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Girija’s “Nose Digging” Politcs

Just a week before, Girija was lauding unequivocally that constituent assembly (CA) election would be held on November 22nd. His cabinet ministers and party workers were mimicking him A to Z in that regard. A week after, Girija disappeared like a mouse and news came out that CA election had been postponed. What a joke!  All those who could “think” little knew that Girija would not be able to hold the election on 22nd. He was still saying repeatedly “Election will be held at the cost of anything.” It is said that when too fools sit for negotiation, they get no where and situation gets worse. That was what happening between Girija and Prachanda. Those two fools could not agree to disagree and messed up the whole thing. This remind me of Girija’s decision about a decade back when he dissolved Nepali Congress majority parliament and called for a fresh election while he was still the in-charge of the party. I was puzzled back then and was not able to make any sense of Girija’s crazy move. Since then everything Girija did sounded dumb to me and I had very little hope and trust on him. By his recent act of immaturity, he proved me right.

Here is my take on his recent failure. First of all, CA election would not make any sense without Maoist’s involvement. Second, the Maoists knew CA election was not their cup of tea any more. They knew they would be defeated like the way Panchas were defeated in the first multi-party election. However, the Maoists had still the card to play because the election had no meaning without their participation and their participation had no meaning for themselves. They outsmarted Girija and forced him postpone the election indefinitely. Girija should have played little different game. He was playing the game of a coward and an opportunist.  He should have assured Prachanda that strong Maoist party was need of the time for Nepal. When the opponent is weakened and the opponent knows about it, ruling party is better off by creating situation that the opponent feels stronger and is assured of no behind the scene plot, particularly, when the opponent is irresponsible and crazy like the Maoists. Girija did opposite. He started ignoring Prachanda and the Maoists. He thought he defeated them and he could do anything. He forgot the rule of the political game that weakened opposition is much more dangerous than the stronger opposition. Democracy works when opposition is strong, not when they are weakened and they have no way out and they are treated like losers. Girija created the situation that Prachanda and his leaders felt humiliated and neglected. There was news in the media that Girija would invite the Maoists leader to the meeting at his residence and would make them wait for hours and sometime would not even see them citing his health problems. In other words, he treated the opposition just like the way he would treat his KISS A** party workers like Ram Sharan Mahat, Deuba, Khum Bahadur, Govind Raj and Arjun KC. Again, Girija did not know the 101 of democracy that opposition MUST be treated with respect and there should be no sign of them being ignored and being trapped. The Maoists were feeling trapped.

With his dumbness, Girija lost an opportunity to become a national icon and got yet another slap on his face. This guy could never learn the game of politics and always tried to extend his autocratic rule – which he imposes inside his party – beyond his party arena. This autocrat will do nothing unless something unthinkable happens between now and his death which seems to be coming closer.

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  1. excellent issues altogether, you simply gained a brand new reader. What might you recommend in regards to your submit that you just made some days ago? Any positive?

  2. Democracy always has a transition phase and we are doing good but before that we need to learn Ethics rather than Politics Mr. The wise one
    I liked your artical specially english U should write a Novel who knows u will get a Novel prize for Nepal 🙂

    Ethics For Nepal
    The difference between the poor countries & the rich ones is not the age of the country.
    This can be shown by the countries like Nepal and Egypt that are more than 1500 years old & are poor.
    On the other hand, Canada, Australia & NewZealand, those 150 years ago was inexpressive, today are developed countries and are Rich.
    The difference between POOR and RICH countries does not reside in the available natural resources.
    Japan has a limited territory, 80% mountainous, inadequate for agriculture and cattle rising, but it is in the second world economy rank. This Country is like an immense floating factory, importing raw material from the world and exporting manufactured products.

    Another e.g. is Switzerland which doesn’t plant COCOA but has the best CHOCOLATE of the world.
    In its little territory they raise animals & plant the soil during 4 months per year.
    Not enough, they produce dairy products of best quality. It is a small country that transmits an image of Security, Order & Labor, which made it world’s strong safe.
    Executives from rich countries who communicate with their counterparts in poor countries show that there is no significant intellectual difference.

    Race or Skin or Cast or Chuwa-Chut are also not important: Immigrant labeled lazy in their countries of origin are the productive power in rich European countries.

