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Goats on the way to Kakani

333. Goats on the way to Kakani
Photo By: Mr Sensible
Clicked on : 14th February 2009
Posted Date: 18th February 2009

I clicked this picture on my way to Kakani (about 30 KM from Balaju Bypass Road, Kathmandu, Nepal). These agile ruminants caught my eye and I stopped my motorbike, watched these lovely little creatures graze for a while, and clicked this frame.

They seemed to me so liberated in the open, busy nibbling bits of shrubs and herbs, without bothering about the whiz of the speeding vehicles on the rustic road, devoid of their ill fate some other day when they will be slaughtered, and with no idea that the “Grass is not always green on the other side”. So pure and impeccant, aren’t they?

0 thoughts on “Goats on the way to Kakani

  1. Thanks Shutterbug for your Comment.

    For now, I have realised that its very likely that I will get carried away in my write up, because my comfort level is more in stroking the keys of keyboard than pressing the capture button of a camera.
    No excuses though, will try to come up with a better click next time, and a better description. Anticipating support and suggestions (from a seasoned critic 🙂 ) always.

    One thing I am proud of is that I have started participating rather than only criticising others work.

  2. Philosophical description and viewers do get carried away by the thought Mr. Sensible poked in this picture. Nokia N73 I guess is a handy piece of gadget if we can use it in a sensible way.

    Technically this is not a sound picture but one can enjoy philosophy it tells to the viewers. Good to see first post by Mr. Sensible here in LIN. Keep posting.

  3. Thanks lucida!! Will always try to interprete things that normally are unnoticed…Keep boosting up, with suggestions as well.

    @ Mr. Yogi:
    Oh really, I never knew about the existence thing. Thanks a lot. I was not expecting comments that are deviated from the description. Sir, I am sorry to say that I am just learning to write, and your English seems to be “A CLASS APART”!! Keep up interpreting things other way round, sire!! No offenses please, I already said, M learning to write. 😉

  4. Nothing has permanent existence in this world-it is just the matter of time.Though Mr. S is moved with their exit!!

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