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Health Camp in Koshi Flood Area

Theme: Community Service
Route: Kathmandu – Vantabari (Koshi Barrage) – Rajbiraj – Bhardaha
Duration: 3 days
Date: August 29-31, 2008
Team: VishnuK, DhilungK, KesavB, NishchalS, BhaskarB, RinaM, SangharshaB, BiswhaS, LaxmiM, AmitaM, SurjaLaxmiM, AnkitKhanal, RajendraS, KumarP, RajeshP, UmeshK, SubashP, SaitP, GaneshT, JasmineB, MadhavS, BinodG and MaheshR
Coordinator: DhilungK
Photos: KesavB, NishchalS, SangharshaB, RinaM and DhilungK
Caption: BishwaS and JasmineB
Report by: DhilungK, RinaM, JasmineB and BhaskarB
Creative Support: DijupT, SangharshaB and DhilungK

A Situation Report:
– DhilungK

On 18th August, 2008, Saptakoshi river made a small breach on her eastern sand embankment, about 19 kilometers north from Koshi Barrage. According to local eyewitnesses it was not that large on that day but now the breach has extended its length to about 1600 meters. Koshi changed her usual course inundating four VDCs (Haripur, Shripur, Kushaha, Laukahi) and badly affecting other four (Ghuski, Narshimha, Madhuban and Basantapur). Only 19 % (26,500 cusec) of the Koshi river is flowing through the Koshi Barrage which has created another unusual scene at the barrage area. The mini-ocean like look has turned into ocean of sand. The attempt of stopping further erosion of the embankment had been futile. Only few tree branches were seen placed at the spur of the embankment breach.

“At around 1:30 PM, my daughter rushed screaming seeing the flood coming in. We quickly managed to escape to the terrace of neighbor’s concrete house. She saved our lives.” One of the flood victims recollected the moment pointing to his 10 years old daughter Lusi kumari.

 Shelter,storm and struggle for life
001 Shelter,storm and struggle for life

Latest government report estimates that 107,000 people are affected by this disaster. Koshi has already expanded her new course to wide area of Bihar, India, affecting many districts and millions of people. We saw many Indian flood victims entering (officially believed to be more than 10,000). Often close trans-border communal relationship and family ties are one of the major factors for this influx of victims.

 looking for temporary shelters
002 looking for temporary shelters

About 11 temporary shelters have been established. Many national and international organizations are working closely with District Disaster Relief Committees (DDRC) led by the Chief of District Offices. We had to attain the daily meeting called by CDO of Saptari to acknowledge and finalize our program decisions. NDRT (National Disaster Response Team), Red Cross, UNICEF, Oxfam, Government officials from Health sector, Matrika Yadav (former minister) and other National and local partners were present on the meeting. CDO channelized the responsibility to different project heads and we had to attain another meeting with the Superintendent of Sagarmatha Zonal Hospital who was in charge of all the heath related activities in the disaster site.

 Horn in front and horn at back
003 Horn in front and horn at back

Despite of the coordination, during our inspection of the disaster site we found that humanitarian response has not been sufficient enough. We came to know that not even a single ambulance was mobilized for weeks after disaster. A truck loaded with medicines had not arrived from Kathmandu since back three days. People were still being killed by cold at night. Shelters which are difficult to access were still deprived of humanitarian aid distributions. Worst of all was the heinous attempts of mingling the aid programs with local political agendas. We find in the newspapers and media that millions being donated for the rescue operations. But still Sagarmatha Zonal Hospital is not being able to provide enough medication to the flood victims due to lack of budget. Till date all the health operations were financed by Hospital itself. Patients load at the hospital was way beyond its capacity.

 Fluids for life
004 Fluids for life

On Sunday, we organized a Medical Camp for the flood victims at Bhardaha, Saptari. CMA Association, Saptari was our local partner. Four temporary shelters around our camps were our target. We found most of the cases were dysentery, malnutrition, diarrhea, common cold and viral fever and skin infections. The responsibility of the continuation of the Medical Camp at the site was handed over to CMA Association.

