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Hadigaun ko Jatra

283. Hadigaun ko Jatra
Photo By: Kamal Raj Joshi
Posted Date: 17th October

This picture was taken on the occassion of the Hadigaun festival during Lava Jatra of Tundal Devi ( located in Kathmandu, Nepal). During this festival people celebrate and worship Goddesses Bhatbhateni and Tunala Devi. In this festival females (young girls as well as married women) of the town fast for the whole day to please the Goddesses and carry out a procession from Bhatbhatni to TunalDevi (Hadigaon).

It is belived that doing this will ensure their family prosperity and unmarried girls will get a good husband.

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  1. Thank you very much guys for your what so called thought … from you guys comment I saw only interested to see those girls faces. I have take that pictures to see whats our culture and what they were and use. That’s It.

  2. so true this is the worst pic i hve ever seen..
    its total crap to post such ugly pic .its such a misuse of the responsibility.

  3. title one, picture other description other. the photographer clearly is worst. Admin should not allow such photographers to tarnish image of EU

  4. Unfortunately this isn’t the most flattering image that could have been used. You are certainly not going to attract many readers using images like this one. Which is a shame because the content of the article itself is quite interesting.
    I’ve not heard of anything quite like it either.

  5. I did not know that you can do this to find a suitable partner in life. Looks good to me. Maybe someday, I will rehearse this one. lol. Anyway, I think the pictures are cropped, I would have taken a better view of the proceedings if the background is included too.

  6. Composition of this picture confused the main theme of this picture which I guess is one reason why it fails to grab viewer’s fair attention. The way it was composed (or intentionally cropped later after it was taken) is not a bad choice. Although description would have made more sense if Kamal Raj Joshi have gone for full length without cropping faces of girls wearing beautiful costume and carrying typical brass baskets during Hadigaun Ko Jatra.

    Keep clicking! Keep posting here in LIN.

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