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Goit Speaks: We are determined to liberate Terai

As the unrest and agitation in Southern Terai, one of the proponent of Free Terai movement and former CPN Maoist leader Jaya Krishna Goit sees this movement justifiable and vows support. He has exclusively spoken to Himalkhabar about his mission and goals. With the view to facilitate our visitors to formulate attitudes regarding the movement in Terai, We provide Here the link of his interview.

15 thoughts on “Goit Speaks: We are determined to liberate Terai

  1. The madhesi movement is directed towards ensuring rights to the madhesis, it is also an uprising against the discrimination, negligence and oppression faced by them for decades. but can this happen in an environment of insecurity and mistrust amongst the citizens? and why to choose an evil way (violence, bandh etc.) to attain such a noble cause? if we are trying to move on the lines of maobadis(murder,loot,rape and bandh) i doubt the future of the movement, the way i doubt future of maobadis in Nepal(being a part of government by putting guns on the head of people will not last long). I firmly believe that people of Nepal today understand that equal rights should be given to madhesis so lets not fall prey to the self proclaimed leaders of madhesi movement (yadav etc. who have their own interest in being part of the movement) and find a peaceful solution to it. We are nepali first and then are we part of any ethnic, religious, social, regional group so lets take the movement ahead keeping in mind a larger cause – ” A Progressive Nepal “

  2. ‘yo hallai hallako desh ho’ – bhupi sherchan

    well indraji..
    truth ta truth nai ho..
    tara kun truth lai highlight garne.. kun truth lai kasari present garne.. shayad sochna parne thau yahi hola

    about maoists..
    they should realise that their position yesterday
    and today is different..

    yesterday, they were rebels.. so their harsh language and violent activities could be bit considered

    but now.. they are in government…

    but how they reacted..” haami raajnaitik shakti sanga matra baarta garchau.tyo terai ma aandolanrat shaktiko k haisiyat cha? ”

    kasko.. kun neta ani kun party ko haisiyat k cha..
    tyo janatale nirdhaaran garne kura ho..

    yo terai aandolan bata pani aba maobaadi le bujnu parcha aafno haisiyat.

  3. खास समस्या त यो हो नि! नेका(गिद्दे),नेका(स्याले),नेकपा(नाकुने),नेकपा(उद्दण्टे)।यि चार को छाया परे पछि के हुन्छ आफै अन्दाजा लगाउनुस।

  4. indra ji, it is girija and co. who don’t want talks. why are they unilaterally making announcements from baluwaatar without dialogues with the MJF? all are afraid of losing their seats from terai.

    the india thing, any sensible observer knows, is a bargaining chip.

  5. peaceful protests don’t work, not in nepal, and especially if you are a marginzalied community. the protests started out peacefully but failed to get any notice of the leaders at the center. NSP (anandidevi) voiced disconent in the parliament, nobody seemed to care. MJF then burnt the interim constitution. until then everyone, even the royalists, were allowed to protest. but no, not madhesis. 28 of MJF activists were arrested. when protests started in lahan calling for the release of their leaders, the maoists killed a 16 year old student, snatched his body, and cremated it in hiding. now tell me, what do you expect the protestors when the state, the maoists are all colluding agaist them? the state has used excessive force, people have died due to injuries sustained in baton charges. the UN too has said that unnecessary and excessive force was used. a systematic attempt was made by leaders at the central level to repress madhesi voice.

    and so, the protests won’t stop simply because we have won our rights. now we want justice. bring to book who ordered the brutal repression. 27 lives (according NHRC) is no joke, and while we don’t want blood for blood, we definately want justice.

  6. Dovanji,
    Happy reading your comments. However, a wrong can’t be right if someone tells so. It was evident that there was infiltration in Terai movement. Afterall, I request you once to observe the history of those leaders who launched it i.e. Upendra Yadav and Goit and Nagendra Paswan Aka Jwala Singh.

    I have never questioned and said that the demands of Madheshi community are wrong. They are reasonable. However my point was that every problem can have peaceful solution. On the one hand,you are bullying against the Maoist whereas to the next you are supporting similar type of violent movement.

    Attacking police posts and killing police personnel, attacking the press can’t be the activity of political being and parties.

    There is no ground that my reporting is biased and provokes communal clashes. It was based on truth. Afterall I tried to clarify what Goit has failed to say straightly.

    That was the communal glass you wore and looked through.

    Anyway, I loved your comments.

  7. and again.. if u guys are really talking about infiltration.. it was the bully maoists that did so..
    who shot the first bullet?
    who snatched away the dead body??

  8. or.. are u pahade reporters acting communal ???

    if communal tensions really arise.. then not only the madhesi extremist but also such biased reportings will be responsible.

  9. Indraji,

    this madhesi uprising is voluntary (swasfurta) expression of rebel against the discrimination and suppression than any party or person directed movement.

    I guess journalists like u are meant to focus the genuine issues of public and cover theiri sentiments than the controversial figures like Goit.

    if ur nationality worries about the madhesi people denying Nepali nationality, u should rather ponder if this ‘nepali nationailty’ has included or validated the madhesi identity…

    why even aware intellectuals like u are victim of this panche propangadist nationality and make such prejudiced reporting…

  10. Goit’s interview has come in the crucial time. Many of his statements have some logical grounds. However, his determination to liberate Terai from Nepal seems unnatural and almost impossible. He has tried to convince that Terai is ruled by rest of the Nepal as a colony, however, which has no ground.

    Goit has indicated whose land Terai is. He has confessed that Terai was given back by the Britishers then ruling in India to Nepal. He moves further to say that the treaty has already been made void and hence, Terai is a free land where Nepal has been ruling as colony. Here Goit seems to indicate that when the treaty is made void, the land will surely be of India, because it were the then Indian rulers who gave the land to Nepal. If Goit is right, the land has to be returned to India. It can’t be an independent state.