005 Empathy

Empathy is one of the strongest factors that makes our social fiber strong. It was that empathy which encouraged us to volunteer a Medical Camp, it is the same empathy which is making us willing to donate for the rescue operations. Ripples of the disaster are going to last long. It is very important to sustain that feeling of empathy for us and especially for those who are directly evolved in the disaster response operations.

My Trip Towards Humanity – Koshi Flood Victims:
Recollections from Rina

It was an ordinary morning as I flipped the pages of The Himalayan Times, a national daily. Headline traumatized me that said, “Flood renders 30,000 homeless, Koshi inundates 6 VDCs, 10 more at risk – 5 persons missing.” The next day, 20th of August 2008, another heart wrenching headline “40,000 flee homes in Sunsari, 20 missing. Saptakoshi River damaged 2 dams and flooded human settlements in Sunsari”. Still I am not sure what exactly it was, ‘Natural disaster’ or ‘Tragedy that people say could be avoided’ but those devastating headlines hover over my head all day long and I tried to imagine how ruthless life’s been for those people of Eastern Nepal. Each time I’ve tried to imagine, my heart became helplessly numb. It feels heavy at heart when you have no idea and nothing to lend as help to the victims of such calamity.

Thanks to D2Hawkeye and those HEARTS who came up with such a noble will to organize a medical camp instead of handing over the cash to the flood relief organizations. My sincere thanks to Dhilung for encouraging me to be one of the volunteers of such a righteous mission. What we were able to do during the medical camp for those flood victims in a day might not be something remarkable of its magnitude but what we felt in our heart is definitely something we should feel proud of.

Earlier I was wondering how can I be any help to the Koshi flood victims and how my contribution of one day salary would make it worth for those people in need. I failed to find any satisfying answer, how? This debate got floated several times during our Special hike of Everest Uncensored Team to Manakamana, previous weekend. Idea of organizing medical camp was on the top choice. Having no sound knowledge on medicines and medical camps, I stayed unexcited over the idea. I even have doubted whether I could make my name get listed in that medical team. Instead of asking the coordinator to list me in the team, I tried to assist them in finding volunteers from medical field and helping in medicine purchase. I hope my input created a good bargain.

 The begning
006 The begning

On 26th of August I was asked to attend the meeting for medical camp if I would be interested to join the team as a volunteer. Even I was having mild viral fever I jumped in to this offer without giving it a second thought. Indeed I got so excited and felt lucky to have that opportunity. But at the same time I was bit skeptical about my fever whether I would make it or not. To get myself fit physically for the trip I took leave on Thursday and took a complete rest. Later I came to know that plans were changing several times that day. Finally the team made its decision to head for the camp on Friday 29th of August.

Friday morning at 8 am I stuffed things in my backpack and got ready to head toward office and for the medical camp. I knew I was physically not fully prepared for the trip but I didn’t disclose this; fearing I might be out of the team. Gosh! I felt almost robust by the afternoon and ready to hit the road with full energy. Before we head for the trip I thought it would be a good idea to buy some extra foodstuff as we went to nearby mall. While returning we had an accident. Our bike slipped and we nearly ruined our chance of being in the team. Thank God! It was just a small cut in my hand. Without wasting time further we wheeled towards Kalanki chok. Actually it was the first team heading for the medical camp with responsibility of locating the proper site for setting the medical camp. Our second team which consists of Doctors and other volunteers were planned to leave Kathmandu on Saturday.

It was almost 3:30 pm when we left Kathmandu. Our van also picked up three nurses from Kalimati Chowk. After hassle and bustle over Kalanki’s nasty traffic, our driver Raju dai managed to reach Thankot at 6 pm.

There in Naubise, we enjoyed short brunch at one of our regular hiking restaurant. Then we took ‘bi-road’ uphill toward Hetauda. After 3 hours twist and turn drive we halted our journey at Daman for dinner. Amazingly it was cold out there in Daman and we had to wear jacket to keep ourselves warm. Food was great and we felt lucky to have food for the whole team of 13 at once. Otherwise we might had to wait another hour for them to cook extra meal. Later I we came to know that food was prepared for other guests who didn’t showed up in time. After having lucky dinner, we continued our journey toward Hetuada. Slowly we started to go downhill which was covered by thick mist.