    What is the difference then?
    The Difference is the ATTITUDE of the people, farmed along the years by the education and Culture.

    On analyzing the behavior of the people in rich & developed countries, we find that the great majority follow the following principles in their lives.

    1.Ethics, as a basic principle
    4.Respect to laws & Rules
    5.Respect to rights of other citizens
    6.Work loving
    7.Strive for saving & investment
    8.Will Of super Action


    We lack the will for comply with and teach these functional principles of rich & developed societies. We Should Learn A Lot……..

  3. Girija had already given his clothes to India. He is politically naked in front of people….so his saying is nothing but the symptons of being Lundep of Sikkim….I don’t understand why these three brahmins Koirala, Nepal, Dahal are being Chamcha of Shyam Saran of India….

  4. All those + & – of this issue,

    it appears that all of you are just waisting your precious time doing much confusions to general mass of this country, girija, gyanendra or any body are not great than this country what most of us belive needs peace first and then prosperity fof all. how?an you guys spare few minutes for those who seek a strong and developing country instead of all those in the Africa, and middle east????
    I hope you should think abt your future rather than criticizing old donkeyies…… thanks for your wisedom.


  5. There was something interesting about your comment, Sharma. You said that I cannot save Gyanendra. In other words, you assumed that I am a Gyanendra follower. Why did you do this? Because the political masters have always fooled the people into taking sides by polarizing the public. There is nothing in my statement that says that I am in favor of monarchy. I was conveying a fact known to me. You also assumed that I’m an Indian, because I used Indian phrases in my comments. This is the most illustrious example of face value conclusions I’ve ever come across. You also assumed that I’m in Nepal. Regardless of whether the above is true, I’ll let you know why you assume so many things. Read on!

    In Nepal right now there are those who support monarchy (maybe due to cultural, historical and/or religious reasons). There are also the real regressive forces and royalists who would prefer to bask in privileges under the auspices of a king. There are also those who support the SPA. These could be cadres, scholars, thinkers and beneficiaries of state mechanisms that have benefited from the SPA’s 90s experience. There are Maoists supporters (cadres, believers, antimonarchists, radical elements and those looking for change to find hope). There are Terai factions that may have been splinter factions of the Maoists, or others rising factions for various reasons (organized crime not ruled out). There are the Limbuwan and Khumbuwan organizations (created by the Maoists to make the people believe that their ideological policies are worthy). There are Chure Bhavar Ekta Samaj and dozens of various factions, etc. There are also independent observers and people interested in politics and the general people. The political culture has been so dramatically manipulated by the politicians that you’re either a believer or an agnostic with nothing lying in between.

    You may call this decentralization, but actually it’s the penultimate road to national disintegration simply because you create new excuses for your political leaders who failed in the past. A classroom of 60 students is hard to manage. A classroom of 20 to 30 is good enough. Good schools put qualified teachers in classrooms; fools put 10 teachers in a classroom. The national stupidity of the time is similar to this case. Nowhere in Earth history have new revolutions been guided by the same folks who screwed the system in the past. And nowhere has a political party decided on federalism based on demands from a certain section of society. This is exactly like putting 10 teachers in a classroom. This is also similar to how the Soviet Union in its heyday mass produced commodities without considering quality to help everyone, without helping anyone, because some got nails without heads; others, without shanks and still others without pointed ends.

    At this rate of decentralization, you’ll need a parliament with 2 crore seats with representatives from each household. Since comics begin taking up political roles, the real issue of competence will never rise. Regardless of how many jana andolans you fight, the problems will continue. It is important to review the structural processes and arrangements in Nepal and offer structural solutions, not ad-hoc ones as done by the maoits and spa. Now let’s get to international politics. In Nepal, nothing is in the hands of Nepalis. It is in the hands of India. The Maoists were supposed to have been anti-Indians, but bowed down to the Indian Embassy. The maoists should first have taken a stand to force the Indians to review the 1950 trade treaty by citing that the Indian maoists and the Indian states of nepali origin will be united against India. Such gestures would have made intelligent observes believe that the Maoists are a nationalist force. It would also have put pressure on India to not bully Nepal so much. In reality the Maoists are a neurotic force. Some kings like Birendra were known to be anti-indian and increasingly close to China towards the end of his last days on Earth.

