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DSS Middle School Hike From Thankot to Chandragiri

Route Kathmandu – Chandragiri
Date 13th March 2022, Sunday
Duration 9 hours
Coordinator Bijaya Kumar Shrestha
Participants Alisha Shakya, Bijaya Kumar Shrestha, Devi Dhakal, Kuldeep Gupta, Laxmi Tiwari, Numa Subba, Santosh Shah, Sapana Lama, Sudip Giri, Youbraj Aryal
Report By Sapana Lama
Photos By Alisha Shakya, Kuldeep Gupta, Laxmi Tiwari, Sapana Lama
Creative Support Denisha Singh

Sapana Lama


Sunday, the weekend which goes typically with our eyes and fingers scrolling through the invention of Martin Cooper, yah! you guessed it right, a mobile phone. But, the Sunday of 13th March 2022 was really different with lots of adventure and thrill waiting for us. The middle school team of Deerwalk Sifal school had planned to hike to Chandragiri hills which lie on the south-west side of Kathmandu valley approximately 2551 meters above sea level. 

We hikers full of elation and exultation gathered at Deewalk Complex early in the morning at around 7:25 AM. We departed at 7:35 AM towards our destination in the school van, some of our colleagues joined us on the way. It was a wonderful journey with the other 9 hikers. On the way, we stopped at a nearby departmental store from where we picked up some snacks and water bottles to keep us hydrated and energetic on the way to the Chandragiri hills. After the drive of around 1 and half hours, we decided to have breakfast at a local area near Chandragiri hills. The hotel staff served us with puri, tarkari, and hot tea which freshened up us with the flavor of clove, cardamom, cinnamon in it. The breakfast worked as fuel to us which was definitely going to help us complete our journey. 

Well, after assigning the duty to our digestive system, exactly at 9:30 AM we headed towards our destination with our bags packed with all the essential stuff in it. We had to climb up the stairs which were quite stiff. On the way, we passed by beautiful woods that were giving a mesmerizing view of the thick forest. Away from the hustle and bustle of crowded ‘Dustmandu’ with us, I think even our Respiratory system was happily inhaling the fresh oxygen with a pleasant smell of soil and varieties of plants. How could we forget clicking the pictures as it is the best way to capture the memories, clicking pictures of breathtaking scenery and waving ‘Hi’ to the strangers in the cable car we kept on paving our path to the destination. In the dense thick forest, we met a person who climbs up and down the hill every day to make sure that visitors to Chandragiri hills are served with fresh drinking water. Could you imagine how hard it will be going up and down the hill every day? The short meeting with the person boosted up the positive energy within us which motivated us to climb the hills. Snacks, songs, discussion on different topics, beautiful scenery made our path interesting and exciting. In addition, Bijaya dai added that there is a surprise waiting for us at the top of the hill. The word ‘surprise’ also added excitement and enthusiasm to our hike. 

Finally, after the hike of around 4 and half hours, we reached our destination ‘The Chandragiri hill’ at exactly 2:00 PM. The view from the top of the hill was breathtaking. We all enjoyed the view, clicked pictures, visited the temple, etc. Do you remember the word ‘surprise’ that I mentioned earlier? Let me share with you all that, the cable car was waiting for us. Every one of us was really excited. While returning from the cable car we saw the path through which we climbed up to the hill, it looked mesmerizing. We got back to the same hotel where we had our breakfast at 3:30 PM. This time we were served a delicious lunch. After having lunch we took a leave from Chandragiri at 4:15 PM. 

Overall, the way was really wonderful. It was the greatest experience I ever had during the hike.