 The invisible road
007 The invisible road

Noting could be seen beyond few meters. I wondered how Raju dai managed to drive through those twisted roads with accuracy even in such a poor visibility, must be his sixth sense.

I couldn’t sleep during the journey because I had my contact-lens on. I just tried to keep my eyes shut without sleeping. Someone in the van was trying to tune radio set and suddenly it got the frequency of Hatuada FM that entertained us with various Hindi Hits. It was a nice break for all of us. By the midnight we reached Avocado Hotel at Hetuada and everyone hurried for a good night sleep.

 The first team
008 The first team

It was 6 am when I opened my eyes wearily but didn’t take much time to get ready for the journey ahead. Other team members could not make that early so I thought of grabbing the camera to have some breakfast shots. To my amusement I found some snails to shot which seemed doing some slow ballet. By 8 am everyone got packed and ready for the breakfast and in the next hour we were on the road for our second days’ journey to Saptakoshi.

My morning encounter with snails enticed me to more of photography. I kept clicking during the whole journey. We reached Lahan at 1:30 pm and had a delicious lunch at Goduli Hotel. With happy stomachs we all headed toward our final destination ‘Saptakoshi’.

Great actions are made up of small actions:
Recollections from Jasmine

Out of the frying pans – So Relaxing ; but.. Into the fire….. Eeeeeh … aahhhh
The team for D2 medical camp could set a camp in front of the school where the flood victims were kept in Rajbiraj in the mid afternoon.

 Where is madhav
009 Where is madhav

It is difficult enough to jot the real feelings I had after seeing the flood victims in Saptari district, the pain, the ail, the hunger, their unrelenting day to day struggle for survival…… all were so woeful and sympathetic.
I personally felt very blissful and satisfied when I could help others but this does not mean that I gave the people huge pricey gifts, just talking or giving someone attention can be enough to make them happy.

 Intolerable  pain
010 Intolerable pain

The D2 Medical camp might be a drop of support in the ocean of trouble for those flood victims, but never to be forgotten a collection of drops turns to the ocean. Residing in the capital, we can only think how those victims are surviving watching them on the television, but being in the real place and interacting with those victims give the intolerable feelings of compassion. The grim expressions on their face were a tacit agreement of failure in their lives.
When the camp was set, there was a long queue of people with various complains of their health status with an expectation of better health now.
Moreover, the medical statistics showed most people were affected with dysentery, malnutrition ,diarrhea and skin infections.
On the other hand, the atypical questions they had after getting the medicine like “malai jamma eti maatra ausadhi,uslai ta kati dherai chha ni” ….made me realize their innocence, the real starvation of getting back to the normal healthy life.
They seemed to be in strong expectation that medical professionals can fulfill their appetite; they were seeking more medicine, perhaps they were thinking they would have the medicines in scarce of food. They were so inquisitive, if we would help them more, if they get more medicine, if they can getrelieve the pain soon.
Those inapt queries basically referred their innocence and their ignorance.
With the contentment of success regarding medical camp, our vans took the course to Kathmandu about quarter to seven in the evening. We could not fulfill all their desires and could not answer all the questions they had, nevertheless it feels happy and satisfied that we could give them even a little hope to survive more. It feels good to see that our work and small effort for such can make huge difference in the life of the people who are in need of real help.
However, due to various reasons, our target to reach the people who were far from the support, who were desperate for help for their lives could not come true.
We have come up with an idea that the government should always plan for every disasters and there should be a well managed organization for the support and rehabilitation of the affected people. The organizations and people who are extending their hand for the social service should be encouraged and given support in this campaign.

Volunteer Journal – Koshi Flood Relief :
Recollections from Bhaskar

It was a heartwarming and a numbing experience to be part of the medical camp to help Koshi flood victims. Heartwarming because of the joy and satisfaction that swells up naturally after being able to selflessly devote one’s time and effort in helping a community in need. Numbing because of the sheer scale of the calamity experienced firsthand. In all, an exhaustive three days of travel (which included a total of twenty two hours of driving at night) coupled with a bagful of useful experience and four hours of sleep. Then again I am comforted by the thought that I was in the second team that left Kathmandu a day later. Spare some thought for the first team of volunteers who had to endure a sweltering hot night in Rajbiraj.

