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Glance at the 22nd century.


was searching some interesting articles in net for vitalizing the brains. But end up getting nothing. then suddenly mind get stucked with an idea of scripting an unusual thought, which basically HYPERACTIVE minds always use to be cracked with.

Recently! someone told me that the WORLD-WAR ver.3 will be initialized by feelings of hatredness between INDIA and PAKISTAN, both strong nuclear dealers.

India backed up by economically strong USA and Pakistan by technologically strong CHINA.

Whatever with the WORLD-WAR ver.3, don’t give a damn care.

well! I was imagining the WORLD, after the war(just as Mr.Einstein have already predicted). Just imagine this not-so-beautiful world getting worst. and Scenario back to primitive age.

People will be covered by dress made up of leaves, struggling for food, shelter and happiness. The Stone age history will be continued, followed by groupism and cannibalism. People will be blood-thirsty for eachothers life. One would not be certain that if his/her life will remain for next session of day or night. Basically, some caveman will re-invent and re-discover the abacus. Other psychos will start counting and the remaining, idiots will be following that.

Then slowly the sense of community will be taking birth in some thugs mind, only to be luxurious for self. initially he will be showing some not-so-happening magic tricks to idiots. As these idiots are already THE IDIOTS, they will just shake his head wherever and whenever the thugs tell them to do so. Computer will be in a massive pain coming out from a womb of some greatest CRAZY later in years or centuries. Before that, the fire would be burn by another hypocrite. The word GOD will be bursted from some drunk hippies. and the religion will be immersing from copycat of same HIPPIES.

So called SCIENTISTS will be trying to make a flat earth into a round shape only to be confused by later kids of 39th century, reading heavy loads of shits written by these artificial genius and being failed on respective subject being confused, whether or not earth is flat or round?

Days and Nights will be shedding tears seeing foolishness of idiots. and meanwhile THUG will make an advantage out of it saying “GOD’s been angry” So, He need to be returned something. the worst Psycho will make offering crashing the towers, whether it be a twin or PENTA in shape. Some hypocrites will emerged from jungles only to make life darker for 18 to 20 hours and rest will destroy the lifes/caves by huge noise making CRACKERS…

well! well! well! think have written enough for today.

…to be continue (as usual)

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