    Gyanendra is a non-issue for the very simple reason that monarchy doesn’t work unless the King in question is a wise and humble one par god in a mythical fairy land. Some are wise and humble like Birendra, King Solomon of Israil and King Abdulla of Jordan. Come Gyanendra, the law of permutations and combinations applied and he turned out to be a dictator. As pointed out by Plato at his time, only philosophers turned kings or kings turned philosophers would be good for society. But, if a king doesn’t take a political role, we avoid the headache of hoping for wisdom to brew in the palaces. The Earth will not collapse if a ceremonial King is retained. A cosmetic democracy doesn’t work either, because unless men and women of stature, vision, competence and integrity lead the masses, procedures, ideologies, slogans or jana andolans will get you nowhere. The Monarchy has been blamed for every problem in Nepal as floated by the Maoists to support their party stance and the papers you read that set an agenda rather than inform you. The real source of Nepal’s problem is its backwardness and the reason behind its backwardness are the fact that Nepalis are timid, naive, ignorant, disorganized, non-innovative and inactive with low rate of literacy and quality education that the SPA were supposed to have solved during their 90s reign by making institutions stronger.

    Instead, they put their various cadres (those who supported them in Jana Andolans 1) in high state offices without any credibility to “gari Khau”. Tourism was a great outlet, but the SPA failed here too and so did those who had capital. Or Nepal would have been rich. Besides, you guys forget the Rana Oligarchy that signed the 1950 trade treaty and didn’t accept the British offer of sea access that would have made Nepal very rich. The proof that Nepalis are hardly original and innovative is evident in dozens of cyber cafes, pool parlors, travel agencies, fax/email services, schools, bowling centers, STD/ISD and discotheques opening up on the same block. The next block has another dozen. Can’t you guys think of great innovative ideas to put money in rather that follow what the other did? What would Alexander Campbell, Albert Einstein, Mozart, Madam Curie, Bill Gates, Vijay Malia, Enzo Ferrari, Henry Ford, Mahatma Gandhi, Alfred Hitchcock, and Pablo Picasso have done if they had been born in Nepal? They would either have gone to America or committed suicide.

    Talking of change, the Maoists while in the government put their unqualified cadres in state offices just like the SPA. If the Maoists come to power, they’ll continue this probably without observing democratic norms. Their solution to the problem of disparate wealth distribution in the country will be to unleash the YCL to capture land, holdings, and bank balance of those who they think are feudalists and claim them for their own. Since, even Shiva Ji was lured by money, the YCL will probably not commit to helping the really poor people of Nepal and continue their injustice on them. The Khmer Rouge of Cambodia killed all people supposed to be Cambodian feudalists, intellectuals and the middle class. They murdered people for the very simple assumption that a man with glasses is an intellectual and off with your heads just like the YCl assumes some officer to be corrupted and shoots them. The middle class were forced to work on mines and produce without food and water until they died. 1.5 million people were killed. The YCL have been brainwashed on the same principles. What is 1.5 million minus 10,000? You do the math and decide if that includes you.

    Abraham Lincoln was a son of a commoner, yet he became America’s president. So let’s not blame others for ones ignorance, or probably the lack of grey matter in your brains or quality of genes in some of your DNA. In life one has to take up challenges and succeed rather than blame history. This is the lamest excuse and I’m sure the whole world, India surely, is laughing at Nepal right now. Yet somehow people like you fight for democracy in ideology and don’t care whether it’s really applied on the ground. In Nepal right now, the accurate definition of the national status is anarchy, not democracy. Indira Gandhi once applied military on the Naxalites, the anarchists. She also applied military on Lukshurae Toeba, the separatist group of Punjab. They were bold decisions in the name of National security and history gives her credit. In new Nepal crime has been renamed political rights and a home minister goes to attend seminars where security, law and order are supposed to be brainstormed. At the same time, you sit at home and fight for your ideological democracy just as the maoists fight their ideological communism without any practical outcome on the ground.

    In India, there are various associations of experts that actually review, study and produce monthly, quarterly and annual reports on various subjects of national interest to influence government decision. In Nepal you have an association of various kinds that let out press statements and do nothing. They offer no solutions but to observe their post as point of pride in their lives. See the structural problems limiting professional involvement in decision making in Nepal. There are multifold problems in Nepal that won’t be solved by Girija, Prachanda, Madhab, Gyanendra, Jwala, Upendra, Harke, Laure, etc on ad-hoc basis by proclaiming the country republic, changing the electoral system, claiming independence or right to self determination. The very fact that the EPA hasn’t involved any experts in this transitional period to manage the peace process is a testimony that nothing concrete is going to happen. Yet you dream of ideological democracy.