011 Registrars

To me, the highlight of the trip was the two and a half hours spent on working at the medical camp. I sat at the registration desk and wrote the name, age, gender, address and symptoms of the thronging mass that had queued up for a medical check-up. Beside me was Rina who put down the aforementioned details in a registration book while I did so in a D2 stamped medical pad tailored for Dr. Umesh. The majority of the people who registered for the check-up were from India. Not that surprising if you actually compare the number of people displaced by the flood in both countries. We were able to serve approximately one hundred and sixty patients in that span. This included two patients in critical condition and one child who met a life threatening accident near the camp site. She looked five years old and had to be rushed in an ambulance after being administered emergency first-aid treatment from the nurses at our camp.

 Tents for the flood victims
012 Tents for the flood victims

Although from the outset it seemed the overall relief operations from the state and NGOs were being carried out in good fashion, the reality is conflicting. Small camp-like makeshift shelters of blue plastic sheet on top of bamboo poles can be seen littered aside the highway along the Kosi Tappu reserve. The shelters are also spread on the west of the reserve although not quite yet populated. Apparently the victims near the site of the seepage are not willing to rehabilitate across the bridge. The first team of volunteers had to sift through the typical bureaucratic drudgery to get things moving. It is amazing how politics gets priority in place of human suffering time and time again. There was a sense of bickering between rival organizations coming for aid; deep territorial pissing among neighboring districts on who gets how much aid; and a clear lack of a centralized leadership on how the effort is to be carried out. In all – a project plan is missing at the very top level. A sign of misplaced time and sad ironies – how we’ve come to value broken inane processes in comparison to leaving all differences aside and providing quick relief to fellow countrymen.

 Thank You
013 Thank You

Hence in the backdrop of a real crisis, it was a successful trip given the amount of time to be had. It was a commendable gesture from a private organization to devote time and logistics in doing the hard work. It is always easy to donate money in the name of social service but more difficult to act. Personally I hope this is one of many to come in D2. Indians or Nepalese living in the Koshi river delta need even more support in the days to come. Soon water borne disease is going to spread due to contaminated and stale water. People will be looking to rebuild their lives as the waters recede. The D2 team that went to Koshi has gained a very practical knowledge of what worked, what did not work and what can be managed better the next time around. I look forward to either joining or organizing another trip in near future.

014 Please click on the image to view the full version of the map (2.29MB) (Source: www.zki.dlr.de Updated: 1st Sept, 2008)

Please click on the image to play the video. [Watch it in separate window]

Please click on the image to see its large version.

