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Glimpses of New Year 2064

On April 13, 2007, Bimal, Abhishesh and I set out to capture moments of the eve of Nepali New Year 2064.

Starting from Narayanhity Palace, we scoured Durbar Marg for picturesque instances. I had been to Durbar Marg on several New Year Eves earlier but the experiences I gathered this time was very different. We ended the Eve at Thamel after covering Jamal and Kantipath.

Bimal and Abhishesh have arrested those moments and we present them to you here.

Next day, Bimal and ManishS covered the Bisket Jatra at Bahaktapur and we have included those pictures as well.

I would like to thank Abishesh, Bimal and ManishS for their contributions and hope that each of the pictures here will be able to communicate better than a thousand hollow words. May peace prevail in Nepal this year!

Please do share with us how you spent this New Year???

3 thoughts on “Glimpses of New Year 2064

  1. Vishnu and Team has done great and I appreciate for the time they spent during the eve and the day of 2064 and their heartly contribution to EU. Happy New Year 2064!!!

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