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Gravity Ropeways

Gravity Ropeways
217. Gravity Ropeways
Photo By: Shutterbug
Posted Date: 17 June 2008

Ropeways operate solely on gravitational force without any external power. It is inexpensive to operate and environmentally friendly, since it doesn’t consume external power. Ropeway has transformed lives of remote people because it is simple and has numerous benefits.

In Janagaon, Dhading: before it used to take 3 hours to carry vegetables down a steep path and whenever it rains, or thereโ€™s a landslide, it takes even days. But now, with this gravity ropeway, hundred kilos of vegetable take less than five minutes to cover the same distance.

In picture: Ropeway of Janagaon, Dhading and locals preparing to send tomatoes down hill.

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8 thoughts on “Gravity Ropeways

  1. Hello Shutterbug,
    we would like to apologize for belated response. For your kind information, your request has been taken care of.

    LIN Editor.

  2. DreamSky! You are welcome. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Knock! Knock!
    I am looking for LIN Photo Editor’s response of my concern and comment regarding picture quality of this post.

  3. Had only seen and heard those things across rivers. Thanks for the information.
    We all should be greatful that you hiked 2 hours!! uphill to share this view with us. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Dear Curious,
    Thank you for the comment. Here is the link you can follow to have more information and technical detail’s in diagram of Gravity Ropeway.


    Dear LIN’s Photo Editor,
    I would like to draw your attention to the picture size of this post, when view in large, which is wrongly resized and because of this, quality of the picture got lost. Hope you will re-post the picture in correct size, allowing viewers to see its magnitude (distance of ropeway’s base station near curvy road) in sharp.

    It took me nearly 2 hours uphill hike to reach this upper station. The sack of tomatoes which these local farmers are sending downhill will reach to the base within 5 minutes without stopping anywhere. I was even thrilled by the sound of those trolleys zooming downhill in a great speed.

    Good day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Great. Wondering how the carriage is pulled up. Is it pulled by humans? I am interested to learn more on this technology. Please share the details.

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