 Thanks to all who have contributed the supplies
015 Thanks to all who have contributed the supplies
 A photo session in the dark at Daman
016 A photo session in the dark at Daman
017 Adventurous
 A taste of freshness
018 A taste of freshness
 Good logic reena
019 Good logic reena
020 Meditative
021 Bypass
 Working at home
022 Working at home
 Grass man
023 Grass man
 Childhood work'n play
024 Childhood work’n play
 Construction work (on the way)
025 Construction work (on the way)
 Nearly there
026 Nearly there
 Speed matters
027 Speed matters
 A trouble is a trouble
028 A trouble is a trouble
 Lined up
029 Lined up
 Level=240(At the Koshi Barrage)
030 Level=240(At the Koshi Barrage)
 The indian police
031 The indian police
032 Migrating
 Shelter,storm and struggle for life
033 Shelter,storm and struggle for life
 Rush hour
034 Rush hour
 People had to take this path after being blocked by police on the normal path
035 People had to take this path after being blocked by police on the normal path
 A permission to go to the affected area
036 A permission to go to the affected area
 Nepal and India - just a step away
037 Nepal and India – just a step away
 A little more water and its gone under
038 A little more water and its gone under
 Forced to leave their homes
039 Forced to leave their homes
 Acres turned into marshlands
040 Acres turned into marshlands
 Acting big-can i help you
041 Acting big-can i help you
 Country road take me home
042 Country road take me home
 Horn in front and horn at back
043 Horn in front and horn at back
044 Homewards
 Rijal Baje
045 Rijal Baje
 Nature's Rage
046 Nature’s Rage
 The Koshi Barrage(Indian dam on Nepal)
047 The Koshi Barrage(Indian dam on Nepal)
 Wrath of tranquility
048 Wrath of tranquility
 When water goes its own way
049 When water goes its own way
 Where is our house
050 Where is our house
051 Tractors
 Give me a reason to cry
052 Give me a reason to cry
 Trying to continue with their normal life
053 Trying to continue with their normal life
 Dry land
054 Dry land
 roof - weak ground
055 Strong roof – weak ground
 The UN
056 The UN
 The worker is one of the thousands whose homes were destroyed
057 The worker is one of the thousands whose homes were destroyed
 This flooding river used to be a small stream
058 This flooding river used to be a small stream
 No 15
059 No 15
 Daily chore
060 Daily chore
 Oh god
061 Oh god
 Lonely reaper
062 Lonely reaper
 Still using the traditional means of transport
063 Still using the traditional means of transport
 The amazing Bikram Tempo
064 The amazing Bikram Tempo
 Night market
065 Night market
 Helping hands
066 Helping hands
067 Streets of Rajbiraj
 Night Life in Rajbiraj
068 Night Life in Rajbiraj
 Meeting at the CDO office with rescue workers
069 Meeting at the CDO office with rescue workers
 Second meeting at Sagarmatha Zonal Hospital
070 Second meeting at Sagarmatha Zonal Hospital
 Medical Camp - on the way
071 Medical Camp – on the way
 This chowk is renamed after a martyr of the Terai revolution
072 This chowk is renamed after a martyr of the Terai revolution
073 Brotherhood
 Tired tyres
074 Tired tyres
 Unloading the supplies
075 Unloading the supplies
 Searching for the medicine
076 Searching for the medicine
 Dr. its paining here
077 Dr. its paining here
 Dr.Subash gives suggestion
078 Dr.Subash gives suggestion
 The Locals
079 The Locals
 Nurses busy caring
080 Nurses busy caring
 When is my turn
081 When is my turn
 Concerned looks
082 Concerned looks
 Piteous mother
083 Piteous mother
 Perfect stand
084 Perfect stand
 Fluids for life
085 Fluids for life
 Amita in camp
086 Amita in camp
 Rajendra,Bhasker, Vishnu - keeping records
087 Rajendra,Bhasker, Vishnu – keeping records
088 Exhausted
 Nischal could speak the local dialect
089 Nischal could speak the local dialect
 The team of doctors
090 The team of doctors
 Getting cared
091 Getting cared
 Difficult to recognize if there was not D2's cap
092 Difficult to recognize if there was not D2’s cap
 Ganesh makes them smile
093 Ganesh makes them smile
 D2 banner
094 D2 banner
 Glorious sunset
095 Glorious sunset
096 Flooded
 Krishna KC from NDRT
097 Krishna KC from NDRT
 Men and machine - blocking water
098 Men and machine – blocking water
 Mid field
099 Mid field
 Near the embankment breach area (hdr)
100 Near the embankment breach area (hdr)
 River in the wrong side
101 River in the wrong side
 At the spur of the broken embankment
102 At the spur of the broken embankment
 Just in time
103 Just in time
 The team did a satisfactory job
104 The team did a satisfactory job
 Dark clouds - still a threat
105 Dark clouds – still a threat
 Trishuli leveled up
106 Trishuli leveled up

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  4. Hello there. I discovered your web site by way of Google even as searching for a similar subject, your web site came up. It appears to be great. I have bookmarked it in my google bookmarks to visit then.

  5. Hiya, I’m really glad I have found this information. Today bloggers publish only about gossip and web stuff and this is actually frustrating. A good blog with exciting content, that’s what I need. Thanks for making this website, and I will be visiting again. Do you do newsletters by email?