    Now, I’ll tell you what should have been done. First the involvement of UN should have been given due thought. This was hastily agreed, because the Maoists wanted it. What if the CPA fails? Who is to decide that it has failed? How do you decide that it failed? What measures do you take if it fails? What if the Maoists fail? The CPA has comprehensively failed and so have the EPA in their agenda of holding the CA. There should have been a clause in the CPA that if the Maoists and/or SPA fail to observe the CPA by so and so date in so and so manner, the Maoists would be re-branded terrorists and the UN removed from Nepal. Then, the SPA would have to organize general elections. Nothing to this effect was done.

    To manage the peace process and to form a coalition government, a national forum should have been formed by electing representatives (experts, scholars and professionals of demographic studies, sociology, psychology, political science, anthropology, history, culture and economics) from various ethnicities along with politicians. Their job would be to ascertain the mood of new Nepal and what people really want. This forum should have been exclusively covered by the media as a national priority on various debates of national importance. If the Indian-run Nepali media objected, fruitful policies should have been put in place to welcome newcomers willing to invest in this field with shares of Nepali people.

    Strong measures should have been taken to enforce law and order and reform the security community by seeking foreign assistance in training, technology, intelligence gathering and funding to equip the lame Nepali police and security forces to counter any challenges of a volatile situation. New laws should have been immediately formed to address all kinds of crimes transitional periods give way to. Currently, there is not even a law against kidnapping and those found in possession of arms are allowed to go free for a fee of Nrs 6,000. If I’m a mafia, that’s peanuts for me. Yet you, Sharma, talk of democracy.

    The Maoists entering the government should have been out of the question. Not until after the CA (if they get any votes) and well after their cantonments and weapons were verified and the warriors put in rehabilitation and psychological counseling in secure environments. The security agencies should have been given full discretion to nab offenders in the name of politics or otherwise and put them behind bars for several months based on the newly formed laws, regardless of whether they’re aligned to the Maoists, the king, the Spa, Ram, Hari, Gita or Sita. The security forces should have been reformed to function as a civil body working under its own discretion, rather than as dogs used by the political parties.

    The above-mentioned forum should have been used to ascertain the real needs of the people from all walks of life to set agendas for all aspiring political parties to run for. The media should have been used to introduce all candidates in a debate to offer solutions to problems underscored by the forums, rather than talk gibberish that our party will do so and so great things. This would have allowed the people to know who’s better informed, capable, competent and good enough to vote for. Then, before the CA, security situation should have been further strengthened.

    All the above measures would have given no space for groups, whether criminals or political activists to raise hell in the country. People would have been scientifically and equitable represented, rather than the parties playing around with their own custom fed interpretation of Jana Andolan 2 to fool the people. New leaders with new vision and spirit would have risen. There would have been real competition making the people’s bargaining power much better. A democracy is very close to market economy where competition and pricing levels force businesses to rise and fall, while continuing to serve consumers effectively and with quality products and services. Those who can’t do the same get bankrupted. In the US there is a saying that the customer is always right. In Nepal, morally, intellectually, knowledgably, nationalistically and strategically bankrupted fools self-proclaim themselves leaders without any competition. No one knows what the 60 registered parties have to say about their agenda in the elections. The media doesn’t show them because it is itself a dictator aligned with various parties to continue dominating and forging national opinion to get you and me to brand each other this and that. One other very important thing that should have been done is to set anti-terrorism a state policy.

    Nothing remotely close to the above was done. But the SPA keeps talking about their unity not breaking no matter what. What is the unity for anyway if you cannot hold cA, law and order, control inflation and corruption? Because the EPA would rather see the country drown than let go of their chairs, because that would allow the king to make a political comeback. In reality, Sharma, the whole affair is nothing about democracy as you think but about a tri-polar political conflict where, as always, people are paid for as price. But this time the conflict has become multi polar leading the country to disintegration as per the Indian grand design. And the reason people are held hostage is because in Nepal there is no real unity among the people for the reasons mentioned above and very, very importantly, the Nepalis are so complacent about everything that they have no real expectations and desires or to see them be achieved. This is about a whole race and not just about the various forms of leadership. Such phrases as think big, dream big, honor, excellence, etc has never been a part of the Nepali vernacular. You are left to do nothing else but assume. And assume the Nepalis do very well.

