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Good Boss Bad Boss

This is over researched topics in corporate world. Researches, mostly, have come up with consistent definition: Good Boss – one who manages team with ease and delivers consistently and at the same time provide opportunities for team members to grow; Bad Boss – one who does not deliver. To be a Good Boss only being able to deliver on project is not enough and not able to deliver on promises is the enough reason for being tagged as the Bad Boss. So bosses should not brag about “I did this and I did that” if they can’t deliver. It just does not matter. Who cares that you kept all team members happy and excited if you can’t meet deadlines and quality standards? Bosses also should not be proud of the fact that they been able to beat the shit out of everyone in the team and deliver. This does not last long. This lacks human side and people are not machines. Things will start falling apart and it does not take long for you to fail if you depend upon stick all the time. That’s why it is said that as a boss, one should be able to use both carrot and stick.


If you want to be real a Good Boss, please make note of following points and repeat it everyday:


  1. Know your team members very well – their strengths and weaknesses. Salute them for their strengths and help them on their weaknesses without them having to go through difficult and odd moments. Create environment so that they can be proud of themselves. I would say create a good comfort zone between you and every team member. Share your jokes with them and listen to their jokes. Share your personal story to the level that you can and listen to their personal ups and down stories and be caring.
  2. Please know that people are not lazy. If someone is, there is a reason behind it. Please find it and resolve it. Each of us has a desire to learn more, do more and grow more. You should create an environment so that everyone in the team is challenged and is learning. No one should feel that they are walking along a dead-end road. Think, this way, that everyone in the team is capable of taking your position and you are not indispensable. Some people think that no one can replace them. Those people are arrogant and dumb.
  3. There is a place for everyone and one type of work is not more important than the other. One individual can’t do everything. If he/she tries to do so, that very model is not scalable. That kind of approach hurts the team. As a boss, you should advocate and advertise within the team how important the role each team member playing is and the team becomes incomplete if one of them is missing. Let each team member own something and be responsible for that very thing. Giving responsibility eases your burden and raises the team spirit.


Even if you do all of the above, you can’t the Good Boss if you do not deliver. And you can’t deliver consistently without doing what I have listed above. Do not fire-fight. It does not always work.

0 thoughts on “Good Boss Bad Boss

  1. Good or bad, all bosses do their karma as Krishna said. The problem is u do not know who will come out successful, all u can do is to continue the karma as again Krishna said.

  2. Chanak – you seem to be a loser. You are twisting the story with no explanation. Please write meaningful comments without deviating fromt the main story – it does not matter wheter it is positive or negative. Make it costructive. You will never ever be a boss in your life. Even if you become one, you will get fired within no time because you have an attitude problem and you seem to be a racist as well as sexist.

    Bhagvan Krishna says “A person with bad attitide can never succeed!”

    Geeta – the Geeta Lover!

  3. good boss who draw little salary, bad boss who know how to turn idea in to money. sexy boss how delivers. homo boss who grows. which type of boss is right for you?

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