  6. We learn by experience and we should always try to make things better. We’re going for
    the next round of Kosi medical camp. Our focus should be set on making it better, fill up where the first
    group slipped down. Like somebody already mentioned, its a team effort. We don’t have anybody around to
    reckon who contributes what. I remember, how everyone of us was eager to give more.
    Now rather than making a fuss over what has gone, lets wish a very good luck to the next group, who
    are making their way tommorrow to the affected zone. Good luck, team!

  7. Hey Guys

    No one is perfect. This was also a life-enriching experience for most of us. What we did was worthwhile so we doin’ it again. Some shortcomings happen all the time, people have different perspectives, but that will not deter us from our aim. That’s what counts in the end. What Subash says is his perspective. Let that be a growing experience for all of us, and try to to better.

  8. I think that the problem here is with Dr. Subash’s expectations. We should appreciate what little effort other people make in order to achieve something. Personally, i had had assumed that the doctors were much more experienced than me in matters like this and i had let them have their own way, rather than coming in their way.

    1. Do you think that since everyone is crying, we must cry too? I would rather try to smile and make them smile.
    2. We were a team of volunteers and personally, i was more concerned about the situation there than what you needed or were going to complain about
    3. Please don’t compare us with anyone. We did what we had to do – from our hearts

    I think the whole point about this whining and complaining is about you, not getting personal attention rather than the whole thing being a failure. So i request you to please “grow up”. If you really want to help someone from the heart, you should not seek personal attention.

    Anyways, thanks for whatever you did over there. It is very much appreciated.

  9. Dear Dr. Subash,

    We are sorry that despite our earnest efforts we failed to meet your expectations. This was our very first experience with a Medical Camp and I agree that there are areas that we can improve. But I think we were very lucky that no political unrest occurred in the vicinity on the day which had wrecked all such rescue works the previous day. Time spent on diplomatic obligations came out wise, though I was little sceptical about spending time in such things at first.

    We are really very thankful for your volunteer contribution, your expertise and your time. Without the help of doctors, the camp would have been impossible. But we should not forget that the camp would have been equally impossible if Ganesh, Rajendra and the team were not struggling with the patient’s crowd under the burning sun, if Bhasker and Rina were not tirelessly registering the cases, if Laxmi, Amita and Surja were not providing the nursing care, if Jasmine, Sait and Nishchal were not dispensing the medicines and counselin them in the local language ……………… . . . I am missing many other names here but what i mean to say is, it was indeed a team effort and yes, nobody was a leader or a follower. We were all volunteers. For me, everyone’s selfless contribution was no less than that of any other ones. It is sad that you could not feel yourself in the team.

    If you recall those helpless faces eagerly waiting to be cared by you, if you had felt those eyes which saw you as a god from heaven amidst the height of calamity, a true volunteer soul should feel grateful. Not all of ur patients (customers?) see you that way in ur nursing home. Taxi fare or the cost of meal disappears right away. By the way, we did bear the expenses of the volunteer doctors and nurses. I am still in confusion how you were left out.

    Once again thank you very much for your volunteer contribution and your comment as well.

  10. i respect u mr dr. as i m also goin to b in this profession very soon …. but u sound very mean which i think is not a good thing…. D2 has done a commendable job and u should b grtful for being a part of this camp n for having an oppurtunity to help others and saving lives of many ppl.

  11. Dear Dr. Subash:

    We are not a company of 200+ for nothing. We have worked with “blood, sweat and tears” to make this a successful company. And we won’t be intimidated or felt let down by your negative remarks. If nothing else, it will help us improve ourselves.

    In the past when we have faced challenges, we have worked *hard* to turn this around in our favor pretty soon.

    We can take that experience and apply here as well. As anywhere, in the company we have two categories of people – one “positive” and other “negative”.

    We are used to taking critical comments – trust us.

    However what is sad is that your attitude is so negative and stinks of pessimism.

    Get out of it man. Hopefully one day (hopefully very soon) you’ll join our team again for another outing and will have not so negative things to say of us.

    Yours Truly.

  12. The situation was not as bad as Dr. Subash is portraying it. This is a discouraging remark. Although there are areas to improve, it was not a disgraceful experience as portrayed by the fellow commentator. Of course, each is entitled to his own opinion that is not being taken granted for.

    Dr. Subash – Please help us improve.

