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Hike from Tile Ghar to Pipal Mode

Route Kathmandu > Naubise > Tile Ghar > Pipal Mode
Date 17th July, 2016
Hike Duration 4 hrs
Coordinator Pramod Kumar Rai
Participants Amrit Rana Chhetri, Aseem Bhattarai, Kapil Pandey, Niraj Thapa, Prakash Bhatt, Pramod Kumar Rai, Raghunath Pathak, Rudra Pandey and Saroj Neupane
Report By Niraj Thapa
Photos By Pramod Kumar Rai
Creative Support Nimesh Deuja

Niraj Thapa I’m an outdoor person and it has been a while since my last hike. So, I immediately replied to the email calling for interested participants for weekend hike even though the location was not disclosed. I was very excited after being selected as one of the hikers.

On a day of hike, Deerwalk van start picking up hikers as usual and took us to Naubise where we had our breakfast. Before reaching Naubise, we made short stop for tea at Kafle mode where we had interesting discussion with community people about Nepal’s current political parties and mostly about upcoming Hamro Party’s new principles and agenda for the development of better government.

We begin our hike descending from Tile Ghar.

After walking a mile, it started raining but that didn’t stop us from moving forward toward our destination.

We passed some small villages surrounded by beautiful paddy fields and then started ascending through uphill trail. On our way, we met one of the ex-employee of Deerwalk who has been running wine factory located on those hills. He welcomed us inside the factory and showed us around the process of producing wine. We did get to learn little more about the fermentation, aging and packaging of wine. We decided to rest on the resort beside factory to meet company’s co-owners and do some wine tasting. After resting for a while and getting energized by some wine refreshment we continue our hike. The rain was still pouring down on us. Our ex-colleague decided to accompany and guide us through rest of hiking trail. We hiked through some slippery route and misty forest of pine trees on hill. Beside enjoying serene sky and peaceful greenery during the hike, some of us got chance to catch few interesting pokemons on the go. After a short pleasant hike we reached our destination Pipal Mode.

Our van picked us up from Pipal Mode and then we went back to Naubise for late lunch. Since everyone was tired and hungry we ate stomach full of local Nepali meal. Then we rushed back to our homes because most of hikers had their colleague’s wedding reception to attend.

On the way back, we got time to catch up and share our personal experiences of this and previous hiking also. I was fully juiced up from this weekend hike and ready to get back to work on coming weekdays. I am very thankful to my fellow hikers for organizing and making this hike memorable one.

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