at last they were compelled to allow us go through it – only 2 people at a time could cross the bridge. We all rejoiced and enjoyed that moment even though it was risky. After another half an hour walk we reached Dakshinkaali passing through Gopaleshwor temple. We had lots of titaura and it was kind of a cheat day for everyone. 

Lastly, we went to Dakshinkaali resort at around 2 PM after walking almost 13 kilometers with a tired body and a hungry stomach. It seemed like all of us were foodies in the team. We ordered a variety of snacks like aalu sadeko, papad, peanuts and chicken chilly and enjoyed it with beer and juice. Lastly, the Nepali thali set with mutton and chicken curry was delicious. After making our tummy happy, we departed back to Deerwalk Complex at 4 PM. 

Overall the day was great – it was wonderful connecting with Rudra Sir after a long time. It was always a learning experience every time we got a chance to meet him in person. 6 out of 10 hikers were my teachers during my undergraduate studies at DWIT, and it was a kind of a beautiful experience having all of them at the same time on a hike but through a professional association. Also, it was great knowing Sudipta didi and Sishir dai from Hamro Patro. Looking forward to going on the next hike very soon.