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Get together of Padmodaya 2036

Participants: Rudra, Bijay, HomNath, KrishnaMilan, ManBahadur, MamaBindu, HridayaP, RaviSingh, BatuKrishna, Laxman, KrishnaKumar, BekhaLal, Dilip, Hemanta, Subarna, Shailendra, RamKrishna, HridayaS, Ashok, Rustam, Sanjaya, Bhusan, Sushil, Vishnu, Sharad, Purushottam, Amrit (Madan), Ravindra, Ashik. (Sorry if someone was not recalled)
Spot: Tribhuvan Park, Thankot
Date: Saturday, 16th December, 2006
Outline: Vishnu and Sharad

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As we recall history of Nepal, Poush 1 would be Constitution Day and many of our friends might have taken part in the march- pass made compulsory by the then Government. However, this Poush 01 took the other way for friends from Padmodaya 2036 alumni. They had a wonderful time at Tribhuvan Park to recall those school days and mingle with themselves in the picnic.

It was almost 8 AM when we guys gathered at the school premises to set for Thankot. However, we finally gathered at the spot not before 10, which is usual for Nepalese. To our surprise, some generous soul and hands were busy with preparing breakfast, jeri-swari, and eggs. As one eyed at the preparation, it didn’t explain picnic at all, but rather it looked more like a well-served and full of hospitality from some restaurant. This was made possible by none other than Bijaya Kayestha who stood during the picnic like a general and on behalf of all friends must thank Bijaya for this noble deed.

After enjoying breakfast, we were engaged in exchanging experiences gathered from their impersonal lives, some were hovering around to explore the natural beauty, some were taking pleasure of watching others enjoying. Rudra even managed a short tour to Kanakot, Rudra’s birth place, along with some of us to explore the possibility of joint venture in due course. Thus we missed the Captain of the ship for a while. However, it was pleasant to learn that the ship was full boarded. No one can deny that not all are born with the abilities to direct the courses.

Only Chiura and Bread were source of carbohydrate to minimize its intake. As usual, more people preferred eating BBQ than participating in its process. It was so superb that every body was, with no doubt, enjoying it in full swing, especially along with wee-drams, which was also a good combination for culmination to the apex of delight-ness for some guys. Outcome of the picnic can also be attributed to the unlimited personal secrets that were unveiled intriguingly. However, this has helped to even add the real value of having a company.

It was second picnic in rows and it normally takes place when Rudra visits from Boston. For both events, the major credit for initiation goes to Rudra. To our surprise, he was interestingly engaged in BBQ preparation.
In general, the picnic ended just before the dusk. It was incredibly full of enjoy, charming and fabulous. The next picnic has been planned some day in the upcoming spring upon Rudra’s arrival, where all friends would be, most likely, invited along with their family. That shall provide us an opportunity to expand our circle again.

Rudra probably recalling his school days

Ashik and Rudra

The General Bijaya

Breakfast: Jeri and Swari

Man Bd. probably looking for the beauty

Sharad Pokharel in happy mood

Remembering past school days @ breakfast time

Man involves in preparing the meat

Ashik, Rudra Sharad and Vishnu

Laxman, Sushil and Krishna Milan while taking tea

Rabindra looks like royal family

Friends welcoming Shailendra

@ 180 degree Sharad and Sushil

Shailendra, Batukrishna and Mambindu

General watching his soldiers

Begining of wee dram

Men @ work

Fanta in the center

Second in command

Captain of the ship @ break

Ashok Agrawal

Here comes Sanja Rana; The from the Soaltee Casino

Reminds us Dashain time

Mr. Padmodaya 36

He is also another Mr. Padmodaya 36



Guys @ pace with booze

Guided by Ranas

Madan with streached leg; 2 Hridaya and 1 Ashok

Updating the telephone nos

Ashik and Manu like Rudra

Story of the Friends

Rudra @ BBQ

Green lettuce for sandwitch


Preparation fry and BBQ

BBQ in action

Rudra and Laxman busy in gossiping

Panta and Pathak

Boy with Sandwitch

Sanjaya and Shailendra are good humors

Matka Tod

Busy men

This way you Tod the Matka

0 thoughts on “Get together of Padmodaya 2036

  1. First time this is sth amazing to Geeta. I never found her commenting positively on anything. What is amazing on this picnic photos? Tell us Geeta Lover!

  2. I feel i am also part of it even though you can’t see me. I was dancing inside all of you. most of the friends look changed physically however inside I know you are the same friends with maturity and wisdom. what great pictures.
    lots of love

  3. Thanks Vishnu… this is great work. It helps us get back to our past and nothing is more fun than looking back and recalling past. And nothing nothig is more truthful than our own past.


  4. Yesto budhoharu bhetda ta kunai agenda hunu paryoni desko bikas garne. Haina Matka todera ke garna khojeko ho kuni..?

  5. It is a great team effort, perhaps first batch of Padmodaya is making our memory lively. This is a successful gathering and I personally missed it a lot. At least one person thought and effort make this event successful, and you all did it together. Congratulation to all my collegues. Dear friends next time try to bring your family together which would provides interesting opportunity to hold and tie family relationship as well. Goodluck and congratulation again.
    I came to know that Binaya has encouraged again to gathering friends in north America (venue uncertain), I do not know when we would able to see each other at least few of them anyway.

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