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Girija on Steroid…

Nepalese should be ashamed of themselves. How could they tolerate a prime-minister on steroid? It has been all over the media that Girija is being pushed forward day by day at the aid of steroid and heavy steroid doses cause side effects such as short temper, difficulty concentrating, puffy cheeks, and etc. All of us have seen Girija with Puffy chicks. We can imagine 85 years old man who can’t concentrate and who has a short temper. What will happen to this country? Other leaders in Nepali congress seem to be bunch of Hizadas – they don’t dare to step up and challenge the old guy to step out of the way.

Chanakya predicts because of Girija power greed and hunger, Nepal will face a big crisis in next 12 months. He will not quit before he dies and he does not know how to manage the country while he is alive. Girija is repeating the mistakes he did in the past. I thought he would change following the huge opportunity given by the people to him. It is said that “old men do not learn new tricks.” Girija is playing with martyr’s blood and he will see dog’s death if he does not quit soon. Clinging to power like leaches, he is opening door to losers.

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  1. प्यार,जङ, दुष्मनी, राजनिति मा सब कुछ जायज भन्ने त सुने कै होला। अनि बेकार मा के को गनगन। बरु अमेरिका बस्ने नेपाली कम्युनिष्टहरु लाई उतै ठिक पर्ने हो कि? 💡

  2. Technically, Steroid taking is illegal, either in Sports or Politics. So, I agree with Chnakya that Girija’s time is up. There are a group here who tell, Nepal will be doomed if girija dies, coz, no one to tame aggressive maoists. Girija made them somehow stay in camps, weakened their morale and war spirits. If King again takes country and wages war against maoists, maoists will no longer be influential as seen from Madhesh status. Girija and Party will somehow try to win majority in Constituent Assembly Elections, if it ever happened.

  3. Mabi – you are giving up. Please do not say that it OK to do some corruption. It is NOT ok. It is a crime. Why don’t you get it? This kind of attitude is leaving all these third world nation behind the line of prosperity. Stealing from national treasure is crime whether is a penny or billions. The law does nto say that you can steal a penny. Law is always black and white. A dictator cannot be called a successful leader just becuase he can stick to power fro dozen of years. Then what is different between Saddam and Giriaj. Saddam was on power for so many years too. Do you call Saddam a successful leader. He was leader of Bath part all the time. Successful politicians are those who can stay clean and powerful. Mabi – go attend 101 politics class in Quincy College.

    Geeta – the Geeta Lover!

  4. I am not a fan of Girija but I must admit that he is one of the most successful politician in Nepal.


    The ultimate goal in politics is “POWER” and Girija has been successful in remaining/being in power by becoming President of NC and PrimeMinister of Nepal time and again. The corruption he and his subordinates have committed, at some degree, is tolerable. Where do you not find corruption?
    Thus he is successful in his endavors. whether you like it or not! If his policies are/were wrong, then it is/was the weakness of his political foes not to be able to find remedies.

    If people begin to think that assasination is the model to fight, then they have lost their moral battle.

  5. Well Chanakya, the kind of noise you make does not make any sense. They fizzle out like the waves in the ocean. Do you think they have time to read your blogs and complaints. There are thousands of blogs like this.

    One thing you may be able to do to raise concerns of people is to contact the “Jana Samparka Samiti”. I doubt they will be able to take the concerns of real people like you and me but it is worth a try. You sound like one of them though and you would probably know how much you weigh.

    Calling names like “Hizada” sound like sour grapes and loser.

  6. Chanakya usually does nto reposnd to online query, but the revealations you made about the bank account thing entrigued him to. Chanakya believes that the time is medicine to every disease – either die or survive. As a nation we are not going to die, we will survive. It is Giriaja and his ..ckers who will die. You have to make noise and I am glad blog sites like this help us express ourselves without relying on main stream media organizations who do a lot of drama becuase they too survive with government advertisement and they have hidden linkages with corruption ridden politicians.

    Chanakya’s prediction is that Hizadas of Nepali Congress will realize their gender identity soon and fight for re-incarnation. Chanakya will reveal his indentity one day – stay tuned. But, not before Chanakya has the capability to have his “say.”

  7. Chanakya

    What I gathered from your posts is – you are a congressi but anti-Girija.

    One thing you have to realize is how the Nepali Congress (NC) is running. If it were not for Girija and Sujata- NC will not be what it is.

    The NC does not have an official bank account. All the finances are controlled by these two people so every activity has to go through them. If they don’t like you they won’t give you any money and you are paralyzed.

    KB KHADKA, GR Joshi have potential to support the cadres with the money they earned through corruption but can not raise like Girija and Sujata.

    Since making noise here in EU will not yield any thing , we better suck it up, unless you have some other viable idea.


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