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Hike to Bhundole Chaur

RoutePharping – Bhundole Chaur
Date4th September, 2022
Hiking Duration3 hrs
CoordinatorNiresh Dhakal
ParticipantsSaurav Gautam, Niresh Dhakal, Bijay Babu Regmi, Jason Rai, Ambika Wagle, Alisha Thapa Magar, Alisha Ganeju, Upama pandey, Kiran Parajuli, Hari Ram Khadka
Madan Subedi, Man Bahadur, Sagar Shrestha
Report BySaurav Gautam
Photos BySaurav Gautam
Creative SupportMegna Shrestha
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Saurav Gautam

Hello everyone,
On 4th September 2022, Sunday, DWIT college conducted a one day hike to Bhundole Chaur, Pharping. A total of 13 members participated in the hike. We gathered at around 7:30 a.m at Deerwalk Complex, and we boarded the bus at 7:45 a.m. It took us around 1.5 hours to reach the starting point of the hike, Pharping bazar. We had our breakfast at the local restaurant at around 9:30 a.m. and we were all geared up and excited to start our journey. The trail was completely new to all of us. So, we made a complete map of the route. Some of the things we bought were light snacks including chocolate bars and cookies.

The route was full of natural beauties, and on the way there was a peaceful monastery. We walked very slowly enjoying the serene nature and the beautiful weather, and we captured all those moments in the pictures. After an hour of hiking, sweat was dripping down our faces, and we reached the old and historic temple of Dakshinkali where we sat for a few minutes and enjoyed our snacks. Although the road was not in good condition and we had our shaky legs, we still were enjoying the trail listening to the chirping sound of birds. Sadly the road was full of leeches, and most of us got the bite. It took us half an hour more of walking to reach the destination, Bhundole Chaur.

Bhundole Chaur is a ground surrounded by a forest. The ground looks exactly like a beautiful green carpet. It is a kind of picnic spot and a super cool place to spend quality time with loved ones, and interestingly, Champa Devi Hike is on the way from there. After taking some photos, we started to depart from there to the main highway where our bus was parked.

On the way back, the refreshing local cucumber was pleasant to taste. We reached the bus at around 12:30 p.m, and we were a bit tired and hungry, but we all got excited to know about the Falls that were just a few kilometers away from us. So without a second thought we all planned to be there. We enjoyed the falls, and finally we went to the local restaurant for lunch. After having a delicious meal and an hour of rest, we returned the way we came before.

Finally, after travelling through the bumpy road, we reached the college at around 7:00 p.m.
The hike was short, but still a memorable one.

Thank you.