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He hit her with a rod, ripped her uniform in thapathali kathmandu Nepal at busy hour, but nobody could help, even uniformed police

He hit her with a rod, ripped her uniform in thapathali kathmandu Nepal at busy hour, but nobody could help, even uniformed police>>

The story follows: A microbus stopped all of a sudden in between Traffic lights amidst the green signal so a bike hit the microbus. The place is mostly controlled by Female traffic Police. One of the Traffic police went to the assistant of microbus on stopping in No Stopping zone and taking in passengers.  She asked him to quit. At that time he took out an IRON ROD and hit her so she fell down. After some time, Another policewoman went there to tell him, ” he should be taken into custody for hitting her down.”. The assistant of microbus ripped her upper uniform in such a public place at such a busy hour.

There were male policemen, male drivers, male bikers, and male Traffic. But the Male traffic cut a cheat sheet for parking in prohibited area. he did not care her torn clothes and the crime for hitting her down.

So, We must ask ourselves,” What is our duty?”  at such moment.

Why the Police failed to apprehend the microbus assistant even though he fell down a Police officer with a rod and ripped her upper uniform? What were other vehicle drivers mostly male, other female fellas, and ..the rest? Where is law in Nepal? Who fought for her cause? Where were the YCL, nepal tarun dal, and the new Youth force? where were Nepal Army police and Armed Police forces? Where was Nepal Government? What was International Human Rights watch doing and where were the Nepalese  Journalists?

The sulsule or the guptachar or the CID or the Intelligence person who provided this story for http://www.everestuncensored.org refused to divulge the photographs and other detail, sorry for that.

28 thoughts on “He hit her with a rod, ripped her uniform in thapathali kathmandu Nepal at busy hour, but nobody could help, even uniformed police

  1. Well… we sure have messed up with our ideas of building a ‘system’, haven’t we. Maybe we could wait for the aliens to come down to earth, invade our lonely planet and then build a more efficient system!!!!! Yes folks.. there is still hope. Let’s wait for the reforming aliens to land…..!!!Peace!

  2. “Go to Hell”, thanks a lot. Yes, we discussed many issues about organization cultures in most of the companies recently a few days ago. We need new sun , aroma, justice, and rule. Else we cannot stay here as you said..leaving motherland for sense of security, justice, and money.

  3. The place SUCKS dude… I remember u were the who was happy mentioning that people don’t get fired at job in nepal….I wonder when the country will see the NEW SUN…I am a pasonate Country lover myself but the way things are going on there.. Man I feel terrible. I feel sad about the future of the people living there, i feel sad about the baby who is just born there…Cause no one gives a SHIT about getting ahead…

  4. Just talked to Laxmi Gurung, Chief in-charge of Thapathali Traffic Police and she acknowledge that the incident took place and that assistant of micro van was taken into custody for misbehaving a women traffic police. But actual scenario is not like Author described here in EU. For have further information: I asked her that will provide a copy of this EU’s post and would like to know detail about the incident.

    Laxmi Gurung can be reach at 98510-73266

  5. For authenticity you can contact the traffic police and other police that were deploy at the junction within last month..the person who told me this story decided not to reveal everything due to gravity of situation. If I were eyewitness and If I had photographed, I would have posted it for sure not the same day or the next day, to wait for newspapers, but after 15 days or 1 month to make one’s life secure.
    But we want legal justice system that’s all to request for new nepal.

  6. well i dont care whether this is reliable or not becuase same thing would have happend (people would have done nothing) if this was to happen for real. this is nepal so everybody lets move to boston. hehe

  7. If it has happened, it’s a shameful act.
    But can we take it as reliable news?? I doubt…

    PS:Besides these, Lava is really gullible. “Sunerai lekhdine Lava?”

  8. shastika , a great blogger in nepal’s contemporary politics, issues, and social behaviour just admitted herslef into everest uncensored and its a pride. See, our mid_night_sun clarified all the scenarios with his vivid description of reality. Shastika, like you said, Bitter truth is to be digested.. and mid_night sun, as you said , there is nothing here just MESS.

