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Gunter used Nepali athletes

A close (national coach) source reveals that German Coach Gunter had been prescribing MEDICINES to Nepali athletes while training them and that the medicine intakes were supposed to be lessened as the SAF Games began.

But in an alternate take, what medicine was the German Coach prescribing? Is that even moral? Does Nepal Sports Council even know about this?

Also, it is now intelligent to ask if Gunter was testing a drug here in the Himalayan Nation. Germany thus seems to have used Nepali athletes, as previsouly did USA to our armed forced personnel.

Our athletes who have taken these drugs should be monitored for their health, side effects of the drugs. Gunter and Germany should publicly apologize for this and should pay in KIND as compensation.

Whatever that KIND is whether it be in support of medical aid etc, if there are any cases filed of side effects arised from using GUNTER DRUGS and for destorying Bhandari’s career.

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