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Gosaikunda Lake

269. Gosaikunda
Photo By: jk10976 (Kamal Raj Joshi)
Post Date: 11th Sep 2008

This is the main destination place for that we traveled one day by bus and 2 days we walked 🙂
Gosaikunda is a lake in Nepal in Rasuwa district that is the site of regular Hindu pilgrimage. It is situated at the height of 4,380 metres from sea level, and melts and sips down to form the Trishuli river. It is on the way of a popular trekking route of Dhunche-Gosainkunda-Helambu trail. In fact there are 108 total lakes, small to medium in this area and also the challenging Lauribina La pass 4,610 meters on its outskirts.
Gosainkunda trek adjoins the famous Langtang trek in the same district.The lake remains frozen for 6 months in winter October to June.There are plenty of hotels along the route to Helambu trek.The best season to visit is June.
It is believed to have originated from the digging of the land by the Trishul (holy 3 pointed sword) of lord Shiva after he drank the poison from samudramanthan and desperately wanted cold water to drink to quench the overwhelming heat of the poison.

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