    Now, this writing is enough to trigger another Rhithic Roshan incident. Did I also mention that Nepalis also suffer from inferiority complex? I deliberately wrote this in an arrogant and disparaging way to prove to you guys how India manipulates Nepal.

  6. Hey beside we know why U want to protect Bloody Gaynendra coz U(Indian) don’t want Nepali people to be happy with democracy.
    U always want to interfare our internal politics so that u cud enjoy the instability and poverty in Nepal.
    U r scared of China coz once we open relationship with china we will be another country going to the success. U people are those people who sits and eat in Nepal but like to sell Buddha & Mt Everest to India.

    I am sorry to act arrogantly coz I don’t like ur suggestion to kill home minister coz thats what India want just to worsen current situation. And Being Nepali I don’t want any single heart get killed not even in my dreams weather they r moaists or others political or normal NEPALI people
    I think PM is doing good by blocking prachanda demand as every nepali people must have right to decide fate on monarchy thru CA

  7. Seems like The wise One is from India. Hey man don’t give the CIA Bullshit to nepali people. They know whats going on at our Royal palace. We know people like u who prefer to write in Indian language and who like to seize boarder too.
    And Wise people they don’t give idea of killin misister. I think u shud shove ur A** with your hindi coz Nepali people Hate dhotis more than anything.
    Don’t F**k around with this CIA nonsense Just go and Get a Grid Lad.

  8. As far as the topic is concerned, the solution is simple. People are dying and being wronged but political parties ka baap ka kuch bhi nahi jaata.

    There are dozens of self – proclaimed separatists. Why not create one more. The task – shoot Sitaula (then someone’s baap ka kuch gaya) and then the parties will come to their senses. Right now, they have nothing to lose even if they lose the nation.

    Smart people of this country should create such groups. What will NHRC and UN say. The same statements and public reports and condemnation. Play the game better in the same court of your opponents. Fight fire with fire.

  9. The intelligence wing RAW (research and analysis) of India killed King King Birendra and his family. Initially, Gyanendra had planned to come to KTM that day but was warned by the Americans to stay put. In his medical checkup trip to England, King Birendra was approached by CIA that RAW was hacking a plan. India had planned to kill ’em all, but since Gyanendra didn’t come to KTM, India then changed the plan and left gyanendra and his family, so that the Nepali public (ignorant fools like S Sharma) would believe the “obvious” motive to kill his brother. India wants Nepal and now it has finally secured it.

    Why did India kill the royal family. Because Birendra got very very popular in Nepal and he had been in consultations with the Chinese to create a massive geopolitical shift in this region.

  10. I don’t know where u come from but yeah I wud say u r a looser to write such artical. It’s all about you ego for one person?
    Otherwise, Dude find somebody who can lead this situation. 85 yrs guy with 10th class education still paralysing both maoist and King at the same time By neglecting ur leaders like makune, prachanda and other A**hol*s.
    I think it’s better to have him beside having Journalist Killer Prachanda, Brother Killer Gyanendra and Madan Dhungana killer MAKUNE.
    So Pray for his long life and support him otherwise “Autocracy will be all over you”
    Stay Peace…..

  11. No matter what you say and waht you write about him, Girija has something that many of us do not have. That’s why he has been able to fool many Nepali for so long and has been able to stay on the top. The SLC failed man, otherwise, would not be able to play games like the ones he has been playing. We should study his personality and try to learn something. Enough of this negative! get Life Chanakya!

    Geeta – the Geeta Lover!

  12. Hey Chanakya – what’s up! why are you so much after poor Girija – sometime on steroid and sometime on his “nose digging?” Someone was telling me that Girija was strongly warned for his nose picking when he was on his official visit to China. He was pciking his nose while he was having dinner with his Chinese couterparts. Poor old man!

    Jay Nepal

  13. That’s what it happens when a country is led by someone with grade 10 degree and someone as arrogant and as stupid as Girija. This is a kind of shame.

    Yestai Ho

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