    1.that was more like a picnic,than a selfless health camp……most of the participants seemed to be worried about their own management than of a camp as a whole

    You were part of the 2nd team, you have no idea what the first team did during their journey. The 2nd team left Kathmandu in the evening and reached Hetauda at night, slept. Got up at 4-5am, left Hetauda at 5.30am and reached Rajbiraj around half past eleven I think. After that all of us in the 2nd group ate lunch. Then we headed for the camp. During the camp all were busy helping out.

    Are you complaining about the time when we reached Rajbiraj till when we started the camp? Yes it was not as we had hoped while travelling in the van – there was a bit of a hiccup there in setting up the camp itself.

    Then the camp ended at 5.30pm – then on all of us drove all the way, stopping for dinner, or to pee — until we reached Kathmandu.

    So where did anybody have time to manage himself/herself?

    Are you talking about the first team (which you were not part of)?

    3.this is for the first time that one volunteer doctor had to pay for his meals from his own pocket,,,,this was not an issue of money,,,but a matter of response,responsibility and etiquecy……even in the country like US where selfpayment system exists,volunteers are never to pay for the meals and transportation

    Agreed it is sad that the doctor had to pay (we’re assuming that it was you?). You could have asked for a refund (via Dr. Umesh or Dr. Rajesh) – instead of making it an issue like this. We’re not perfect and sometimes we slip.

    There are no specific rules for volunteering. You cannot quote a generic instance to make a point here. Even in the US, if you volunteer somewhere – you have to drive/take the bus/take the cab/take the train to that place and pay for the fuel or your food.

    In all some of your comments are good and will help D2 in future. However you really need to work on your tone and manner of writing. We really hope this is not the case with your medical practice.

    In conclusion, you have pinpointed certain areas that we can improve in future. Thanks for being so vehemently critical.

  13. I experienced two Drivers drove us back safely without having a single nap for more than 13 hours. They do not have any comments and willing to go again on the same trip very shortly.

    Which D is more appreciable?

    For your kind information all participants from D2 borne their expences on their own for 3 days and 2 nights, never mind you did a little bit like other did. They hired taxi to reach their home also.

  14. hello,this is one of the doctors in the medical camp team……….I really appreciate ur initiation for that kind of work….however I have few bitter experiences in that team…..hope you take this positively so as to bring correction in upcoming events.

    1.that was more like a picnic,than a selfless health camp……most of the participants seemed to be worried about their own management than of a camp as a whole

    2.I felt as a member of three doctors than a whole team….it could be my fault as well….but I was guest for your team

    3.this is for the first time that one volunteer doctor had to pay for his meals from his own pocket,,,,this was not an issue of money,,,but a matter of response,responsibility and etiquecy……even in the country like US where selfpayment system exists,volunteers are never to pay for the meals and transportation

    4.there was pick-up from home after request,but no management for drop,,,,nobody asked driver to drop us,,,,and driver said there was no fuel,,,,if you were really responsible,you could have arranged another vehicle,,,,,,,again this is not because that we did not have our vehicle or we could not hire taxi,,,,this was siply because of your lack of responsibility.

    5.no one was there as a team captain or finally responsible person.

    6.no respect for second persons and no respect for time.

    once again sorry for being bitter,,,,but my sole intention was to share with you a protocol of health camp.

  15. ya u r absolutely rite dai… no matter how much u say that tht world is changing n blah blah…but i think we can neva sweep away this “pahadey and madeshi” feeling from the heart of ppl…..wen in trouble, ppl should b thankful and encourage the work done by ppl rather than commenting …..

  16. ya “the dissolution of the national borders” and “the bureaucracy & the politics” some of the bitter parts of the reality.
    Nationality identification was the main headache of the government officials. But how can one imagine the scene that some indians dying just in the other side of the camp and we do nothing.

    Some locals were commenting on our work – “madesh people here must be concerned (may be mild regarding anti-blah blah attitude) when people with pahade-face are helping them”….

    My only concern was, why this kindof faction shud exist even at the time of calamity. why cant we see thru the eyes of humanity?

