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Fuss for nothing

The 17th National Conference of ANNFSU Revolutionary, the Maoists’ student outfit, is underway in the capital. The Conference will last for four days beginning from 18th September. The speakers at the Conference asserted the role of the CPN Maoists on making Jana Andolan II a success. They, in strong words, demanded that consensus in the political package is reached very soon. However, none of them tried to review the role of the organization for the educational development of the country in the last three years. If we independently evaluate the role of the organization, it has never succeeded to accomplish the organizational goal. Indeed, it has become a mere follower of the party’s policies. If we review, the outgoing President Lekhnath Neupane’s working committee has succeeded just on shutting down nearly a hundred boarding schools at rural parts of the country and it might have played a significant role on collecting ‘donation’ for the party. As it was difficult for the Party cadres to go in public, those students were mobilized for collecting the ‘donation’. Plus, they played significant role on turning the schools on temporary barracks for Maoist guerillas.

What we can expect is that the four days will guide the organization to come up with concrete plan for the improvement of educational system in the country. Here are a few pictures to describe how the opening ceremony was held. (All Pics: Indra Dhoj Kshetri)

  1. A man in the crutch crosses the road in front of Bir Hospital. As the traffic was disturbed, everyone could cross the road from everywhere.
  2. From jungle to city: Participating students take rest under the shadow at Ratna Park. Does it look like a real jungle?
  3. Utilizing the time: A man reads the newspaper as he waits people to come for weight measurement.
  4. Selling Mao: Books on communist philosophy are displayed for selling.
  5. Attention: People attentively listen to the speeches, hot and humidity uncared.
  6. Bir Hospital stands at the back as people participate in the conference.
  7. Maoist leader Dev Gurung gossiping with another guest of the program.
  8. Promoting business: A man selling his goods.
  9. Carefree: Students make gossips on their groups.
  10.  Human service is the best form of religion.
  11.  Pleasing people: Member students make a cultural performance.
  12.  Flag or umbrella?

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  1. it’s sick… heinious!!

    both the Maoists (by using children as soldiers) and the army (as informants etc) have violated children rights to the maximum. but we are even ready to forgive that. But the maoists have to put an end to forcing children to attend their rallies and demonstrations now. Some sort of an agreement between the govt. and the maoists has to be made to punish those who still violate human rights after the ceasefire from either side. and it should be done immidiately.

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