  9. Yes! bro ,
    Nepal is in this condition today.No sentiments ,no duty, no rules, no limit ,no courage………..no positiveness.
    This is bitter truth of our society.
    I think if we will not do something
    only think that
    why should we talk in others problem?
    probably we will loss all good things which we have today, too.

    I really appreciate you for writing this.

  10. Society is the reflection of what an individual has in his mind and so the others( concerned citizen, police, govt officials, political cadres, journalist ,….).No body reacted coz every body is busy in Nepal, some have to reach office, some have to meet somebody, someone gotta go ta hospital etc, etc. We are every time blaming to others about nobody reacted. people first think about them and they want to enter in some trouble and everybody left those type of event as let it be.

    And this is not only the event. If the fuel price rises, people watch in television and become aggressive and expect somebody to come to fight for them and again they watch that in TV.

    And about the journalist, he is trying to catch these moments in photograph and says it is his profession and religion. But without taking photograph can’t he help them?

    And about the YCL and the so called youth forces, the drivers and the khalaasis of the micro bus are also the YCL. So traffic or police try to punish him, then there will be chakka jaam or band. So they also left the incident.

    So this is what happening in what we call new Nepal.

    We people are paying taxes, so it is our right to blame them or where are they? They are discussing about the hierarchy in ministry. There is not any govt( for people) in Nepal. If we don’t want to read stories like this, we have to react ourselves.

  11. Lava you did reply to Manish while I am writing my comment so I have no idea of it till I post my comment. And I think you it is no good for a blogger like you to answer comment in rage. And I am against using F… word in any place. And please don’t’ bother to feed the Ideology that you have in your brain. Each individual has their own views and perspective of things.

  12. Manish, Arch and SensibleOne, please read what others are commenting on other sites,”From:Ĵęåη™ Sent: 8/24/2008 3:08 PM
    This thing are happening because of weak law and f…ing weak political situation of our country ,sorry to say but traffic police is mainly responsible for this kinda situation bro because it is under full of corruption
    and general public pani pani weakness le garda ho .

  13. Thanks Arch. Everybody must protect these days themselves. nobody has humanity.
    SensibleOne, you are correct. you must be aware of such facts.
    Thats why you are sensible and all others are senseless.
    For authenticity, use your ppl there in domain of discussion.

  14. My big questions: Why ‘http://www.everestuncensored.org’ to break this news? And before we ask ourselves, “What is our duty?” at such moment, isn’t it a thoughtful step to make sure on reliability of the story/news sources and authenticity of the incident? Give me one strong reason why should I believe in this story? I wonder why author didn’t mention the date and time of the incident?

    So my suggestion: even we need to be sure of reliability information source and authenticity of a incident before posting stories/news here in EU, because it’s not a big deal to blackmail public emotionally. And before pointing finger at Police, YCL, Tarun Dal, Nepal Army, Armed Police, Nepal Government, Nepalese Journalist, Human Rights author let us be serious about negative impact it can cause to the reader of EU.

  15. Sorry for her. Well, all the girls should learn to protect herself for eg. They can learn Marshal arts and basic fighting skills. Especially if you are working in public area. Ani testa lai balla thik parchha. This is 21st century and they shouldn’t depend on others. aaphno bachau aaphai garnu parchha. nobody will come to protect you.

    I suggest to all girls to watch Korean movie My wife is Gangster-3(part 3). (you can find movie in dvd shop it cost you around rs.30-50) Its very good movie. You will be inspired and will learn so many things.

  16. Thank you Manish for asking me about details. I was not first witness there. I got this a second hand info. i am sorry that i waited 15 days to divulge this information for some unknown fear. See corruption: they take money from all public vehicles and so they cannot tough them, those at authorities.

  17. Hello Lava… You did not mention the date and time of the incident. If this had really happened, why this news has not yet published by any media till now? It is unlikely that even police department avoid action on somebody who attacked on police personnel.

  18. Nepal has no rules no policies and those with weapons could not shoot the guy, shame on Nepalese forces.

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