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93 thoughts on “Gift

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  2. Candid capture.. I like the way photographer has captured the crisscrossed legs of the child in the right.

  3. A good example of “anticipation” by the photographer. The photographer must have seen these two loving kids playing and “anticipated” that the girl will give the bottle to boy and waited for the right moment to click.
    Good framing to illustrate the state of feet, house, walls etc.

    What was the camera used?


  4. Very innocent and joyous and that’s what children’s photo tend to be. I also like its composition and I doubt this is the BEST COMPOSITION for what siam try to share with us .

    @Child Fan: What you mean by Good looking pic but not the best composition.. Can you share us your idea of BEST COMPOSITION.

  5. Siam has captured the moment so well. He must have a pair of observant eyes to see this fleeting moment of these two village children occupy in play. The authentic environment of village and state of children in the frame truly brought out by the right exposure.

    The word ‘Gift’ as photo caption gives a feeling of sharing. These-days bullying is often a big problem in schools in cities and urban population. My thumbs up.

  6. Good looking pic but not the best composition. I remember the lovely postcards of cute childs that i gifted to my GF.

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