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Canyoning @ Last Resort

Hiking Route: Panglang – Bhote Koshi Gorge
Date: August 2, 2009 Sunday
Duration: 1 Day
Distance: 5km
Hike Coordinator: Bikesh Babu Rajbanshi
Participants: Bikesh Babu Rajbanshi,Sabeen Shrestha,Milan Shrestha,Priya Dangol,Shailee Gorkhali,Babins Shrestha,Asim Shrestha,Rikesh Shakya,Sudeep Shakya,Pawan Pokhrel
Photos: Babins Shrestha, Shailee Gorkhali, Milan Shrestha, Sabeen Shrestha
Caption: Babins Shrestha
Report By: Rikesh Shakya, Asim Shrestha

Canyoning @ Last Resort
-Rikesh Shakya, Asim Shrestha

Lots of excitement was there since it was our first participation
in the weekly hike program and additionally this time it was canyoning at Last Resort.6:30 am, comes the office van to pick us up. On the way the van picks up other participants and altogether we were 10 of us.The van then headed towards the destination.Enjoying the rocking music, chit-chats we passed through banepa, dhulikhel, then we stopped for the breakfast on our way.After heavy breakfast unlike other normal days,
because its a long journey and about 3 hour long canyoning. Finally after 3 and half hours we reached Last Resort.Then we rested for few minutes and enjoyed the welcome drink, then the briefing session by the guide started. The team was divided into two groups and we were in the second group. The first group then headed towards the dressing room, in the meantime we clicked some photographs (Babin dai n Sudeep dai ko pose haru..n not to mention an incomplete game of chinese checkers between Sudeep dai and rest of us). We then followed the the first group after abt 15 mins. On the way the guides gave us the description of the canyoning…there were seven springs to climb down.
Then started the adventurous journey. Felt bit afraid at first…the first spring was quite difficult to pass, then goes on second, third in which we really enjoyed the natural shower.., fourth, fifth, sixth and finally the adventurous and exciting journey came to an end with the longest and seventh spring of 45m. We really enjoyed all of them…but now its time to climb up the way towards the base.
A delicious meal was waiting for us at the base. After the meal it was almost 5, and drops of rain started to fall so we quickly packed up and headed towards the office van. Finally after another 3 hrs of journey tired participants headed towards their respective homes.
In conclusion, it was really a wonderful experience and additionally it was a chance to get familiar with the fellow colleagues.

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 Bhotekoshi aka The Bungee River
01 Bhotekoshi aka The Bungee River
 Bungee Bridge
02 Bungee Bridge
 Bar @ Last Resort
03 Bar @ Last Resort
 Bar @Last Resort2
04 Bar @Last Resort2
05 Menu
 The Guide Teaching
06 The Guide Teaching
 Road To Canyoning Point
07 Road To Canyoning Point
 Spring ready to give shower
08 Spring ready to give shower
 Who thinks this is Shailee
09 Who thinks this is Shailee
10 Terrified
 Stone falls from above thats why we wear helmet
11 Stone falls from above thats why we wear helmet
 The Shower
12 The Shower
 The Second Fall
13 The Second Fall
 Mistake in Canyoning - Stumbling
14 Mistake in Canyoning – Stumbling
 Smile describes it all
15 Smile describes it all
 25m Spring
16 25m Spring
 Leaning pugena leaning
17 Leaning pugena leaning
18 Guide
 The Guide Sleeping
19 The Guide Sleeping
 Lean Back, but not this way
20 Lean Back, but not this way
 Technique in Canyoning - Sliding
21 Technique in Canyoning – Sliding
 Vanguard of Second Team
22 Vanguard of Second Team
 Swat Team II
23 Swat Team II
 Power puff girls
24 Power puff girls
 Smile after the conquer
25 Smile after the conquer
26 Spring
 Dharam Paji
27 Dharam Paji
 Expression of the Starved Ones
28 Expression of the Starved Ones
 I did it
29 I did it
 The Hike
30 The Hike
 Leeches like Shailee
31 Leeches like Shailee
 Shailee Need two guides
32 Shailee Need two guides
 From the bungee bridge
33 From the bungee bridge
 Oh wait, he finished it off, wow
34 Oh wait, he finished it off, wow
 Pawan likes reading
35 Pawan likes reading
 The Reflection
36 The Reflection

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