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Handover of the flood victim relief fund to Help Nepal Network

Help Nepal Network (HNN) was established in 1999 by the Nepalese Diasporas living in the UK and the USA. The team kicked off the campaign with one dollar and one pound in the starting days. Today the HNN has spread its arms to 12 different countries including Nepal. HNN from the very beginning has been involved in health and education sector in Nepal. Please check the www.helpnepal.net to further dig into the social works done by this wonderful organization.

Today i.e., September 28, 2007, Vishnu Kshettri, the Office Manger, presented a sum of Rs 50,000 to the President of HNN, Mr. Arun Singh Basnet. Mr. Basnet candidly expressed his satisfaction and gratefulness to D2 Hawkeye for helping them in its journey. He further went on to explain that the sum provided by D2 will be used in social activities primarily providing non-food item to the needy ones. He said that the HNN will be buying a family pack (famously known as bags in the NGO circuit) and providing them to the people who direly need it. Such a bag consists of clothes for a family, some utensils, a tent to house in etc. I personally was happy to find that a small contribution by D2 was going to provide livelihood to the needy ones. This Corporate Social Responsibility effort initiated and continued by D2 will definitely help the communities in various parts of Nepal to prosper. A special gratitude goes to each and every D2ites involved in the act and especially Rudra Pandey who has led this initiative in full fledged form.

01 some completed and ongoing projects

02 Drink one bottle beer less and save 1 dollar for the fund

03 Images of the function in which Help Nepal involved

04 Arun S Basnet, Director Briefing about Help Nepal

05 Anup carefully listening and making notes

06 Admin asst, Regina-program coordinator and AS Basnet

07 On Behalf of the D2 Boston and D2HS Nepal, the relief fund handing to Mr Basnet

08 Mr Basnet Thanking to all who took part in this humanitarian serve

09 Acknowledgement has been made

10 Please put it in safe place, because it is worth to the needy ones

On behalf of D2, Vishnu Kshettri, Anup Sharma and Nishchal Shrestha went to HNN this afternoon to pass the fund.

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  1. The caption and slogan both are true. However You could always have choices and work much harder, perhaps that will strengthen your purchasing capacity of another beer for me in a good place-Amigo

  2. Is this their Slogan? I though it was Vishnu ji’s caption. I am not that type of person. I would rather work a bit harder and earn one beer worth of more money to help. 😀

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