  17. The trip left me in a really awkward situation. We went through so many events in such a short time that its difficult to sum up from one angle.
    The long trip, the Koshi barrage and the flood, the watery world & the devastation, the faces stamped with hunger & the physique crippled with the loss, the hot and dry weather, our wish to help the people in need, our small effort, the dissolution of the national borders, Niraula baje and 2 kg of rice, the bureaucracy & the politics, the dissatisfaction & the chaos … … and it goes on..

    … all in all, I think, we were able to bring smiles to a handful of faces; if we did, that’s the return of our small effort.

  18. That night, we were simmering in the hot air of Rajbiraj. It started raining – what a comfort for us :). I thought – now we can sleep! Everyone was happy. But looking at the dark another thought struck on me. I was told that one child was killed by the same night rain and cold in the previous day at Kusaha. Many people were still sleeping under the sky the same day.
    Rain kept on pouring and I could do nothing…

    Someone said: you extend ur helping hands only if ur hands are strong enough to bear the load, otherwise just shut up. I started thinking of many feeble hands with helping hearts.

    Camp was indeed a new experience. It is very sad that we could not fulfill Rijal baje’s request. For him, we became just another clean-clothed ‘Observer’. And yeah need to do more, need more helping hands.

  19. I lived in Kanchanpur – Bakal 20 years ago but I still think of Saptari as my second home. The people are amazing and the land is beautiful. I hope and pray everyone will be OK.


  21. as far as i can remember……the areas near koshi has alwez been facing this problem…. but i dont understand y government is not taking it seriously….but hats off to ur team n other social wrokers who r putting their effort to help those ppl in need…..i wish i was there too …. i would b grtfull to have an oppurtunity like this…. if i could juss utilize my knowledge to help ppl who really need me….

  22. Two attainments mark out a service volunteer – absence of conceit and presence of love. Help coming out of pure heart is important, not the scale. When you have these “bureaucratic drudgery” or the “bandha” can’t trouble you.

  23. Even a single drop of water matters in desert.

    Thank you team this was the great start

    Now we should go on…

    If we think of doing it, we can figure out the way

  24. Shutterbug would like to rate “the highest” for this great effort of D2Hawkeye “Health Camp in Koshi Flood Area”. My salute to those who have supported in whatever ways they could to make this Medical Camp happened and people who’s been directly involved there in the field as volunteers. I simply don’t dare to rate any picture of this post from its mere technical viewpoint because I know what you guys have done is very moving and my rating would make no sense. I know those pictures which you have clicked in your heart are the ‘best shots’ of human life and HUMANITY.

    My both thumbs up for this noble deed of D2Hawkeye. Keep it up.

  25. “Houses were washed away
    People dint know what to do..
    Had Nature shown its anger?
    Is our world in danger?”

    When I was on site, I thought with her words YashuK was probably right.

    Nevertheless, we the team tried to stretch our hands for which my thanks goes to the generous souls who contributed whatever in wherever they could.

    I shan’t forget to remember the inspiration of the foundation that put us in one place and the team been on to and fro either.


  26. Hatsoff to all the volunteers and representatives, really commendable effort. Couldn’t participate in such a noble cause, I missed it big time. Are we having next venture? if yes, when ❓

  27. Great Work Guys!

    D2 is making every effort in one or the other way to help people who are in need. This is a great initiative in the dawn of next hiking theme “Community Service”.

    Cheers, to all the organizers and voluteers .


  28. D2 Medical Trip was on perfect timing. We heard one truck with medicine was lost, there were scarcity of medicine. This trip helped giving life to four individuals, and hundreds got checked up. Major problem over there were malnutrition and diarrhea.

    In my opinion major problem of Koshi flood is due to over settlement of sand, front and back to the dam. Sand settlement is about 240 feet, and water is having tough time flowing above it. Blocking this amount of height is surely a red alert, water like to flow always downwards.

  29. Salute to the D2 spirit of willingness to work selflessly and provide financial support. Let us divert funds from the PM fund to these people who really are in dire need.

  30. Madhav and Binod were also present in the camp and they were among the active participants,you have forgotten to keep their names in the team 🙁

  31. Thank you all for taking initiative and completing this short medical camp. Let us do more and provide more supplies and medicine.

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