    Hence, even if Goit hasn’t clearly accepted, his statement indicates that Terai is the land of India and they are determined to liberate it from Nepal.

    There have been many speculations behind the war Goit and Jwala Singh group has been waging in Terai. There were questions behind their motive. And it seems that this interview has hinted towards that i.e. Terai shall soon be Sikkimised. The act is condemnable.

    There has been wider support over the demands of Madheshi people that other political organisations including Madheshi Janadhikar Forum and Madheshi leaders of other parties have been raising. However, they can have peaceful solutions. Afterall, Prime Minister Koirala has addressed more than half of their demands, and the rest can be solved in the negotiating table. There is no point on demanding that all demands are fulfilled before the concerned parties sit in the negotiating table. If they demand all the demands fulfilled without talks, what is the need of talks.

    Hence, the continued agitations can spark further violence which may be in nobody’s favor.

  11. madhesi people are even denied of their citizenship rights suspecting their nationality.

    What greater unjustice a nation can do to it’s own people.

    Madhes is the strongest region of Nepal, not only in population but also in economic potential , culture and history.

    I always used to wonder why madhesi people were quiet all this time..

  12. Memorandom for Nepalese Ethnic Conflict
    The Secretary-General of the United Nations,
    The Secretary-General of the Council of the European Union

    Rt. Honorable Angela Merkel
    (German Chancellor)
    Federal Republic of Germany

    Memorandum for the Worsening Ethnic Conflict Situation in Madhesh/Tarai Region of Nepal


    I would like to draw your sincere attention about the emerged on going serious ethnic conflict in Nepal. At present, the Madhesh part of Nepal is in a chaotic situation. The prevailing unrest has begun since December 26 2006. Now the situation is turned into a kind of Ethnic Arm Conflict. I would be very sad to inform you that the major part of Madhesh is like a battlefield. The whole region is shutdown, terrified, bandh, incident of murders and killing, vandalism, arson attacks, street battles, counter attack, arrests, curfews, offices and all business are on halt, and beyond the law and order.

    The major movement leading groups belong from Madhesi community who represent from multiparty, multiethnic, multireligions multi-casts, multilingual, multi-geographical and so on. They all demand on equal treatment regarding issues such as caste, religion, or any others social, political, economic values.

    The Madhesh governs more than 20 districts of Nepal where approximately 14 millions (apx 50% of Nepalese population) live in this region. Except the Madhesi ethnic groups, other scheduled and deprived group have been also supporting and expressing their solidarity on this the movement and asking government to fulfill the similar demands. These demonstrating groups have been claiming that they are extremely discriminated, far away from national mainstreaming, dishonored, excluded and ignored in state affairs and treated as 2nd class citizen even they have apx 50% total population and major charming land and national ornaments of Nepal.

    Within the 3 weeks massive demonstration and protest, people killed; hijacked, factories and markets closed, plenty people badly wounded, few hundreds arrested and few billions dollars of properties destroyed and millions of financial losses attempted in few weeks only. The situation is going to be exclusively worsening and turning into arm violent, which is more than terrible. Peoples lives are in catastrophe and nation are about to ready to hubbub ethnic, and political explosion. There is no proper existence of human rights, press, law and order and social harmony. Therefore, the lives of Terrain are in disaster and burning here and there.

    The major demands of the ongoing demonstrations can be concluded as follows which seems very rational and legitimate too. The all political parties, Government and leaders have been expressing personally and political positive attitude and use to give their public speech in favor of the ongoing movement�s demands. However, in practice, state and political parties unfortunately have not been able to address it properly. For this reason, demonstrators and its allied are not convinced, and they doubted on state and political party�s statement and their intentions.

    The major of goals of the ongoing movement are to have immediate provision and legal arrangement through constitution

    For their natural rights to self-determination, proportional representation in the constituent assembly, restructuring the constituencies based on population, federal system with regional autonomy, legitimate positive discrimination in state mechanism and elimination of all forms of discrimination practiced by the State mechanism. They people also argued that the state mechanism and its rulers have secluded them since last 238 years and their value, as dignified citizen has been shattered.

    Therefore, I humbly request to all concerned international community to take immediate action through appropriate diplomatic approaches and effective channel for peaceful settlement of the all-booming ethnic conflict in my beloved country Nepal. I hope your kind help and consideration. Thank you.

    CC To,
    I humbly request you to all, kindly take a suitable serous action to resolve the problem that will help to prevent the booming destructive ethnic conflict.

    Rt. Honorable: Head of the States/ Governments: All UN Member States:
    Honorable: All Embassies and Diplomatic Missions in Kathmandu, Nepal
    Honorable; All Concerned International Organizations and Communities
    Sincerely yours�

    Krishna Hari Pushkar


    Suga: 4, Mahottari, Nepal

    1 February 2007

  13. Read Goit’s interview, well thought answers and well done. This guy is well prepared or thought out all possible questions before hand.

    But his attempted case to build liberated Tarai on the base of Sugauli Treaty is not well understood. I don’t know if Tarai was colonized by Nepal on the base of above mention Treaty or i missed the part of Treaty. Can any bloggers shed light on this? May be this guy rising such issue to bargain hard.

  14. whoever is GOIT, whose past history is unknown is doing a commendable job. Kill Policemen, burn houses, shops, industries, stop from being good, declare independence, soveriegn state terai, so, easy..most easier would be to demand to be merger with India as alone small terai cannot exist. let god make him alive to see all of terai being liberated with him.

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