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Government – Maoist fail to sign the Peace Accord

The government and the Maoists have failed to sign the Comprehensive Peace Accord at earlier scheduled time. The Summit talks Understanding between Seven Party Alliance (SPA) government and CPN (Maoists) on November eight expressed commitment to sign the accord Today (Thursday).

The government and Maoist talks teams have been holding discussions since Wednesday to finalize the draft of the comprehensive pact. However, they have failed to reach the consensus. Sources said, the date of signing was postponed as the Maoists are still expressing differences over some issues in the interim constitution.

The Pact was much awaited because only this would formally end the decade-long Maoist insurgency in the country.
Maoists negotiator Dev Gurung has informed that Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala and the Maoist Supremo Prachanda would “soon” decide a fresh date to sign the accord.
Previously, a high level peace representing ten parliamentary parties had submitted a 10-point draft of the peace accord to the prime minister and the Maoists.

However, the Maoists strongly criticized and rejected the draft and apparently presented a separate draft of their own. (See: Maoists differ over Peace Accord Draft)

The sources said consensus will be reached before November 26, the prescheduled date for promulgating interim Constitution. It added the Peace Accord could be signed on the same day, if not earlier and promulgation of the interim statute will no more be postponed.

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