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Hike to Bishnu Dwar

Route Budhanilkantha Temple >> Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park Gate>> Bishnu Dwaar >> Danda Gaon >> Budhanilkantha Temple
Date Feb 08, 2020
Duration 5 hrs
Coordinator Anil Parajuli
Participants Anil Parajuli, Bhumika Adhikari, Bishal Khanal, Ganesh Sharma, Nabina Khadka, Pankaj KC, Smriti Shrestha, Sumit Karki, Tulsi Ramtel
Report By Nabina Khadka
Photos By Nabina Khadka, Smriti Shrestha
Creative Support Bibek Adhikari, Milan Lohani

Nabina KhadkaNabina Khadka
We gathered at Deerwalk premises at 7:30 AM. Everyone was excited about the hike. Our van left Deerwalk at 7:45 AM. We also picked some hikers on the way. Also, we went to a supermarket at Golfutar to buy snacks. We reached Budhanilkantha and had some light breakfast. Breakfast was delicious. After breakfast, all the hikers looked more energetic. We began our hike. Our destination was to reach Tarebhir, but after hiking for a while, we saw dozens of more hikers ahead. After asking some hikers of that group, we got to know that they were hiking from some organization to promote Visit Nepal 2020, and they were also going to the same destination, Tarebhir. We gathered, and after some discussion, we changed the route of our hike. We hiked through another route and hiked towards Bishnudwar.

Bishnudwar is the place from where the Bishnumati river originated. The hike was short and easy. As most of the trial fell inside the national park area and an army camp, we saw proper markings. The icy water, fresh breeze, and fallen leaves on our way made the hike even less difficult to accomplish. We stopped at places to take pictures, to view the valley, and to praise nature. Adventure filled the day as we met some army personnel on our way. They stopped us at the midpoint, asked for tickets to enter the National Park Region, but we had none. We explained the situation, and they asked us to enter with no tickets. They agreed to let us reach our destination, yet they asked us to follow the rules. We reached our destination at midday.

After we reached Bishnudwar, the wooden bridge astonished us. The place was already famous for the wooden bridge that leads to the main temple. We walked over the bridge and were enjoying the chilly breeze when we saw the cave that led to the temple. It was an adventure for us to walk into the cave. We took the cameras and started recording our way into the cave. Some of us were still on the bridge. The cave opened into another smaller bridge that connected to the hiking trail to Baghdwar. As that was our destination, we gathered around an enormous stone and had some snacks. We laughed, shared snacks, and enjoyed the company. Soon we hiked back to Dadagaun from where the Deerwalk van picked us up. The van led us to Bansbari where we had lunch. The hike ended short but created an extensive list of memories, chats, jokes, and tons of pictures—things we can always keep on sharing.